RUSH Hair Salon Opening in Nottingham!

So back in October, I was lucky enough to head to the opening of the new RUSH hair salon in Nottingham! We were promised we were in for a night of treats and perhaps a little hairstyle or two so I headed along with some of my local blogging pals to see what all the fuss was about!

On entry we were treated to a glass of fizz and a little bit of information about what was going on in the salon that night! My friend Nicola convinced me to head upstairs to the braid bar as surely my hair was ‘perfect braiding material’. As someone who has to deal with my waist length curly hair on a daily basis, I begged to differ but off we went to get our hair done! Upstairs the salon had a lovely spacious feel and I felt a bit like a princess when I sat down to have my hair done! I told the lovely hair dresser he could do whatever kind of braid he fancied on my hair and awaited the transformation! He settle for a messy side fishtail braid. He initially smoothed the top of my hair our with some straighteners and then proceeded to do the quickest fishtail braid i’ve ever seen! I always give up half way through as my arms ache and I get bored so I was impressed! Here’s how it turned out:


I loved it and I actually managed to keep it in for another day and a half after with it still looking perfect! I felt like he completely glammed my look up and it’s something that, with a little bit of practice I could actually achieve on my own too!

I spent a lot of time meeting and chatting to other bloggers which was lovely! My friend Sherry was there which gave us an excuse to try and organise some more get togethers and I even met new local bloggers like the beautiful Rhia who was given the most amazing victory roll style hair do to match her vintage inspired dress! It really is one of my favourite things about events like this as I love to meet all sorts of different bloggers! I got pulled away to have a chat about colour with one of their consultants a little bit later on and despite having regular colour appointments since the age of about 11 (bad I know), I headed over to see if he had any new ideas to shake up my look a bit! We spent some time looking through that amazing hair colour catalogue that all hairdressers seem to have and came up with some cooler toned, grey shades that may give my hair a bit more kick! We shall have to see if I’m brave enough but the ideas he was suggesting definitely started ticking some boxes for me!

Finally it was time to leave and we were all given a little goodie bag to say thanks for coming. Here’s what was inside:DSCF9681_Fotor.jpg

  • A voucher for a free blow dry – totally being used around Christmas!!
  • Kerastase Bain Satin 2 Shampoo – which I have actually been using on off now for a few years!
  • Kerastase Lait Vital – The matching conditioner I’m lead to believe!
  • A little sample of Kerastase hair oil – my hair drinks this stuff up so I’m saving this for when I next go away!
  • A pen – handy for uni!
  • Sweets – Not pictured – I wonder why!

I just want to say a little thanks to the lovely team at RUSH, I had such a nice evening and the amazing goodie bag just finished the night off perfectly! Hopefully they’ll see me and my unruly hair again soon for a blow dry!

Much Love



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