December Pawsome Box Review!

So JJ and I were lucky enough to get the chance to try out the Pawsome December 2016 Box* towards the end of last year and I thought I’d let all you dog owners what we thought of it! The box retails for £19.90 if you pay monthly but there are 3 month, 6 month and 12 month options too! You can even give the subscription as a gift!

So firstly, what was in our box?!


JJ loves getting toys but he can be quite picky with them so I was intrigued to see that this box came with three different toys in! Typically the one I said to Tom he wouldn’t touch was the one he went to first! That boy loves showing his mama up! So we got a teddy bear reindeer toy, which is soft and floppy and JJ can execute the perfect ‘shake and kill’ with him; a squeaky rubber cracker which is probably his least favourite unless you are playing tug of war and finally a squeaky penguin which weirdly he really likes! Usually he hates hard toys like the penguin but he took to this one well and throws it around the house all the time! On the toy front, we did pretty well and they got a good seal of approval from the pooch! DSCF9721.JPG


JJ was straight into sniffing out the treats in this box! Thankfully there were a few different types to keep him interested! We got some Trixie rice chicken balls which look like really nice treats actually but unfortunately JJ can’t have these as his stomach doesn’t take too kindly to chicken! These will either go to one of our friends dogs or the local RSPC but they look like a good quality treat that would be soft and easy to digest by other fur babies! Next up was some IAMS beef and apple minis which JJ loves! They’re soft so he can eat them quickly during training and they smell strong enough to get his attention but nose strong that I pass out. Finally we got a cracker of assorted biscuits which we have yet to open as we have other treats on the go but I have no doubt JJ will happily crunch his way through these! Again 3 nice inclusions in the box and a good mix of products and brands!DSCF9726.JPG


We got some festive poo bags! This made me so weirdly happy! There was a roll of red candy striped bags and a roll of green candy striped. The child in me loved these and the fact they were on a roll made them so much easier to use! The only thing I didn’t like is that there were no handles so you had to try and conjure up some weird knot in the bag. However, they were a good size and robust enough for us so I was happy they were in there! This pooch poo’s way more than I thought he would so extra bags never go amiss! The final item was some Plouf dog shampoo. I’ve always just used baby shampoo on JJ but he’s recently started rolling in other animals poo (Joy!) so this will come in handy when we need something a bit tougher! DSCF9724.JPG

So what do I think overall? I think for £19.90 you get quite a lot for your money. If you take into account dog toys are at least £4 each if not more; treats are say £2 per bag; the shampoo is £7 and the poo bags maybe £2, you’ve already racked up £27 so you are getting what you pay for! Pawsome box say the value is at least £40 though but I was pricing things sceptically and you still are getting more than you paid for. Would I buy it every month? No I wouldn’t, I think its a nice treat once in a while for you and your dog to open together or would make a lovely gift for a new dog owner. However, I don’t spend £20 on treats and toys a month for him anyway so it would be a bit of an unnecessary expense for me. I do think I may buy him one for christmas or his birthday though as there was a nice variety of items inside and the quality was lovely! Even the packaging was like a beauty subscription box! DSCF9717.JPGDSCF9720.JPG

If you’d like to try the box out yourself for your own little fur baby then they have kindly given me a code to share with you all so you can get £5 off your first box! It’s UKBZL5JC. But I have a cat I hear you say! Well don’t worry they do a box specifically for cats too! Let me know how you get on if you do decide to give it a try!

Much Love & a woof from JJ


*This box was kindly gifted to me, but all opinions are my own and I don’t benefit from your use of the discount code.

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