10 Reasons To Apply For An Internship Now!

So you’re in your penultimate year year at uni, everything’s ticking along fine but what are you going to do after your degree is done or even this summer? This time last year I was in the same position, but I had always known I wanted to do an internship so I set about applying! Today I’m going to give you ten reasons why you should do the same!

  1. It gets your CV updated! – No matter what the outcome, applying gets you off your bum and updating your CV as it’s crucial for your application!
  2. It makes you realise your skills – Applications always ask probing questions so it makes you realise quite how good you actually are!
  3. Money! – Most internships are paid now and at pretty good salaries too! I earned about £2,500 for 6 weeks this year which was a lovely little bonus!
  4. Interview experience – Even if the application is unsuccessful, interview and application practice is vital for your future career and there is definitely no harm in trying!
  5. It makes you think about your career more – It really makes you think about what path you might like to go down in the future as you have to search for specific roles rather than just be lead down a particular route.
  6. You get to network – Throughout the application process you will network with some big names in the company. No matter what, that is valuable and it’s a great opportunity to ask questions about the industry you’re going into.
  7. Internships often lead to jobs – Want to take some of the pressure off in final year? Get applying! My internship had a 97% success rate in interns getting job offers after. It has taken so much weight off of my shoulders and I’m so glad I applied!
  8. Try a role out for size – Who really knows what they want to do?! I applied for an audit internship and I wasn’t a fan of the work. However, I discovered I had an interest in Tax and was able to try out the role during the 6 weeks too. I would have always applied for an audit graduate job if I hadn’t tried it out so I am so glad I did!
  9. All the work clothes! – Think of all the snazzy outfits you’ll get to wear during your time there or even just throughout the interview process! I loved this part! It made me feel like a proper adult!
  10. They’re so fun – I thoroughly enjoyed everything from the interview process to the entire six weeks themselves. It is honestly one of the best things I’ve done and I would recommend it to everyone!

So what are you waiting for?! Find some companies you are interested, think about all your skills and get applying! I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Much Love


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Apply For An Internship Now!

  1. Great post! I am in my penultimate year so I am currently in the process of thinking about internships for the Summer! I’ve always said I would get one for the Summer so hopefully I can find something as they definitely are such a good thing to have! I have heard so many times from people that having an internship is so vital for getting a job in future! I have actually just started an internship during my uni term and it is so exciting, definitely gets me thinking more about what I want in the future!

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      1. No bother! Thats so good! I’ve only just started my term time internship as I said and its already making me think about things! I am doing Business although hope to specialise in Marketing!

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