Festive Nail Inspiration |Blogmas Day 7

So I love a good bit of nail art and this year I headed off to my local salon with a few pictures in mind to show them. I thought I’d share some with you today in case you’re stuck for ideas like me. This won’t be a very wordy post so sit back and enjoy the pictures! I don’t own any of these images and found them through Google & Pinterest when I was searching myself.


I think these are so different and the ombre really brings them to life. If you prefer matte then you could leave them that way but personally I like the ultra glossy finish in the bottom left hand picture! You could definitely add some jewels to these as well for an extra bit of sparkle!


This was actually the option I went for as it combined three of my favourite things: glitter, snow and christmas trees! I normally go for a rounded nail so this squared off finish is quite unusual for me. However, I’m really loving it. Here’s how mine turned out at the salon:IMG_2166.JPG

It’s safe to say he did a pretty excellent job at copying the picture! I love them!


This was a close second in my choices when I went to the salon. I love the grey tones as I think they look so wintery and the snow looks so realistic. All the lovely artists who created these designs are incredible and they were by far my favourites when I searched the internet!

I hope you liked this quick post and it gave you some ideas for your own nails. Which design is your favourite?

Much Love



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