My Experience With The Contraceptive Coil!

I asked on twitter if this would be something you were interested in, as i’ve not seen another post about the coil amongst the huge amounts of posts about the pill, and the majority said yes so I thought I’d do a little post today to share some first hand details about my experience! Now this post is definitely going to be straight to the point and may be a bit TMI for some people so if this isn’t your thing then feel free to click off, I know it’s not for everybody but when I was deciding to opt for the coil, I couldn’t find any useful information about it and I didn’t want that to be the same for other women! I think i’m going to write this as an almost question and answer style post to try and answer the questions I wanted to know the answers to!

Why should I choose The Coil? 

  • It’s hassle free – no remembering to take tablets or booking appointments for jabs, once the initial settling in period is done, you can forget it’s there and enjoy your life! They need replacing every 5 years so you’ve got a while before you have to think about it! Tom and I have a joke that we’d definitely have multiple kids by now if i’d opted for the coil as I always forget to take medication!
  • It’s hormone free – This only applies to the copper coil (which I have). I opted for this one as I suffered from bad migraines in my teens and didn’t want a contraceptive that would mess with my hormones. This was the only one I came across so thank god I’ve got on well with it!
  • You may not have periods – This one is for the hormonal coil as this can often cause your periods to cease completely. Some may find this a good thing, personally that wasn’t something I was comfortable with so I was happy that the copper variety let me still have monthly periods.
  • Your fertility is unaffected – As you aren’t altering your hormones, as soon as you have your device removed you are back to your previous fertile self unlike with the pill.

Does it hurt?

My experience was definitely a positive one but I know it’s not like that for everyone! I would describe it as an intense discomfort rather than pain but it’s all over with in about 10 minutes so it doesn’t last long! I found it to feel like I was desperate for a wee and someone was pressing on my bladder, not painful as such, just a very uncomfortable sensation!

What can I expect afterwards? 

The day of the procedure and probably the couple after that, you will probably experience bad period pains. This is effectively your body trying to expel the coil from your body, so naturally if the device is likely to fall out then this would be when it would happen but this isn’t that common! I think I probably felt worse afterwards than I did during and felt very shaky and off colour for the rest of the day. This is only natural though as your body has endured something that, technically, it isn’t meant to! The next day I felt back to my normal self bar a little bit of stomach ache. Keep on top of your painkillers for a couple of days and you’ll be fine.

Are there any unwanted side effects? 

They all sound horrible but they can make your periods heavier, longer and more painful. Now personally, I didn’t have heavy periods to begin with so it wasn’t something I was particularly concerned about. I can probably say that they have been heavier and slightly more painful though which is unfortunate. I have also found myself to have low iron as a side effect of this but it’s not been enough to make me want to change. In the first 6 months my periods were a little haphazard whilst the device settled, however I have since found them to be more consistent and regular which is definitely handy when you’re so busy as it allows you to predict them and be more prepared.

Would I do it again?

100% yes! I’m actually coming to the end of my 5 years this year and I will definitely be opting for it again! The initial procedure is uncomfortable but the positive benefits of it being so hassle free, maintaining a regular period and having no extra hormones in my body, have all outweighed the few negatives I have experienced! I would say if you are not comfortable with initially having your lady bits poked and prodded by a doctor or have heavy periods to begin with, then this probably isn’t for you. Having said that, many doctors actually recommend the hormonal coil for sufferers of heavy periods as it can lighten them to almost nothing so bear that in mind! Apparently the coil is one of the most reliable forms of contraceptive and the hormonal one in particular is actually used as the next best thing to sterilisation which I was pretty amazed at! I personally like the fact that it doesn’t alter my fertility too. Now I don’t plan to have children any time in probably the next ten years, but when I do, I don’t want to have to be waiting for my body to get back to normal just because of my contraceptive!

Overall my experience has been very positive and actually has gone a lot better than I expected it to! Please bear in mind that everyones body is different and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another so don’t use this as a guarantee of what you would experience. I hope you’ve enjoyed this different post, as I said it was quite requested on Twitter so I hope i’ve answered your questions! Please leave any comments or questions down below and I’ll try and answer them if I can!

Much Love



9 thoughts on “My Experience With The Contraceptive Coil!

  1. Great information about your personal experience – not a lot of people talk about this but as you said, it’s one of the safest and most reliable form of birth control. And I think if you were to calculate the cost, it comes out to much less than other forms too! I’m glad your experience was a positive one – I’ve heard similar from my friends. 🙂

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  2. Great post Molly, it’s great to see open and honest discussion about these types of things because you always hear those scaremongering stories about it all. Personally, I have the injection as it works for me and it’s easy enough for me to decide to stop should I want to start thinking of a family. Had I have known about this sooner, i’d have no doubt opted for it.
    Sherry x

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  3. What a fab post! Like you said, I’ve seen plenty of posts about the pill etc but absolutely none on the coil. I’ve had the injection and taken the pill; at the moment I’m single and not even looking to date after a pretty bad relationship, so giving my body a bit of a rest from all of that. When I am ready to get back on the dating scene though this is definitely something I would consider after reading your post. Thanks for sharing lovely.


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  4. Found your post by chance! But such an informative one! I’m going to sound like such a ditz (but this is genuinely because no one talks about this kinda stuff) but I had no idea there were two types of coil! So great to see that there are alternatives that don’t affect your hormones and fertility (something I was worried about).

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