Top 5 £1 Gifts From Primark! |Blogmas Day 10

So I was intrigued to see if I could do a £1 gift guide but when I found so many amazing things from Primark I decided to do a purely Primark £1 gift guide! I cannot believe what you can get for 1 measly pound so check out what I’ve managed to uncover!

  • Pug Blending Sponge – Oh my god i’m going to Primark and I want to buy like 10 of these! Blending sponges and pugs combined?! It’s a win win for me! This also comes in a set of three for £2.50 I believe.
  • PS Pink Pointed Nails – The Primark false nails have been favourites of mine for ages now as they last ages and they have so many amazing and super cute designs! These pink pointed ones are perfect as they are simple yet effortlessly pretty!
  • Cedarwood and Myrrh Small Candle Jar – We all know someone who loves a candle as a gift and this one does not look like it only cost £1. I like the idea of a rich woody scent and I love the colour of the wax in this one! They also do a slightly bigger jar of the same scent for £2 or tea lights in packs of 24 also for only £1.
  • Pink Glitter Photo Holder – These are lovely for keeping photos or notes on your desk. They can hold multiple things at once and it’s super easy to change out what’s inside it. And who doesn’t love glitter?! If pink isn’t suitable they also do this in gold too!
  • Silver Sparkle Hoop Earrings – I don’t know about you but I love hoop earrings! I think they look great with hair up or down and they can quickly jazz up even the most simple of outfits. I like these as they look darker and they form a complete circle rather than being disconnected at the back! There’s also a very similar design in gold if you know the person prefers gold to silver!

I honestly wish I’d included all of these in my advent calendar for Jay as they are such good value for £1! I will know for next year at least! What do you think of these £1 gifts? Which one is your favourite?

Much Love


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