Final Advent Calendar Update!

I can’t believe that that’s it! Christmas is over and done with for another year and I have to wait 11 whole months for another beauty advent calendar! Part of me wants to pick one up in the sales to see me through each month till then! I have loved opening them each day and I’m here with the last instalment of what was in the last seven days! I’m also going to do a round up on each about whether they were worth the money/effort over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that! P.s I’ve forgotten which order I opened my blogger gifts in so if they are in the wrong order sorry Jay!fullsizeoutput_4dd.jpeg

DAY 19

Look Fantastic – Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 7ml

Blogger – P.s Pug Blending Sponge

At 7ml this eye cream is just under half the full size (which retails for £20!) so this is worth  about £9.33 on a price per ml basis. That’s a really good size as I find eye creams last ages and ages anyway! I’ve never actually tried anything from Balance me so i’m intrigued to see what this is like. Clearly Jay is a mind reader as she bough me this pug blending sponge that I spoke about only a week or so ago here! It’s so cute and I raced to use it straight away! It’s a bit firmer in texture than say a beauty blender but it did blend my foundation out well! It’s a big hit for me!

DAY 20

Look Fantastic – Redken One United Multi Benefit Hair Treatment

Blogger – M&S Beauty Bath Fizzer Crackers

From Look Fantastic we got the this Redken hair treatment which i’ve never tried before! I believe it’s a spray which is good as minimal effort is required there! It claims to have 25 separate benefits for your hair so I am definitely excited to see how it performs on my hair!  This is only a 30ml bottle so it’s only worth £3.40 but another nice addition nonetheless! For today, Jay got me some bath fizzers from M&S. I told her how much I loved baths so these will be a lovely treat during my exam period! fullsizeoutput_4e0.jpeg

DAY 21

Look Fantastic – Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

P.s CC Stick

I have never tried Dermalogica but i’ve heard great things. I’ve had an exfoliator that comes in a powder like this before but I have to say I did find it a bit of a faff! My brothers skin is in need of some TLC at the moment so being the lucky teenager he is, he has inherited this! This little sample is worth around £7.32 as the full size retails for a huge £41.75! In my blogger calendar I got a CC stick which is something I’ve never experimented with! This is the green one which is for redness which to be honest my skin doesn’t really suffer with. However, I do get quite a lot of spots that can go red so I am going to test this out on those! I’m hoping for good things!

DAY 22

Look Fantastic – Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash 100ml

Blogger – Nivea Lip Balm

I’m going to put it out there and say that Molton Brown is not my favourite brand, however this shower gel smells gorgeous! It’s quite manly so we’ve decided my Dad is getting this one but it is a really lovely fragrance! This is a third of the full size making it worth around £6.67 which is pretty good! From Jay I got a Nivea Lip Balm which is lovely for this time of the year! Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea this year and I received about 4/5 lip balms for Christmas so I may hang on to this one to pop in a giveaway but I have smelt this one before and it’s yummy!

DAY 23

Look Fantastic – Ole Henriksen Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths

Blogger – Merryteaser

Ole Henriksen is a brand that I hadn’t tried until recently but I’m really starting to like! I’ve just finished some of these wipes and although they aren’t my favourite, they smelt gorgeous and left my skin feeling lovely and soft so I’m happy to have some more. Mum has claimed these ones though as she’s never tried them and uses wipes more often than I do. You get 10 wipes in a pack making this worth £4. Merryteasers are probably my favourite little chocolate so I am especially pleased this was included in the calendar! How i’ve held off from eating it for this long I will never know but I’m sure that will be rectified shortly.


Look Fantastic – Look Good Feel Better Eye Shading Brush

Blogger – N07 Eye Shadow

The two calendar paired well today didn’t they! Look Good Feel Better is a brand that I really support as a proportion of the money goes to helping women with cancer feel better through helping them learn tricks with makeup. I learned more about the charity at the Lily & Anna event in October so this was a great addition for me. I believe this brush is worth £6.99. From Jay I got a lovely No7 eyeshadow! This is a beautiful colour which I believe I already have from my good old days of working at Boots and on the No7 counter occasionally. This one will be retained for a giveaway too so keep your eyes peeled for that as it’s an amazing formula and colour!


Look Fantastic – Illamasqua Eye Shadow Palette

Blogger – Set of three Pug Socks!

Finally, on Christmas day I opened this amazing Illamasqua eyeshadow palette which was created especially for this calendar and is worth a huge £34! The colours are beautiful and I cannot wait to try this out over the next few weeks. The packaging is beautiful and this is an amazing end to a brilliant calendar! From Jay I got lots of cute pug socks which are my favourite as I adore pugs! She really listened to what I said I liked and these are so cosy! fullsizeoutput_4df.jpeg

That’s it for this year! I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with the advent calendars and it might give you some ideas what to go for next year!

Much Love



Review: Sephora Favourites – Give Me Some Bold Lip!

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you had a wonderful day and got everything that you wished for! Rather than one big post of what I was lucky enough to receive, I thought this year i’d just do a series of reviews and more in depth posts on the beauty items I got! However, if you like hauls, have no fear as I have done some sales shopping with the many gift cards I got and that will be a future post too! So today we’re talking about one of the Sephora Christmas gift sets, which my friend very kindly brought me all the way back from Vancouver! I was so excited and I can’t wait to share the contents with you all!

So what was inside?

  • TARTE Tarteist Lip Paint in the shade Yaassss ( A bright purple)
  • SEPHORA Rouge Cream Lipstick in the shade #49 Belly Dancing (A rose/red shade)
  • Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour in the shade An Affair (A deep plum/berry)
  • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Damned (A very dark almost black shade)
  • Ciate London Liquid Velvet in the shade Head Over Heels (A bright fuchsia pink)
  • Bite Beauty Matte Cream Lip Crayon in the shade Aubergine (A purple/red shade)

This a $28 set that features both full size and deluxe sample sized products. Individually, based on the ml included, these products would set you back:

  • TARTE – $10 (3ml included, full size is 6ml for $20)
  • SEPHORA – $3.13 (The smallest sample included which is approximately 1/4 of the full sized which retails for $12.50)
  • Laura Mercier – $28 (This is full size!)
  • Kat Von D – $9.10 ( This is just about half the full sized product which retails for $20)
  • Ciate – $5.20 ( This is just under a third of the full sized lip product which retails for $19)
  • Bite – $13.71 (This is just over half the full sized crayon which retails for $24)

TOTAL VALUE – $69.14

As you can see this is amazing value for money and the brands included are a really great range of current favourites! The colours definitely aren’t for the faint hearted, but a lot of them are actually way more wearable than you first may think! The brightest is definitely the TARTE one, closely followed by the Ciate but I adore every shade!

I have tested a few of these out and thought I would let you know my thoughts on the formula and the packaging. Starting with the TARTE Lip Paint, I was so so impressed! It has a really light mousse texture that just feels so comfortable on the lips! As a word of warning though, this doesn’t set and therefore is very smudgy! The colour ins divine though but it can make your teeth look a little yellow! The Sephora lip cream is the smallest sample, which surprises me as I thought Sephora would want to show off their own product the most! The colour is lovely but i’m yet to try the formula! I was so pleased to see a full sized Laura Mercier lipstick included as I’ve tried them in the past and really liked them! This one is so comfortable on the lips and has good lasting power, however it can go on a little patchy so apply a layer, blot and then apply a second and you’re good to go!

I’m so glad I’ve got another Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick to try and this time its a really dark shade. I do find the Everlasting Liquid lipsticks a touch drying but they do dry quickly and set to a lovely matte finish so I am excited to try this shade. Despite being a London brand, I haven’t tried the Ciate Liquid Lipsticks before. This shade is very pink but actually is more wearable than I had first thought. It also has a light mousse texture and reminds me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams! I’m wearing this now and I can honestly say that it is incredibly comfortable, non-drying and has a lovely matte finish. If this is a long laster, it could be a new favourite formula! Finally, the Bite Matte lip crayon, hands down my favourite product in the set! The colour is gorgeous, the applicator is divine and the formula is beautiful! I’ve never tried Bite products before but when I go to America again next year I am definitely buying some more, if I can’t wait, a Sephora order is calling my name!

Everything about this set is brilliant! The colour selection is unique; theres a good range of brands and the packaging is super cute! For $28 you are getting an absolute bargain and it’s well worth the money! I only wish we had a Sephora here in the UK where I could buy more value sets as they are just amazing for your money! Did any of you manage to get your hands on one of these? Which product would you like to try the most?

Much Love


This Years Top 5 Posts |Blogmas Day 16

As we’re coming to the end of the year I thought I’d share with you my 5 most popular posts for this years as ranked by their number of views. Ironically the majority of them were not written this year so maybe that’s telling my something, who knows! Anyway here are the posts in case you haven’t managed to read them yet!

  1. What I Got For My 21st Birthday – Yes this was in fact my most popular post of the year which is totally ironic as I’m now 22 and have in fact written a ‘What I Got For My 22nd Birthday‘ Post now too. I do love ‘birthday haul’ posts as they are just so interesting and I love to be nosy! IMG_1471_Fotor
  2. Get The Look: MAC Woodwinked – I think this is because everyone just loves the colour of MAC Woodwinked but can sometimes be put off by how Orange it comes out when you blend it. This is still one of my personal favourite posts along side the similar one I did for MAC ClubIMG_0567
  3. Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation – This is still a popular foundation on the market and its also pretty expensive so people are always looking for reviews on whether it’s actually worth the money or not. I am surprised though that this has been my most popular foundation review to date!2015-04-17 17.43.21
  4. Worth The Hype? – Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara – This was a big launch when it came out and I grabbed it pretty much straight away. However, there were plenty of mixed reviews around and it’s definitely up there with some of the pricier mascaras so I received an influx of views on this one! I also got quite a few when I wrote about why I was returning it tooimg_0827
  5. MAC New York Apple Lipstick Review & Review: Makeup Obsession Customisable Palette – These were tied for 5th place with exactly the same amount of views. MAC New York Apple is relatively unheard of in the blogging community as nobody seems to talk about it so I think that’s why this one faired so well! It’s a gorgeous colour and perfect for this time of the year! Makeup Obsession caused a bit of a storm when it hit Boots a few months ago and everyone wanted to know if it was any good or not! I grabbed a palette and filled it with warm tones and everyone loved reading about it as it’s such a good bargain! IMG_0801_Fotorimg_1893

Did you like these posts and did you mange to read them all first time around? What was your most popular post this year?

Much Love


Top 5 Christmas Movies |Blogmas Day 15

Nothing gets you in the festive spirit more than a good Christmas movie! I’ve not managed to watch many yet this season and the majority of the ones I have watched don’t actually feature in the list. However, I am going for my top five, guaranteed to make you feel festive, christmassy movies that are probably about as predictable as you can get!

  1. The Holiday -Every time I watch this it just makes me feel so damn festive! I definitely prefer the English Christmas over the American one in this movie but regardless the sheer happiness of it all makes me feel so ready to celebrate myself!
  2. Love Actually – Tom and I are going to watch this tonight and I cannot wait! My favourite scene is the one where Alan Rickman goes to the department store to buy a present for his mistress and Rowan Atkinson makes this whole elaborate song and dance about it. Cracks me up every time!
  3. Arthur Christmas – Potentially one of the more controversial choices but I love it! It’s made by Aardman, the creators of Wallace & Gromit, and is so family friendly and just makes you realise what Christmas is all about! It reminds you of the excitement you felt as a child on Christmas Eve and it’s just generally a lovely film! I have actually watched this this year already and I’m not ashamed to say I saw it in the cinema when it was first released too.
  4. Miracle on 34th Street – An absolute classic that was actually released for my first ever Christmas back in 1994. Nothing says Christmas more than this and it’s just such a lovely happy story!
  5. The Snowman – I used to watch this every single year on Christmas Eve and it still makes me all magical inside. The music is beautiful and the story makes me both happy and want to cry every single time I watch it. When I have kids they will be forced to watch this yearly and just bask in how wonderful it is!

What are your favourite Christmas movies? Have you watched any of these yet this year?

Much Love


JJ’s 9 Month ‘Pupdate’ |Blogmas Day 14

JJ turned 9 months old last month so actually he’s nearly 10 months now but I thought it would be nice to give you a little ‘pupdate’ on how he’s been getting on and what we are finding has changed over the last few months if any of you either have a puppy and need some reassurance or are planning to get one and want to know what you’re letting yourselves in for!

  • He is way more independent! – He now only snuggles when he wants to as he’s officially in the ‘teenager stage’ of puppyhood. He will come to you, you can’t go to him and this does make me so sad! I can’t wait for this stage to be over and him to be all cuddly again all the time.
  • He does his own thing! – You want him to come back to you, he now pretends to be deaf. You want him to sit, he now looks at you like you’re asking him to do a handstand. You want him to drop that sock he’s stolen, nah he’s not interested. IT’S LIKE HAVING A PUBESCENT TEENAGER IN THE HOUSE!
  • Going to the toilet in the house is now (predominantly) a thing of the past! – He knows he wee’s and poo’s outside now so over the last three months I can honestly say I think we’ve only had 1 tiny accident and that is a beautiful beautiful thing!
  • The chewing is back! – Now all but one of his front baby teeth are gone, it’s time for the back teeth to say bon voyage and this means more chewing! He doesn’t damage anything so we’re very lucky about that but he will chew your feet, your hands, your bedding, the stairs… basically anything he can get his hands on.
  • He sleeps less and wants to walk and play more! – I can honestly say that I thought he would carry on sleeping as much as he used to but he’s definitely more playful now and wants to be active and walk as much as he can. We try and keep him stimulated with either two 30-45 minute walks a day and plenty of play time or one one and a half hour walk and some play time. The latter is usually the weekend option and the  shorter walks usually occur in the week when we’re busy.
  • He is still ecstatic to see you! – Whether you’ve been out five minutes or three hours he cannot wait to see you and always makes you feel so special and loved. This is something that every member of my family has really loved and it is something I hope never changes!
  • He gets cuter/more handsome by the day! – You think they will stop being cute when they’ve grown up and just turn into a generic dog but boy oh boy was I wrong. I still look at him everyday and just marvel at how bloody cute he is! He’s pretty much done all of his growing now so this is the gorgeous face I will look at everyday and he is just beautiful. He just knows how to tug on the old heart strings and I love it!
  • He’s infuriatingly persistent! – If I have to leave him in the kitchen, I assume that after 5-10 minutes he will stop crying and batting the door. Oh god no. He can carry on that noise for as long as you leave him. It’s almost like he knows your still in the house, going about your business and he despises you for it! He’s learnt to bat this metal plaque we have hanging from our door and it’s INFURIATING!
  • Despite all the teenage behaviour I wouldn’t change him for the world! – I am incredibly thankful every day that this little bundle of fluff is in my life! Even when it’s raining and he’s crying to be walked or even when he’s trying to pull my tights off as I’m putting them on or even the ridiculous film of hair that my room is covered in. If I didn’t have it I would be a much more miserable person.

I hope you’ve found this useful if you’re planning on getting a dog, or relatable if you already have one. I can honestly say that he has been worth every single penny we spent and every single moment of frustration during the training. He is the perfect little companion I could have wished for and I am relishing every single second of it. Here’s a few little pictures of him recently:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Much Love


Advent Calendar Weekly Update |Blogmas Day 13

I’m seriously contemplating on bailing on blogmas at the moment as my life is just too busy! I’m currently five days behind which is just ridiculous but lets just roll with it for now. It’s sunday again which means one thing… Advent Calendar Update! Here’s what I got this week in both my Look Fantastic Calendar and my Blogger Advent Calendar.

DAY 12: 

Look Fantastic: Foreo Luna Play & Cleanser

Blogger: Pug Notebooks

What an amazing day for the Look Fantastic calendar! An entire Foreo Luna Play in pink which is worth £29 AND a 15ml tube of their Night Cleanser worth £4.50! I am so pleased and surprised that they included them together but that made me very very happy indeed. I have been wanting to try a Foreo out for a while now so this is a perfect chance! In my blogger calendar Jay got my some pug notebooks which is great as I love pugs and these are lined which means I can keep them in my bag for tutoring or lists! There’s three designs and they are all super cute!

DAY 13: 

Look Fantastic: Wella Oil Reflections Shampoo

Blogger: MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter In Pink Shimmer

I’ve not used Wella products in ages but I love any hair product with oil in and shampoo never goes a miss! I suspect my mum and I will both give this a try to see what we think! It’s a 50ml bottle so not a bad size to try it out and I know they sell this size individually for about a fiver so not too bad price wise either. In my blogger calendar was this MUA highlight that i’ve had my eye on for a while but never tried. After swatching I can see it’s more of a lit from within type of highlight rather than an all out glow but I think that will be nice for more subtle makeup days!

DAY 14:

Look Fantastic: Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser

Blogger: MUA Matte Lipstick in Fawn Fancy

I’ve been wanting to try this moisturiser out for ages now as I’ve heard so many good things about it! At 30ml that is a really good sized sample of a moisturiser and would cost £14.40 so again another amazing day for this calendar! From Jay I got a MUA matte lipstick which is in a brown/nude shade. Now in the tube this looks quite dark but actually on my lips it’s nearly identical to my own lip shade. I do have very dark lips so I don’t think this would be the case with most people but for me this one will serve as a ‘no makeup makeup day’ lipstick!

DAY 15:

Look Fantastic: NUXE Multipurpose Dry Oil With Shimmer

Blogger: Garnier Face Scrub Samples (x3)

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that excited about either of these unfortunately. I’ve seen this NUXE oil do the rounds in just about every calendar going and shimmer oils aren’t really my thing. However, I popped a bit on the back of my hand and I bet with a tan this would look lovely on your legs or in the ends of your hair. I’m going to reserve judgement on this one! At 10ml this is small sample but it seems a little will go a long way! This is worth £3.80 on a price per ml basis. In my blogger calendar was some samples of the new Garnier Face Scrub, I do love Garnier skin care so I will be looking forward to trying those out!

DAY 16:

Look Fantastic: PurMinerals Impact + Mascara

Blogger: 2017 Mini Diary

I’ve heard of PurMinerals but I’ve never tried anything from them so it’s nice to have them included in the calendar. The brush looks a bit meh but I won’t know until i’ve actually tried it out on my lashes. There’s 3.4g of product inside when apparently the full size is only 4.8g and retails for £19. Thats pretty good in my eyes! However, the brush looks completely different on the full size, and definitely more appealing, so I don’t know how the sample will actually compare to the real thing. In my blogging calendar I got a really cute mini diary, now I am a diary fiend and have had my 2017 diary since October, however, I may use this for my tutoring work each week or my Nan may get it as she always leaves diary buying to the last minute!

Day 17: 

Look Fantastic: Bella Pierre Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Ebony

Blogger: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant Sample

I have only tried one thing from Bella Pierre in the past and that was their pigment in Champagne and it is incredible so I have high hopes for this! It’s a nice black gel eyeliner pencil that I know my mum will love as she really raves about gel pencils. This is a full sized product which is great and retails for £14.99 so this is a really nice addition to the calendar. La Roche-Posay is a brand I haven’t really tried before but I was pleasantly surprised to see it in the calendar. Unfortunately, it’s a shade too dark at the moment so it’ll have to hand on until the summer when i’ve got more of a tan.

DAY 18:

Look Fantastic: Codage Micro-Peeling Mask

Blogger: White Chocolate Bear

I’ve never heard of Codage but I like the idea of a micro-peeling mask. Like one or two of the other samples we’ve had this doesn’t feel completely full which I feel is a bit of a swizz but I’m intrigued to try it all the same. This is one expensive product though, retailing for a huge £60 for the full size 50ml tub meaning that this tiny 15ml tube is worth £9! Jay clearly things that Sunday’s require chocolate and that is totally okay with me! A little Milkybar Bear always goes down a treat around christmas time!

What did you think of this weeks calendars? Which item is your favourite? See you next sunday for the final instalment! I’m going to be so sad when I don’t have things to open daily!

Much Love


New Years Resolutions & Goals|Blogmas Day 12

I’m still behind on Blogmas but I’m just persevering. I’ve been ill, i’ve been busy at uni and every single Christmas meal seemed to happen in one week. It’s safe to say i’d like to sleep until Christmas eve. Today I thought I’d write a post on my New Years Resolutions and Goals for 2017, I usually think of about 10 and seal them so I can’t read them until the following year but I thought I’d write a blog post instead and just not look at it again until next year. I’ve tried to include a mix and we’ll have to see next year how many i’ve managed to achieve!

  1. Get a 1st in my degree. (This could go either way)
  2. Travel to at least 3 new countries/cities
  3. Reach 2000 wordpress followers (This is a goal i’d love to achieve by the end of the year)
  4. Reach 3000 Twitter followers (I hope to achieve this as I’d love to keep growing my Twitter as I love to interact with followers on Twitter)
  5. Have made a positive start in my new career.
  6. Aim to post on my blog at least twice a week.
  7. Have either found a house or be closer to finding one than I am now!
  8. Lose half a stone (a standard one but I feel a bit chubs right now)
  9. Aim for 500 instagram followers. (With the new instagram this is like fighting a losing battle)
  10. Feel as successful at the end of 2017 as I do now at the end of 2016.

What are your goals or resolutions for the new year? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love