My Favourite Lipstick Formula Ever?!

A couple of months ago MAC released an entirely new line of lipsticks but not only were they new colours, they were also a completely different formula! They have even changed the infamous MAC black packaging to a colour coordinated metal packaging to help you find each colour easier! The girl in my local MAC told me that these lipsticks were formulated alongside a woman who has a rare genetic disorder meaning she can see hundreds of thousands more shades of colour than we can with her naked eye. Together she and MAC have tried to create the ‘perfect’ shades for each colour family!

I am lead to believe there are 24 shades in the Liptensity range and around 18 of them are going to be staying permanently with the more unusual colours like the black being limited edition. I have the shade Toast & Butter which is a gorgeous true nude brown. This one really jumped out at me when I saw the entire colour selection they had on offer and I raced into town to pick one up. Now if you read my birthday haul post, you’ll know I got this for my birthday in October and I’ve been wearing it non-stop ever since! My mum was so swayed by the formula and the colours on offer that she bought two (something I’m regretting not doing myself) and got the shades Toast & Butter and Smoked Almond (I’ve been dying to get my hands on this ever since!).

The formula is a kind of hybrid between all your absolute favourites from MAC! It has the pigmentation of an amplified finish, the comfort on the lips of a cream sheen and finish of a slightly more glossy satin, yet after a while it does become a touch more matte. It even has staying power that, in my opinion, is very close to the matte formula! I have to say that this formula is hands down my favourite of any lipstick I have ever tried! It’s creamy, comfortable, highly pigmented and long lasting! What more could you ask for?! There has been plenty of occasions where I have had a drink and something to eat whilst wearing this and the colour was still very very visible afterwards! There’s no ‘bobbling’ like you can sometimes get with mattes and it doesn’t slip all over the place like cream sheens. It really is the perfect hybrid of the best aspects of other formulas!

These do retail for ever so slightly more than the normal lipsticks, coming in at Β£17.50 as opposed to the Β£15.50 of the regular shades. In my opinion this is well and truly justified and if I had the money I’d have bought all 24 by now! Another change that MAC have made is the shape of the lipstick itself! Rather than the usual angular lipstick top, they have created a flatter, slightly sloping top that is more reminiscent of a lip balm! At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked this or not having never had a problem with the usual lipstick shape, however, after using this for a while I actually prefer it! Its easy to get the shape you want quickly and doesn’t allow too much room for error! Finally, as I mentioned above, the packaging has change and although I like the original I like this one even more! The packagings colour matches the shade of the lipstick inside to avoid confusion with other shades and is also made of a kind of brushed metal material that feels light yet quite luxurious!

Personally, I couldn’t recommend this shade and the formula any more, the shades do look like true and perfect versions of that particular hue and seem to pack more of a punch than the regular shades. Maybe that’s just my imagination or even wishful thinking but nonetheless I LOVE them! I will definitely only be buying this formula of MAC lipsticks for the foreseeable future as they are just beautiful! Have you tried any of the Liptensity lipsticks? What shade do you like the best?

Much Love


15 thoughts on “My Favourite Lipstick Formula Ever?!

  1. Smoked Almond is on my wishlist it’s been sold out online for a while though – I was annoyed but now it’s not limited edition I’m not so annoyed now – I can wait to get my hands on it! Glad to hear the formulation was good – one thing that’s appealing is that you actually know which one you’re going to be picking up rather than looking at 30 black tubes think oh god – and it always being the last one you look at!

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  2. I tested this out and I found it a bit tacky feeling on my lips. I tried it in the shade Smoked Almond – it was nice but not WOW. I do really love the packaging. I’m still on the fence if I’d purchase one – maybe if I put lipbalm on underneath. I just like my lipsticks to have a bit of slip, not feel tacky or dry.


  3. I’ve been hearing so many good things about this new range and formula and all the colours. I’ll have to check them out for sure when I’m next at MAC. I wonder if they’re out in NZ yet? x

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