Asian Skincare Haul & First Impressions |Tony Moly Sheet Masks & Hell Pore!

Everyone has been going on about how good Asian skincare is and having only ever dipped my toe into that market, I decided to take the plunge and pick up a few goodies to try out. Two brands really stood out to me and they were Tonymoly and Elizavecca so when I found some items on Amazon at reasonable prices I wanted to give them a go!

  • Tonymoly I’m Real Skin Care Facial Masks (I paid £13.20 but they are now £12.60) – What better way to try these masks out than to try the entire collection?! The set comes with 11 masks inside so they are priced at just over £1 each which is amazing considering the lemon mask was once being sold along on Cult Beauty for £6!! There are some really weird sounding flavours though, Red Wine, Broccoli and Tomato just make me feel a bit weird when it comes to putting them on my face! So far i’ve tried 4 of them, the Tea Tree, the Aloe, the Rice and yes, the Red Wine! My favourites have been the tea tree and aloe by far as they felt the most soothing on the skin. I hated the red wine one as it smelt weird and wouldn’t stick to my face! The rice mask was okay but nothing particularly special. I’m intrigued to try the rest of the masks out but so far they’ve not been particularly special, however for the price, I would definitely buy them again!
  • Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell Pore Clean Up Mask (I paid £13.10 but it’s now just £13) – I love those videos where you see people rip their blackheads out and i’d heard that this one is particularly good at doing that! It’s a liquid mask that sets to an almost plastic like texture that you can peel off. I’ve tried this out once and so have my brother and Tom. I tried it all over and found that I had applied it a bit too thinly, even though that is what’s recommended! It did remove dead skin, small black heads and all my baby hairs but it wasn’t WOW. I didn’t find it uncomfortable to remove though so thats a plus and if bits did stick or start to hurt, it removes very easily with a little bit of warm water. Tom has some stubborn blackheads and this pretty much did nothing for those annoyingly. It seems that the only ones it can remove are near to the surface small ones! My brother effectively had a facial wax with this as nearly his entire mask was covered in his baby hairs. Not quite what he was looking for but it did take some black heads too so he was happy. I have to say that this does leave your skin feeling incredibly soft though which was something I was not expecting!

So overall I’m still a little on the fence with Asian skincare from what i’ve tried. I have seen tonnes of items in my local TK Maxx though so I’m going to try and pick some more up soon to give it another try. I will definitely keep using these items but sadly I’ve not found anything worthy of a holy grail title just yet. Have you tried any Asian skincare? What are your favourites, I need recommendations!

Much Love


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