A Month of Film Reviews!

I love going to the cinema but with prices becoming near enough bank breaking, it’s a pastime that Tom and I have been doing less and less. UNTIL… Meerkat Movies made its grand debut and we decided to try and see a film a week if possible. In the last month we have managed to see 4 completely different films and I thought for a nice little change, todays post will be a mini review on each of them for you!



Admittedly we were a little late to the party with this one, but we have finally seen it and boy am I glad I did! I’m going to put it out there and say that this was my favourite of the three Bridget Jones films and by far the funniest! We meet Bridget later on in life where her career is soaring but she still has not bagged herself that all important man! As ever with Bridget, not only does one potential man come along but two and this time, there’s a surprise pregnancy thrown in for good measure sparking the question “who is the baby daddy?!”. Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey’s characters are complete opposite and that makes the whole movie all the more hilarious. Guaranteed to make you belly laugh and a perfect finale for all you Bridget Jones fans out there! It’s got to be a 5/5 for me with this one!



As an avid reader, I had read this book a year or so before and was so excited that it was being made into a movie as the storyline is brilliant! Emily Blunt has been cast brilliantly into this role as Rachel, a alcoholic divorcee who rides the train into the city everyday to avoid her problems. Every day she sees the same couple who live beside the track and fantasises a ‘perfect’ life up for them. So when Megan (one half of this perfect couple) goes missing one day, Rachel cannot help but get involved. The storyline will keep you guessing right until the end, however I was really disappointed to see this had been set in America when the book is set in London. They even went as far to make Rachel’s character British so why change everything else? I also felt that the movie was a lot slower than the book, which had plenty of twists and turns that weren’t captured on screen. Although a good adaptation, in my opinion it was nowhere near as good as it could have been and for that reason i’m going to give it 3/5.



I’m going to hold my hands up and say that I have never watched any of the Dan Brown book adaptations as I just felt that they weren’t going to be my thing. Needless to say when Tom picked Inferno as his choice, I was pretty unenthusiastic. The opening few scenes of the movie are very ‘trippy’ as Tom Hanks wakes up in a hospital completely unaware as to why he’s in there. I really did wonder what i’d let myself in for at this point but as he befriends Felicity Jones’s character it becomes clear that he has a rather curious item in his possession and there are some very deadly people on his tail. Largely set in Italy this film does take it some great sights and does make you question what we as humans are doing to humanity and some of the problems that occur with an ever expanding population. After the weird first ten minutes had passed, I was glued to my seat and could not wait to find out what happened! With twists and turns right until the very end, it’s safe to say I LOVED this movie and would definitely recommend you watch it! Purely for the weird intro I’m going to give this one 4/5 and I’m determined to watch the Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons soon!



First things first, let it be known that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan so anything new related to the series sends me into a blind panic of excitement. However, you need to know that this is completely different to Harry Potter and has very little linking it to the original movies. The story follows Newt Scamander, a wizard from London and writer of one of Harry Potters future text books, on his journey to New York and what happens when some of his magical beasts escape into the city. The storyline is quite fluid with no strict path and plenty of side stories going on, however the sheer magic of the movie meant that this wasn’t such a problem. You can tell the budget was pretty damn huge for this one as there was no expenses spared on the special effects and the camera work! Eddie Redmayne plays the role of Newt brilliantly and the surprise ending has set the scene for the next four movies to come! If you didn’t know, this movie is part of a new series of 5 movies that J.K Rowling herself is writing the screen play for and now I am desperate to watch the rest of them! Being the fan I am I have to give this a 5/5 for just letting me live in the magical world once more!

I hope you’ve liked this new post idea! If you like the format then please let me know as it may be something I can do again in the future if I can drag Tom to a few more movies! Have you seen any of these movies? If so what did you think? Are there any good movies out at the moment that you’ve seen? Let me know as I want to go and see some more!

Much Love


4 thoughts on “A Month of Film Reviews!

  1. I saw Bridget Jones and Girl on the Train this month too and loved them! Bridget Jones outdid itself, amazing sequel, so funny! And after reading the book, I was a little nervous seeing the film. It was a great film although I was a little disappointed the whole location and some of the characters were nothing like I pictured!

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