A Valentines Evening At CrossEyes Nottingham!

Last week Tom and I were lucky enough to attend a bloggers event at a new opticians in Nottingham called CrossEyes! As daily glasses wearers, we were both intrigued to see if the store could offer something different to the current players in the market. We had a lovely evening and came away feeling like we’d discovered a lot about the brand! I was also lucky enough to get an amazing Spa-themed goodie bag and I thought I should let you all in on the happenings of that evening!unnamed

CrossEyes is actually a Danish brand which I believe has 15 stores in the UK. Most of the stores are in the London area but there are a few in more northern areas such as Sheffield, Leeds & Newcastle. Nottingham is the latest store to open and it was opened by the fantastic franchisee Indy back in November. The store is located just off the Market square in Nottingham on Friar Lane (for you Nottingham old-timers, it’s on the road Walk About used to be on!). The store is very Danish in design with plenty of white walls and pale wood, however Indy and his sister Manpreet have definitely put their own spin on the place with amazing lighting and a fantastic yellow arm chair situated on top of a zebra print rug!

The concept behind CrossEyes is that their prices are totally transparent! Rather than each pair of glasses having an individual price tag then adding on the cost of your lenses, thinning if necessary and anti-glare and anti-scratch, at CrossEyes you are just given one price to cover it all. From the onset the price is made clear to you based on your prescription and then you can choose from any pair of glasses in the entire store! As someone who always ends up picking the most expensive pair of glasses in the store, this is definitely a concept I can get on board with! I am currently still paying off a £300+ pair of glasses, but at cross eyes any of their frames with the same lenses would only cost me £195! So surely you’re thinking that the frames must be cheap if they can offer prices this much lower than the highstreet chains right? Well you’re wrong! The frames were gorgeous and some were incredibly unique which I loved! There is a range of wood effect frames that both Tom and I loved as we’d not seen anything like them before!

There was a competition running that night where you could win your favourite pair from the store! My favourite pair was naturally from the brand new range that aren’t even on sale yet! How typical is that?! Hopefully they’ll be getting them in soon though as they were so different to my current pair and I felt they really suited the shape of my face. What do you think? img_2396For reference, the code for these is CE05 55-17-140 C1 if you want to have a look at them in store in the future!

CrossEyes have actually just changed their prices and rather than going up, they’ve actually gone down! This is amazing and has made glasses even cheaper again. Here’s the new and improved price list! Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 14.59.57.png

Finally, we got a fantastic Spa themed goodie bag that was 100% one of my favourites I’ve ever been lucky enough to receive! Inside there was:

  • Chocolates from Chocolate Utopia (one of my favourite local chocolatiers)
  • Two face masks – Garnier & Face Inc (Nails Inc’s new venture!)
  • LUSH Lover Lamp Bath Bomb (Review to come)
  • A Mini bottle of Wine
  • Wild Fig Yankee Candle
  • Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub
  • Glasses case, cleaner and a heart soft toy!


Thank you to Indy, Manpreet and Laura who made us feel so so welcome for the evening and treated us to gorgeous cakes and prosecco! I hope to see you guys again very soon!

Much Love



15 thoughts on “A Valentines Evening At CrossEyes Nottingham!

  1. This event sounds so good! I wear my glasses all the time and get so bored of the same pair, these sound much more affordable than my usual opticians and they look like they have an amazing range too! I’ll definitely go in and have a look after reading your post!

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