A LUSH Valentines Day |Lover Lamp Review!

Now I am not really a LUSH kind of girl, I find the products a bit too heavily scented for me and I spend longer scrubbing the bath clean than I do enjoying the actual bath! That was until the Valentines Day special Lover Lamp Bath Bomb came into my life! I was lucky enough to receive it at the CrossEyes Nottingham event and putting it to the test was an absolutely joyous experience!

The first thing you notice with Lover Lamp is that it’s not actually packed full of colour like other bath bombs, it’s a nice white shade with little red hearts inside. For me this was a real plus as I found due to the colour, there was minimal bath cleaning required post-relaxation! Perfect! Obviously because of the subtle colour, you’re not going to get an explosive bath like you see with some of the more crazy bath bombs! This just turned the bath a lovely milky white shade with the tiny red hearts floating on the top before eventually dissolving into the water!

Speaking of those gorgeous hearts, they are actually made of cocoa butter so you can rub them into your skin to receive a lovely moisturising effect! Sadly, I didn’t realise this until after the bath, however I found that my skin was still incredibly moisturised and soft afterwards, something which I really didn’t expect! As the hearts dissolve into the water I really felt the texture of the water change into something that felt more luxurious and nourishing. It was quite similar to putting a bath oil in the water without having all the slippy, greasy residue remains! The tiny hearts did have a tiny amount of glitter in which I found left my skin looking glowing rather than sparkly! I was really impressed that these particles didn’t stick to the bath too!

Finally, onto the scent, this is by far my favourite LUSH product I have ever tried! The scent reminded me of chocolate orange without being sickly sweet! This is down to the cocoa butter, vanilla and Brazilian orange oil included in the bath bomb! It was a really calming and relaxing scent rather than being invigorating and I found the scent did linger on my skin for the rest of the day in a subtle way. By no means was this scent overpowering but I could still smell it every now and again which I liked!

This is quite an expensive bath bomb in my opinion, at Β£4.25 per bath bomb. However, if you are looking for a treat or you’re adding it to a present then I think this makes a lovely gift! If I wasn’t such a poor student I would stock up on these before they go out of stock again until next Valentines Day! I did feel like a princess when I used this and it’s an experience I’d love to have again! Lover Lamp is still available here but hurry as now that Valentines Day is over, I don’t think they’ll be around for much longer!

Much Love


14 thoughts on “A LUSH Valentines Day |Lover Lamp Review!

  1. I used mine last night Molly! I didn’t know about the cocoa butter – that explains why I felt a bit slimy though but it is very moisturising once rubbed in haha! Also, I think I had a bit more glitter in mine than you did as I had to shower after my bath to get it all off! It was lovely though – kudos for no after-math-bath-scrubbing!

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    1. I’ve had a full glitter/colour extravaganza before and the state of the bath afterwards looked like a unicorn has exploded! This was a lovely subtle alternative and not too heavily scented for me! It relaxed me so much!! xxx


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