My Favourite MAC Pigment | Old Gold

MAC pigments are a thing of beauty, but not something I regularly buy as they take an absolute age to finish up and I like to have a few that I know I’ll use regularly. I have three in total which I have collected over the last year and I love them all for different reasons. The first was Copper Sparkle which is a warm orangey copper that looks amazing on the lid and the second was Blue Brown which is the most unique colour and perfect for a bit of a pop. However, its my latest edition, Old Gold, that has been my most loved so far.

MAC describe this pigment as a ‘high frosted tarnished gold’ which to be honest, I don’t really understand. I would say it’s a gold with quite a lot of green to it and on the lids can appear to have olive or khaki undertones to it. This is the exact reason I bought this shade as I really love muted greens on the lid and mixing them with gold makes them much easier to wear. Throughout the entirety of my exams and revision I wore this pigment pressed over the lid and I had so many complements on it. The way I like to wear it is to buff a little bit of my hoola bronzer into the crease and onto the lower lash line and then simply wet my brush and press the pigment over the centre of the lid. So simple yet so so effective! Because it’s not too green in colour, you can add a bold lip too if you like, heres a picture of me wearing this look with Jeffree Star’s Sagittarius on my lips! img_2288

The thing I love most about these pigments are the way they almost look foiled when wet! They create this almost liquid metal look on the lid that lasts the entire day without creasing, even without an eyeshadow primer! I think that Old Gold would be a perfect shade for those of you who are trying to experiment a little bit more with colour but feel a bit uncomfortable about it. At £16 a pot these will last you a life time, unless I tip it over or use it every day, this pot is going to keep going longer than me! To put it into perspective, you get 4.5g of product for £2.50 more than a single eyeshadow that only includes 1.5g of product so it’s really good value for money!

There’s probably only one more pigment i’d like to get and it would be a toss up between Melon or Tan and then I think i’ve covered most of the bases! I would like to try some of the glitters as they look gorgeous and I can only hope they are even half as good as the pigments! Have you got any of the MAC pigments? Which shades do I need to take a look at?

Much Love



Review: Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation

Despite being on a bit of a foundation finishing mission, I am always on the look out for ‘the one’. Nope, I’m not trying to replace Tom, I mean the perfect foundation. I’m talking good colour match;  good lasting ability; does it cover spots but still look like skin… the list goes on! So way back when at the Intu Christmas Bloggers Event, I received a foundation sample in my goodie bag. Assuming that the colour match would be awful as the bags were the same for everyone, I slapped it on my face prepared to have a good laugh…but the match was perfect! Realising I liked it, I bought the whole bottle with a voucher I had and I thought it was about time to tell you my thoughts.

On Clinique’s website this is the description for this formulation:

Slip on a silk-enriched foundation. Feel naked, yet covered to perfection. Control oil, yet hydrate where needed. Protect with SPF. Oil-free. Sheer to moderate coverage. Natural-matte finish. Ideal for Dry Combination to Oily Skin Types.

My skin is just pure combination, I have areas that occasionally get oily, like my T-zone, and the rest of face can suffer from being a bit dry and dehydrated. I can honestly say that this formula suits my skin perfectly! As it says it does seem to hydrate, or at least not stick to, my dry patches yet controls oil throughout the entire day in my T-zone. I do like the addition of a broad spectrum SPF although in the UK I don’t think sun damage is something high up on the list of worries with our rubbish weather!

I’ve always felt that oil-free foundations were a bit too heavy looking, however this one feels very light on the skin. Unlike some foundations, I do feel that this one sits on top of the skin more than others and can therefore transfer onto clothes easier, however I don’t find it looks cakey at all. For the same reasons as above, I normal steer away from matte finish foundations as they look a bit fake in my opinion. However, this really is a ‘natural-matte finish’, it almost verges on satin as it just looks like skin that is healthy and glowing rather than oily. This matte finish does last throughout the day though so if you do have more oily skin, this could work well for you!

How the foundation looks on my skin. I was having a particularly bad skin day here too!
The one thing I don’t get in their description is that it’s sheer to moderate coverage! I agree on the moderate element as it’s definitely not full coverage but is certainly enough for the majority of us! However, there is nothing sheer about this foundation at all, if that’s what you are looking for then this definitely isn’t it. This is a medium coverage foundation to help cover blemishes, keep your skins condition looking even, and to last you throughout the day. None of these are descriptions of a sheer foundation!

Something I’ve always liked about Clinique makeup is the huge range of shades they have on offer and this foundation is no different. There are 20 different shades to help you find your perfect match! I wear the shade Silk Bare which I believe is the third lightest shade. Dependent on the undertones of foundations, I am usually the second or third lightest shade that a foundation comes in. Clinique have catered for everyone thought with warm and cool tones being covered and very fair and very dark shades included in the mix!

The one thing I really don’t like about this foundation is the packaging! The bottle is gorgeous but it doesn’t come with a pump and it definitely needs one as the foundation is quite thick! I’m sorry but when you pay £23 for a foundation, I would expect it to come with a pump nowadays! I can remember being 14 or 15 and refusing to pay extra for a pump at MAC so i’d tap the bottle on the back of my hand and end up with huge bruise so I can see that happening again with this one! Saying that, the frosted glass bottle is really nice and I do honestly think this is worth the price tag as I have loved how this looks on my skin!

Have you discovered any amazing new foundations lately?

Much Love


New In Beauty | MAC Lip Scrubtious

Whenever MAC releases something new, I’m straight onto the website to see if I want to pick it up or not. I just find that their products are really good quality and they’re quite innovative with their ideas and that really appeals to me! So when the email dropped into my inbox that they were creating their own lip scrubs, I put my spending ban on hold for one afternoon so I could pick one up and give it a try!

Firstly, lets just discuss the packaging, it’s so ‘MAC’ and so cute! A chunky satin finish matte lid on top of a coloured little pot to match the product inside. Maybe it’s not for everyone but I love it! In my opinion these are reasonably priced at £12.50. Yes LUSH do a cheaper one, yes you could make it at home but you get 14ml here that I can guarantee you will last you ages and unlike LUSH’s this one is good to use for at least 2 years so there’ll be no wastage!img_2487

There are five flavours in the range: Sweet Vanilla, Fruit of Passion (the one I picked up), Candied Nectar, Summer Berry & Sweet Brown Sugar. After smelling them all to make up my mind, I found that there really is something to appeal to everyone. Naturally they are all pretty sweet as they are sugar scrubs, but the scent is definitely distinguishable between the flavours. The brown sugar flavour would be perfect if you’ve been wanting to try Fresh’s offering as its the same concept and flavour at a cheaper price! Fruit of passion was my favourite as it was still sweet but not sickly and had a slightly fresher element to it than some of the others. If you like fruity scents though, summer berry was incredible and the dark colour actually made it look like you’d been eating berries when you put it on your lips!

So finally, does it work well and is it worth the money? The short answer – yes! For the first time in years, winter has really played havoc with my lips and they have become incredibly chapped. Tom’s answer is always vaseline but I absolutely hate it as it’s so greasy so I’ve been looking for alternatives. I was finding that putting balms on wasn’t doing anything, I really needed to get the dead skin off! The MAC scrub does it beautifully without being too abrasive. It doesn’t take long either, a quick 10 second scrub and your lips are back to their soft and beautiful self again! I’ve been using this at least twice a week just to keep on top of any dryness and i’ve notice my lipstick applies better and even lasts longer! It’s particularly great if you’re using a matte formula as it looks a hell of a lot more even! The final thing to point out is that this leaves no residue on the lips! There’s no greasiness but it does leave them incredibly soft and smooth so it’s a win win!

I am so glad I picked this up, it won’t be like the lipsticks though – one shade/flavour is definitely enough when it comes to this product so pick your favourite! Have you tried these yet?

Much Love


An Early Nottingham Fashion Week At The Beauty Temple!

I promise that this is the final Blogger Event post for this month, it’s been so much fun but really hectic – I could totally get used to the lifestyle though! This time I was invited to the Beauty Temple in Nottingham to have a sneak preview of some of the fashion trends that are going to be gracing the catwalks for Nottingham Fashion week! I know, I know, it’s not quite LFW or NYFW but beggars can’t be choosers!

DSCF9913_Fotor.jpgThe Beauty Temple is located just off the market square and is a luxury spa that has the most gorgeous interior design that I’ve seen in a spa! Think huge high back velvet sofas with big ornate sinks at the base for you to enjoy a sneaky pedicure or two! They offer gel manicures and they even have a makeup room where they use Delilah makeup, in fact they are the only stockist of Delilah in Nottingham! The products were gorgeous and definitely a luxury treat i’d like to try in the future! DSCF9924_Fotor.jpg

On entry we were greeted with the most amazing cocktail I have ever seen in my life! It was called the Glitter Bomb and included Chambord, prosecco, Absolut Raspberry and edible glitter amongst the delicious ingredients. The edible glitter made the cocktail look simply incredible and they tasted divine – definitely something I’m going to try and recreate myself! There was even a DJ there (which is apparently a regular thing) who played so much dance music that Lora and I actually felt like heading out for a night on the town! IMG_2480.JPGThere was also an array of different pizzas from Mod pizza which were so yummy! I’ve never been there before but we were given a voucher for a free pizza each so I will definitely be using that soon! Whilst we were all mingling and eating, the models were getting their glad rags on in time for a mini fashion show for us all!

We were all told a bit more about the upcoming Nottingham Fashion week and to my delight we were given front row tickets for one of the shows in March – something I’m incredibly excited about! This time it’s Nottingham but who knows, one day it could be London, Paris or even New York. A girl can dream right?! The shows are split into different genres depending on their targeted audience and I’m so glad that I got the one aimed at students called Club to Campus! I’ll be sure to write a post about it alongside the other exciting things I have lined up for March!

After the introduction the mini show began and we got a little glimpse at some of the trends. They included sports luxe, ruffles and even crop tops for men which is something I simply cannot get my head around! The outfits were gorgeous and a lot of them were definitely things I would wear myself.

My favourite dress of the evening!

I often find I go into a shop a by individual items rather than outfits so it was really nice to see full looks paired together to give you an idea of what you could put with things you had at home! I particularly liked a gorgeous orange jumpsuit paired over a simple white t-shirt which was part of the sports luxe trend. It looked lovely on the model however she was a leggy 5 foot 10 at least so I doubt there was anything that wouldn’t look good on her!

As the evening wound to a close I got a chance to catch up with some of my favourite local bloggers and have a good old chat. We seem to have seen a lot of each other this month but that’s not a problem for me as they are all so lovely! img_2486I’ve got a couple of things lined up for next month that I can’t wait to share with you all but in the mean time, I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I’ve been up to this month! Have there been any good blogging events where you are?

Much Love


A Perfect Evening In Nottingham With Snizl!

Last Monday I was lucky enough to attend yet another blogging event, this month has seriously been packed full of them! The event was run by Snizl, a company that has come to Nottingham to get together with many of the fantastic companies in the city and offer exclusive deals and discounts! As a student this is obviously perfect as I am definitely low on funds at the moment so I couldn’t wait to find out more! The event was run like a whistle stop tour of four great places in the city and we got to try out lots of amazing things throughout the night!

First Stop : The Pudding Pantry! DSCF9832_Fotor.jpgI have been wanting to go here for as long as I could remember but I never managed to as they closed at 6pm which is usually a bit before I’m getting round to dessert! Lucky for me though, they are now opening later and I can’t wait to go back with Tom. We met at the pudding pantry at 6pm and were treated to a salted caramel brownie Freak Shake and some Banana cake! Now bananas aren’t really my thing at all so I passed on that but the freak shake was insanely good! Rich and chocolatey with cream, caramel sauce and a delicious piece of brownie on top.DSCF9828_Fotor.jpg I was in heaven! The interior or the Pudding Pantry is bright and airy, yet quirky at the same time with hanging lightbulbs and interesting paraphernalia all around, it really did give off a lovely atmosphere!

Second Stop: Cabella!DSCF9842_Fotor.jpg I’m not going to lie, I had never heard of Cabella before the event but I’m really pleased I know where it is now! It is a makeup studio run by two lovely ladies who give demos, advice and help make you up for any kind of special occasion. I was incredibly excited to see that they stocked both Milani and Glitter Eyes so I will have to head back to try things out! We were greeted with Prosecco and got to watch a demonstration on the lovely Jordan to see their signature smoky eye. DSCF9850_Fotor.jpgI really liked how they used a mixture of high end and high street products and they’d found products that suited all skin tones. We did have a good chuckle when were told that they wore 8-10 pumps of foundation a day, though they still managed to make their faces look lovely and natural! I’d be bankrupt if I used that much, I feel like i’m pushing the boat out if I use three!! The Cabella girls were kind enough to give us each a blending brush in our goodies bags so I can’t wait to put that to the test soon!

Third Stop: Weavers Wines! I was so excited when I realised we were going here as I am a born and bred Nottingham girl and I have wanted to go to a Weavers Wine Tasting Evening for years! They are an independent wine retailer who have been going since 1844 with the brand being passed from generation to generation. Weavers have a shop on one of the main streets in Nottingham but just up a side road and through a rather inconspicuous door lies a wonderful world of wines that appeals to my inner wine drinker on so many levels. DSCF9892_Fotor.jpgIt is set in a huge old house that spans many levels and on entry we were greeted with a gorgeous sparkling wine to try (Crémant du Jura a sparkling Chardonnay from France!). I’m a lover of anything sparkling in the alcohol department but I also love white wine and the one they gave us was divine!DSCF9853.JPG It was a riesling from Germany that was definitely up there with some of my favourite white wines! . I’m definitely not a rosé fan so I was glad they didn’t include those but they did also give us a taster of a red, which normally I don’t like but this one was gorgeous! It was a Spanish Priorat, something I’ve never heard of, but was delicious! They get extra brownie points for converting me to a sophisticated red wine drinker! We got to explore their wine cellars which are rich in history and we even got a look at the vault where their more expensive products are held. DSCF9886_Fotor.jpgThey have a gin tasting evening tonight which I was DYING to go to but student budget kills me off yet again! It’s really reasonable at only £25 for the evening though so definitely check them out if you are a local! They were incredibly kind to send us each off with a bottle of red wine which my dad and I enjoyed on Sunday evening whilst watching country file! I know, I really live an exciting life! No doubt I will be back soon as I have recently developed quite an interest in wines and gins and their history, poor Weavers, you get to a slightly tipsy Molly stumbling down your steps again!

Final Stop: 400 Rabbits! Another place I hadn’t heard of! And I call myself a local! 400 Rabbits is a Tequila bar set down a very secluded side alley just off the old market square! Its design inside is amazing, so quirky yet authentic and definitely how I would imagine a tequila bar to look inside! Naturally they specialise in tequila but they also had the most incredible sounding gin that is brewed in an old car bonnet hanging from the ceiling! DSCF9906_Fotor.jpgI am desperate to go back and give that a try and I can’t wait to take Tom as he loves Tequila! I on the other hand hate it so I was very sceptical! Once you’ve had a bad experience with tequila there’s no going back but 400 Rabbits definitely made me like it slightly more in one of their delicious Valentines Day cocktails but when I tried it neat, the nausea definitely returned! DSCF9902_Fotor.jpgI can’t wait to go back though as the atmosphere and staff were lovely and that gin is just calling to me on so many levels!

That rounded up our fantastic Nottingham crawl and I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the companies and Snizl for putting on such a lovely evening! The mix of alcohol definitely left me a little confused the next morning but I had a wonderful time and I have some new Nottingham hidden gems up my sleeve to take friends to! If you’re in the area then definitely check some of these out and don’t forget to download the Snizl app to help you search out the best deals!

Much Love


A LUSH Valentines Day |Lover Lamp Review!

Now I am not really a LUSH kind of girl, I find the products a bit too heavily scented for me and I spend longer scrubbing the bath clean than I do enjoying the actual bath! That was until the Valentines Day special Lover Lamp Bath Bomb came into my life! I was lucky enough to receive it at the CrossEyes Nottingham event and putting it to the test was an absolutely joyous experience!

The first thing you notice with Lover Lamp is that it’s not actually packed full of colour like other bath bombs, it’s a nice white shade with little red hearts inside. For me this was a real plus as I found due to the colour, there was minimal bath cleaning required post-relaxation! Perfect! Obviously because of the subtle colour, you’re not going to get an explosive bath like you see with some of the more crazy bath bombs! This just turned the bath a lovely milky white shade with the tiny red hearts floating on the top before eventually dissolving into the water!

Speaking of those gorgeous hearts, they are actually made of cocoa butter so you can rub them into your skin to receive a lovely moisturising effect! Sadly, I didn’t realise this until after the bath, however I found that my skin was still incredibly moisturised and soft afterwards, something which I really didn’t expect! As the hearts dissolve into the water I really felt the texture of the water change into something that felt more luxurious and nourishing. It was quite similar to putting a bath oil in the water without having all the slippy, greasy residue remains! The tiny hearts did have a tiny amount of glitter in which I found left my skin looking glowing rather than sparkly! I was really impressed that these particles didn’t stick to the bath too!

Finally, onto the scent, this is by far my favourite LUSH product I have ever tried! The scent reminded me of chocolate orange without being sickly sweet! This is down to the cocoa butter, vanilla and Brazilian orange oil included in the bath bomb! It was a really calming and relaxing scent rather than being invigorating and I found the scent did linger on my skin for the rest of the day in a subtle way. By no means was this scent overpowering but I could still smell it every now and again which I liked!

This is quite an expensive bath bomb in my opinion, at £4.25 per bath bomb. However, if you are looking for a treat or you’re adding it to a present then I think this makes a lovely gift! If I wasn’t such a poor student I would stock up on these before they go out of stock again until next Valentines Day! I did feel like a princess when I used this and it’s an experience I’d love to have again! Lover Lamp is still available here but hurry as now that Valentines Day is over, I don’t think they’ll be around for much longer!

Much Love


The Best Sunday |Being Treated by Intu Victoria Centre and Caffe Rizzoli!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to an amazing Bloggers Event run by Intu Victoria centre. The idea behind the event was that it was ‘Galentines’ themed so we could all celebrate the amazing girls we have in our blogging lives! We arranged to meet at caffe rizzoli at 11am for brunch and I’d thought I’d let you know how I found being treated like a princess for the day!

I met up with the gorgeous Sherry & Lora prior to the event to buy Sherry a new camera and headed off to Caffe Rizzoli prosecco bar which is somewhere i’ve being dying to try ever since it opened! We were greeted by the owner Jeremy who very kindly told us to order whatever we fancied! I started off with a Passionfruit Bellini which was absolutely delicious! IMG_2443.JPGThe quality of the prosecco was gorgeous and the passionfruit puree at the bottom was divine! As it was 11am I decided I would stick to something a bit more ‘breakfasty’ however some of the girls picked more savoury options like a lovely looking antipasti board or a bruschetta. I opted for scrambled eggs on toast with field mushrooms. Now I am incredibly picky about how I like my eggs to be scrambled, however theres were cooked to absolute perfection! img_2440

The bar is actually situated in the middle of the shopping centre, yet even on a busy Sunday morning I felt relaxed there and the clean and crisp decor really made it feel high-end and like you were getting a lovely treat! I was feeling very relaxed at this point so another Passionfruit Bellini went down very nicely and I even got to try one of their lovely puddings out in the form of a warm chocolate fondant with their delicious vanilla gelato. IMG_2441.JPGIt was so yummy and I was definitely incredibly full by this point! Whilst we were sat at the table the lovely ladies from Intu gave us all a valentines day gift from Skinny Dip! We got a phone case each which was so me and we also got some holographic stickers of our initials that are now taking pride of place on my laptop and I love them! They had asked us what phone we had before the event which I had found strange so the phone case was a really nice surprise! img_2439

After brunch we all headed off to House of Fraser for some makeovers! I chose to have mine at Bobbi Brown as I’d never really tried many of their products before. The makeup artist was incredibly talented and I loved the makeup she did on me. I already had some makeup on so she touched up my face and added liquid liner, extra mascara and a lovely brown toned lip. I really enjoyed having someone do my makeup for a change! Everyone looked gorgeous and we got to ask lots of questions about the brands and have yet more prosecco!

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Intu and Jeremy and the team at Caffe Rizzoli! I had a wonderful day and can’t wait to go back and drink more prosecco in the future! As a heads up, there’s also a Caffe Rizzoli in Meadow Hall if that’s slightly closer you!

Much Love