Look Good Feel Better: Meeting Lily & Anna!

Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit (Formerly Vivianna Does Makeup) have been two of my absolute favourite blogs and Youtube Channels for years now, so when I got the chance to head down to London and meet Lily and Anna in person, I was so excited! The girls held an event at Liberty’s in London with the charity Look Good Feel Better, where we all had afternoon tea together and had a good old chat about makeup! I thought it would be nice to fill you in on what I got up to that day and also a little bit about the charity as it is doing some seriously amazing work!

My mum picked up the tickets for the event for us both for my birthday as she decided she liked the sound of the event too. They were £50 each with a vast proportion of that money going directly to the charity. I found this to be really reasonable as the afternoon tea was delicious, the goodie bag was amazing and I got to meet two of my favourite bloggers. The room we were seated in was just off the shop floor but was incredibly quiet and also felt very grand with dark carved wood walls and soft lighting! It had such a lovely feel about it and mum and I sat and chatted away whilst we ate our afternoon tea and drank prosecco.

Lily and Anna themselves were exactly as I expected them to be, they were down to earth, funny and of course incredibly beautiful! They circulated the room chatting to everyone and I spoke to Anna a lot about university as we both went to Nottingham! I of course had to talk to Lily about her wedding to Rich and her engagement ring is just out of this world! It honestly felt like chatting to two old friends and the time soon ticked by. Now mum hadn’t heard of Lily or Anna before the event but went home eager to watch some of their videos as she liked them so much!

Of course one of the main reasons we were all there was to raise money for the fantastic charity Look Good Feel Better who help teach women and girls with cancer how to use makeup and also the correct kind of skin care to counteract some of the effects from chemotherapy. I feel like this area is often overlooked by charities, however for a lot of women, looking good really does make them feel a little better and also improves their self confidence and makes them feel a little less ill! I know if I were in that situation I would definitely benefit from a charity like that as I just simply don’t feel myself without some makeup on!

As a little thank you, Liberty’s put together a goodie bag for us all and I can’t wait to show you what was inside as it’s really really amazing! DSCF9677.JPG

  • Aurelia Botanical Deodorant Cream – Initially you’d think this was over priced and a bit of a weird item, however I am in love with it! It smells so fresh and herbally and literally stops me smelling sweaty all day. It’s amazing and sadly probably something I will have to be buying the full size of!
  • Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow it Cream – This is a heat free styling product which is perfect for me as I don’t use heat on my hair that often. I have used this once so far and a little goes a very long way! My curls looked smoother and less frizzy which is always a massive plus!!
  • Laura Mercier Lip Gloss – I love the consistency of these glosses and this pretty rose pink shade will be perfect for every day! It’s a really good size too so it’s heading into the handbag as we speak!
  • Sisley Day & Night Cream – A lovely 10ml sample that has actually lasted a really long time! It’s hydrating without being greasy and is light enough to use in the day but heavy enough for night time! You’ve got to love a multiuse product!!
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer – I have seen this on so many blogs and I’ve always wanted to try it. It comes in a tiny glass pump bottle and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft! I really liked the way this made my makeup apply afterwards too so who knows, the full size of this may be materialising soon too!
  • Ren Hydro Boost – I’ve not actually tried this yet but it sounds pretty exciting. It’s a cream that you add water to to add hydration to your skin. It’s safe to say i’m intrigued.
  • NARS Orgasm Blush – This is not just full size, but it’s the new extra large pan! This is such a beautiful blush and I can now safely say I understand why people rave on about it so much! This will last me forever and I am so happy as it’s such a gorgeous colour!
  • Liberty Print Makeup Bag – This was so weird as this bag caught my eye on the way in and I said to mum that I actually wanted to buy it as the print was so pretty! Luckily we didn’t have time and I was so so happy to see this was the container for all our goodies!

As you can probably tell I absolutely loved my day down in London and meeting Lily & Anna was just as good as i’d imagined! I’d love to go to another one of their meet ups as they are just so friendly and we can have a good gossip about new launches! A huge thank you to Liberty’s for hosting the event and providing such a generous goodie bag! I’m so glad we managed to raise some money for such an amazing charity too!

Much Love


18 thoughts on “Look Good Feel Better: Meeting Lily & Anna!

      1. It honestly would! And in fact, I had owned a Nars duo that contained Laguna and Orgasm. I gave it away to a friend who I knew would actually USE it up. And she did! Shocker.

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