Review: MAC Twig |Blogmas Day 2

I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed MAC Twig in the nearly 2 months i’ve owned it! Bad blogger! Anywho, for my 22nd birthday back in October, my brother Alfie went off and picked me up a MAC lipstick in a colour of his own choosing. Lucky for me it was Twig and I thought I’d tell you all about it today!

Twig is a shade from the satin line at MAC meaning it has a slightly creamy finish than a matte but is not shiny like a cream sheen or even an amplified. This shade has been part of MAC’s permanent line for years now and has been a popular choice amongst bloggers for ages! I feel like this is a shade that looks very different on each person that puts it on as the pigment in your lips does seem to really alter the shade of this one! For me it comes up very pink (as do most shades) and is definitely a my lips but better kind of shade. It’s darker than Brave, more plum than Mehr and definitely more pink than Whirl. In general, it’s a pretty great all rounder!

As per usual, this retails at £15.50 and is available both online and instore. I feel like if you love bold lipsticks like me, then this is a great easy to wear everyday shade, but if you are slightly less daring with your colour choices, this would be perfect for the evening! I like to pair this with Soar lipliner for a very matchy matchy look or whirl if I want it to pull a little more brown! If you’d like to see a lip swatch, then check out my YouTube video and it’s the last swatch! I’ll leave the link here.

Sorry for the short but sweet post today, it’s got to the end of the week and I just don’t know where the time has gone or how I even feel! I’m hoping a nice cosy night and a good sleep will sort me out! See you all tomorrow for day three!

Much Love


10 thoughts on “Review: MAC Twig |Blogmas Day 2

    1. I love the new liptensity range! The formula on those is my absolute favourite! I was very naughty and now own 5 ranging from nude, bright and dark and they are all perfect formula! Also, from the satin range Brave is just a perfect everyday colour! What kind of colours/finishes do you like? I think if I had to pick a favourite it would be whirl or toast and butter. I love brown tones! Xx

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