The Best Beauty Haul Ever?!

Yesterday I dragged my mum off to a Christmas market in Nottingham as the lovely Becky & Holly Sheeran were going to be there and i’ve been dying to have a chat to them for years now! What I didn’t know was that the girls were bringing along sacks full of their unwanted PR products to sell off for charity and let me tell you, the prices were INSANE! IMG_2077.JPGHere’s what I picked up whilst I was there:

  • MAC Liptensity Lipstick in the shade Habanero (RRP £17.50/Paid £7)- This caught my eye when the Liptensity range came out and if you read (this post) then you will know how much I adore the formula! This is a bright and vibrant orange colour that has the slightest hint of red to it making it slightly more wearable than say Morange by MAC.
  • MAC Liptensity Lipstick in the shade Burnt Violet (RRP £17.50/Paid £7) – I love dark lipsticks with an absolute passion and as soon as I saw another shade in the Liptensity range I grabbed it and never looked back! This has a lovely purple/red undertone to it which makes it not appear as dark on the lips and pairs perfectly well with MAC’s Nightmoth Lipliner!
  • MAC Liptensity Lipstick in the shade Double Fudge (RRP £17.50/Paid £7) – In the packaging this looks nearly identical to Burnt Violet but when swatched they are totally different! Double fudge is an intense dark brown that looks really rich and deep on the lips. It is the perfect bold brown shade for this time of the year and is something I will get a tonne of wear out of!
  • First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Pads (RRP £28/Paid £10) – I love facial pads and I’m almost finished with my tub of Nip & Fab pads. I’ve seen this talked about by many a youtuber and blogger and always wanted to try them but felt the price put them a little bit out of my reach. Needless to say these were an easy purchase for me and I’ll let you know if they’re worth the extra splurge or not in the future!
  • Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Shadow in Solstice (RRP £15/ Paid £6) – I have had my eye on these since they came out so I was so excited to see them there! Zodiac is my ultimate favourite but Solstice was a close second so imagine my surprise when I saw it just lying there! I tried this out last night and the colour is stunning, however it did crease which surprised me, so next time I’m gonna try primer potion with it and see if that helps! Watch this space for a review in the next few weeks!
  • Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Shadow in Magnetic (RRP £15/Paid £6) – Not a colour I would initially jump towards, however I have been wearing more purple tones recently so I just bit the bullet! It really is incredibly pretty swatched and I’m going to enjoy trying to create a look with it!
  • Jouer Lip Creme in the shade Dulce De Leche (RRP £15/Paid £6) – I don’t usually go for light toned nudes as I feel they wash me out, however this really appealed to me and I’m kind of kicking myself I didn’t pick up more shades as there were loads there! It is quite drying and I’m still not sure if I’m on the Liquid Lipstick bandwagon or not but I needed at least on nude in this haul right?!
  • Urban Decay Cream Vice Lipstick in the shade Firebird (RRP £15/Paid £6) – Holy Crap this shade is gorgeous! Never ever would I have picked this up but it is beautiful! It’s like nothing else I own as it’s almost pink and purple at the same time! The cream formula is so lovely to wear and is also intensely pigmented! I was so happy when I swatched this at home that I declared that I never wanted to take it off!
  • Urban Decay Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in the shade Heroine (RRP £15/Paid £6) – I know what you’re thinking, ‘but Molly, that’s BLUE!’ but I just had to have it! The comfort formula is so lovely to wear and the pigmentation is amazing! Although the finish is matte, it definitely feels more like a cream on the lips thankfully! This means it applies like a dream too! Let’s see when I get to wear this bad boy then!
  • Urban Decay Mega Matte Vice Lipstick in the shade Pandemonium (RRP £15/Paid £6) – I was clearly in a crazy colour mood when I was buying all these but I don’t have a true purple shade! The closest I have is Stylists Tip by MAC which definitely has more pinky undertones to it than this. The mega mattes are not as easy to wear or as comfortable but they’re definitely not the worst i’ve tried! Liquid lipsticks still take that top spot!

I’ve included swatches below for you, please excuse the mess on my hand, I went to a gig the night before and the stamp would not come off!!

Left: (Top to bottom) Magnetic, Solstice, Dulce De Leche| Right: (Top to Bottom) Heroine, Habanero, Burnt Violet, Double Fudge, Firebird, Pandemonium 

It was amazing that Becky & Holly did such a lovely thing for charity and it was a pleasure to meet them both. They actually live in Nottingham too so we’re hoping to get some bloggers together soon which will be lovely! Which shade is your favourite?

Much Love



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