My Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Collection & Review!

As the owner of 29 MAC lipsticks, yes you read that right, 29, some could say that my Urban Decay collection is a little on the sparse side! However, I feel like I have the majority of the colour bases covered in my MAC collection and I just wanted to test out some of the different formulas Urban Decay have to offer and get a feel for whether I think they are worth the money or not! Today i’m going to give you a review on each shade and it’s corresponding formula and let you know what I think of them! I have tried a few more shades than I own as I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the sampler packs so I think there may be one or two more that I’d like to get my hands on at some point but for now I’m thoroughly happy with my mini collection!

As a brief overview, each Urban Decay Lipstick costs £15.50 and they have 6 formulas to choose from I believe! These are Comfort Matte, Mega Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer & Sheer Shimmer. I have tried out the first four but neither of the sheer formulas as sheer lipstick isn’t really my thing! I believe there are around 100 shades to choose from with everything from nudes to brights being covered!

Uptight – Comfort Matte

This is definitely the most nude of the five I own and I believe it was actually the first one I bought. It’s definitely a peachy/orange based nude that I would liken to MAC’s Kinda Sexy. It is a comfort matte formula, meaning that it feels creamy and non-drying on the lips whilst still maintaining a gorgeous matte finish! This is about as light as I would go on my skin colour personally but I find that the warm undertones stop it from zapping the colour out of my face like a lot of nudes do! It also has a matching lipliner too so it must have been a popular shade! This formula is to die for though and is by far one of the most comfortable matte lipstick formulas I have ever tried!

Zealot – Metallized

This is my most recent addition as I found it in the Feel Unique sale for £9. It is a stunning red with ever so slight shimmers running through it. It’s definitely not what I expected from a metallized finish as the shimmer is so subtle compared to others in the range but it is a beautiful true red, the kind that makes you feel fabulous and your teeth look white! Urban Decay’s website shows this on all skin tones, including a really dark skin tone and it looks GORGEOUS! In my opinion it’s definitely a winner as its just so classic! The formula is comfortable to wear and lasts well but it appears that the metallic element really varies from shade to shade.

From Top Clockwise: Zealot, Uptight, Firebird, Pandemonium, Heroine.

Firebird – Cream

I’m going to put it out there and say this is my favourite from my entire collection. The colour is just so unlike anything else I own and looks absolutely beautiful on the lips. It is a cross between a bright blue toned hot pink (something that’s not my favourite) and a  deep purple and ends up almost looking duo-toned. The closest I have to this in my collection is MAC’s Girl About Town but they are not even close! If you like bold lipsticks then you HAVE to give this a try as it is so unique! The formula is definitely similar to a MAC amplified, whereby it packs pigment and is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Pandemonium – Mega Matte

This is totally an out-there shade but weirdly I really love purple lips, regardless of the shade! This one is a true mid-toned purple that is very hard to come by in my opinion. I don’t have many purples in my collection, the only real one being MAC’s Stylist’s Tip. I’m not entirely convinced when I will get a real chance to wear this regularly but I’m determined to make it happen! The formula is definitely my least favourite of the ones i’ve tried! It’s synonymous to a typical matte lipstick that I personally find to be a little drying. It does definitely appear more matte than the comfort mattes on the lips though, so if that’s your thing then the mega matte formula is better. I’m more about comfort though so I like my mattes to be slightly creamier in texture. You can also tell it’s more drying as it doesn’t apply as nicely and drags slightly. Although I haven’t tried them myself, I can imagine this is closer to a MAC Retro Matte formula.

Heroine – Comfort Matte

Definitely the most out there colour I own but something about having blue lips really appealed to my inner makeup lover. It’s quite a dark, true navy colour but due to the comfort matte formula it is surprisingly easy to apply! Weirdly I do have a similar shade from MAC as I bought the Brooke Candy Witching Hour limited edition lipstick, but I would say I definitely prefer Heroine as it’s more of a true deep blue and lasts better on the lips! Again this is not an everyday shade but I’m definitely going to try and focus more looks around it as it really makes a statement and thats always a nice thing to have in your makeup arsenal!

L-R: Pandemonium, Firebird, Uptight, Zealot, Heroine.

I hope you liked my run-down of the Urban Decay lipsticks I own and their relative formulas! Do you own any of their shades? If so which is your favourite shade and formula?  I’m still debating whether to make a youtube video on my MAC lipsticks or just do an epically long update post like this, so let me know which you’d prefer!

Much Love


13 thoughts on “My Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Collection & Review!

  1. Great post and a nice range of colours, these are so pretty. I love purple lips too, though I rarely seem to actually wear purple out of the house, and pandemonium is gorgeous! I haven’t tried their lipsticks, maybe next time I treat myself I’ll have a look at them.

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