The Best Sunday |Being Treated by Intu Victoria Centre and Caffe Rizzoli!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to an amazing Bloggers Event run by Intu Victoria centre. The idea behind the event was that it was ‘Galentines’ themed so we could all celebrate the amazing girls we have in our blogging lives! We arranged to meet at caffe rizzoli at 11am for brunch and I’d thought I’d let you know how I found being treated like a princess for the day!

I met up with the gorgeous Sherry & Lora prior to the event to buy Sherry a new camera and headed off to Caffe Rizzoli prosecco bar which is somewhere i’ve being dying to try ever since it opened! We were greeted by the owner Jeremy who very kindly told us to order whatever we fancied! I started off with a Passionfruit Bellini which was absolutely delicious! IMG_2443.JPGThe quality of the prosecco was gorgeous and the passionfruit puree at the bottom was divine! As it was 11am I decided I would stick to something a bit more ‘breakfasty’ however some of the girls picked more savoury options like a lovely looking antipasti board or a bruschetta. I opted for scrambled eggs on toast with field mushrooms. Now I am incredibly picky about how I like my eggs to be scrambled, however theres were cooked to absolute perfection!Β img_2440

The bar is actually situated in the middle of the shopping centre, yet even on a busy Sunday morning I felt relaxed there and the clean and crisp decor really made it feel high-end and like you were getting a lovely treat! I was feeling very relaxed at this point so another Passionfruit Bellini went down very nicely and I even got to try one of their lovely puddings out in the form of a warm chocolate fondant with their delicious vanilla gelato. IMG_2441.JPGIt was so yummy and I was definitely incredibly full by this point! Whilst we were sat at the table the lovely ladies from Intu gave us all a valentines day gift from Skinny Dip! We got a phone case each which was so me and we also got some holographic stickers of our initials that are now taking pride of place on my laptop and I love them! They had asked us what phone we had before the event which I had found strange so the phone case was a really nice surprise!Β img_2439

After brunch we all headed off to House of Fraser for some makeovers! I chose to have mine at Bobbi Brown as I’d never really tried many of their products before. The makeup artist was incredibly talented and I loved the makeup she did on me. I already had some makeup on so she touched up my face and added liquid liner, extra mascara and a lovely brown toned lip. I really enjoyed having someone do my makeup for a change! Everyone looked gorgeous and we got to ask lots of questions about the brands and have yet more prosecco!

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Intu and Jeremy and the team at Caffe Rizzoli! I had a wonderful day and can’t wait to go back and drink more prosecco in the future! As a heads up, there’s also a Caffe Rizzoli in Meadow Hall if that’s slightly closer you!

Much Love


15 thoughts on “The Best Sunday |Being Treated by Intu Victoria Centre and Caffe Rizzoli!

  1. A lovely summary of an amazing event, I still can’t quite believe how amazing it all was! I’m a little bit envious of how pretty the phone case is, but having a Samsung I never get to have as cute cases as Iphones haha!

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