JJ’s 9 Month ‘Pupdate’ |Blogmas Day 14

JJ turned 9 months old last month so actually he’s nearly 10 months now but I thought it would be nice to give you a little ‘pupdate’ on how he’s been getting on and what we are finding has changed over the last few months if any of you either have a puppy and need some reassurance or are planning to get one and want to know what you’re letting yourselves in for!

  • He is way more independent! – He now only snuggles when he wants to as he’s officially in the ‘teenager stage’ of puppyhood. He will come to you, you can’t go to him and this does make me so sad! I can’t wait for this stage to be over and him to be all cuddly again all the time.
  • He does his own thing! – You want him to come back to you, he now pretends to be deaf. You want him to sit, he now looks at you like you’re asking him to do a handstand. You want him to drop that sock he’s stolen, nah he’s not interested. IT’S LIKE HAVING A PUBESCENT TEENAGER IN THE HOUSE!
  • Going to the toilet in the house is now (predominantly) a thing of the past! – He knows he wee’s and poo’s outside now so over the last three months I can honestly say I think we’ve only had 1 tiny accident and that is a beautiful beautiful thing!
  • The chewing is back! – Now all but one of his front baby teeth are gone, it’s time for the back teeth to say bon voyage and this means more chewing! He doesn’t damage anything so we’re very lucky about that but he will chew your feet, your hands, your bedding, the stairs… basically anything he can get his hands on.
  • He sleeps less and wants to walk and play more! – I can honestly say that I thought he would carry on sleeping as much as he used to but he’s definitely more playful now and wants to be active and walk as much as he can. We try and keep him stimulated with either two 30-45 minute walks a day and plenty of play time or one one and a half hour walk and some play time. The latter is usually the weekend option and the  shorter walks usually occur in the week when we’re busy.
  • He is still ecstatic to see you! – Whether you’ve been out five minutes or three hours he cannot wait to see you and always makes you feel so special and loved. This is something that every member of my family has really loved and it is something I hope never changes!
  • He gets cuter/more handsome by the day! – You think they will stop being cute when they’ve grown up and just turn into a generic dog but boy oh boy was I wrong. I still look at him everyday and just marvel at how bloody cute he is! He’s pretty much done all of his growing now so this is the gorgeous face I will look at everyday and he is just beautiful. He just knows how to tug on the old heart strings and I love it!
  • He’s infuriatingly persistent! – If I have to leave him in the kitchen, I assume that after 5-10 minutes he will stop crying and batting the door. Oh god no. He can carry on that noise for as long as you leave him. It’s almost like he knows your still in the house, going about your business and he despises you for it! He’s learnt to bat this metal plaque we have hanging from our door and it’s INFURIATING!
  • Despite all the teenage behaviour I wouldn’t change him for the world! – I am incredibly thankful every day that this little bundle of fluff is in my life! Even when it’s raining and he’s crying to be walked or even when he’s trying to pull my tights off as I’m putting them on or even the ridiculous film of hair that my room is covered in. If I didn’t have it I would be a much more miserable person.

I hope you’ve found this useful if you’re planning on getting a dog, or relatable if you already have one. I can honestly say that he has been worth every single penny we spent and every single moment of frustration during the training. He is the perfect little companion I could have wished for and I am relishing every single second of it. Here’s a few little pictures of him recently:

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Much Love


3 thoughts on “JJ’s 9 Month ‘Pupdate’ |Blogmas Day 14

  1. Lovely post, he sounds so cute! My dog Sam is very persistent also; he follows me everywhere. It’s also so amazing how quick they grow, one minute they are tiny fluff balls and the next they are adults x


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