Intu Nottingham Bloggers Event |Blogmas Day 6

So a couple of nights ago I headed off to Intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham for a festive themed blogger event! A load of my local blogging chums were going so I was super excited to give it a go. The only thing we’d been told in advance is that we needed to bring a jumper and get our creative hats on!

On arrival at the event we were treated to a cocktail from the local Thai restaurant Thaikun. Now us bloggers actually went there for a christmas meal a few weeks ago and I knew the cocktails were good! This one was the Thai Takeaway that was served in a takeout box! I can’t remember everything that was included and I couldn’t find it on the website but I know there was vodka and lime in there somewhere! Regardless, it was so tasty! img_2159

One of the lovely activities the guys at Intu had out on for us was christmas jumper decorating! I couldn’t find a jumper at home at all so Lora and I teamed up to create an ‘out of this world’ christmas jumper that everyone would be jealous of. It was a lovely way to just kick back and relax and enjoy being a little bit crafty! We decided to add everything we loved onto it so there were pompoms, glitter, sparkles and all that good stuff. I’m not going to lie I was pretty chuffed with the finished result! IMG_2162.JPGIMG_2163.JPGIMG_2164.JPG

The next thing to appear was a tray of gorgeous Froyo’s from the Sloane Brothers. Oh my goodness these were amazing but oh so filling! I had a dulce de leche frozen yogurt covered with toffee popcorn, ginger bread men, party rings, raspberries and a load of tasty other toppings! I’ve never had one of these before but they really did make an amazing treat but I dread to think the amount of calories I consumed whilst stuffing that into my mouth! img_2160img_2177

The final thing we did was head off to Intu’s Virtual Reality experience! I cannot express to you how amazing this was! We popped one of the brand new HTC headsets on and were immersed in our own little wintery wonderland! The object of the mini game was to decorate a christmas tree and I had so much fun picking up virtual baubles! I think I must have looked crazy from an onlookers perspective as I was just wandering around squealing in delight but it was seriously so much fun!

After this it was time to say goodbye but Lora, Sherry and I decided to drag the night out a bit longer and have a bite to eat at Zizzis which was a lovely way to catch up with everyone. If you are in Nottingham check out the Virtual Reality Experience at Victoria Centre, it’s free and so much fun! I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Intu for organising such a lovely evening!

Much Love


P.s I know i’m doing a really bad job at this blogmas thing but I’m attempting to catch up!!

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