A Perfect Evening In Nottingham With Snizl!

Last Monday I was lucky enough to attend yet another blogging event, this month has seriously been packed full of them! The event was run by Snizl, a company that has come to Nottingham to get together with many of the fantastic companies in the city and offer exclusive deals and discounts! As a student this is obviously perfect as I am definitely low on funds at the moment so I couldn’t wait to find out more! The event was run like a whistle stop tour of four great places in the city and we got to try out lots of amazing things throughout the night!

First Stop : The Pudding Pantry! DSCF9832_Fotor.jpgI have been wanting to go here for as long as I could remember but I never managed to as they closed at 6pm which is usually a bit before I’m getting round to dessert! Lucky for me though, they are now opening later and I can’t wait to go back with Tom. We met at the pudding pantry at 6pm and were treated to a salted caramel brownie Freak Shake and some Banana cake! Now bananas aren’t really my thing at all so I passed on that but the freak shake was insanely good! Rich and chocolatey with cream, caramel sauce and a delicious piece of brownie on top.DSCF9828_Fotor.jpg I was in heaven! The interior or the Pudding Pantry is bright and airy, yet quirky at the same time with hanging lightbulbs and interesting paraphernalia all around, it really did give off a lovely atmosphere!

Second Stop: Cabella!DSCF9842_Fotor.jpg I’m not going to lie, I had never heard of Cabella before the event but I’m really pleased I know where it is now! It is a makeup studio run by two lovely ladies who give demos, advice and help make you up for any kind of special occasion. I was incredibly excited to see that they stocked both Milani and Glitter Eyes so I will have to head back to try things out! We were greeted with Prosecco and got to watch a demonstration on the lovely Jordan to see their signature smoky eye. DSCF9850_Fotor.jpgI really liked how they used a mixture of high end and high street products and they’d found products that suited all skin tones. We did have a good chuckle when were told that they wore 8-10 pumps of foundation a day, though they still managed to make their faces look lovely and natural! I’d be bankrupt if I used that much, I feel like i’m pushing the boat out if I use three!! The Cabella girls were kind enough to give us each a blending brush in our goodies bags so I can’t wait to put that to the test soon!

Third Stop: Weavers Wines! I was so excited when I realised we were going here as I am a born and bred Nottingham girl and I have wanted to go to a Weavers Wine Tasting Evening for years! They are an independent wine retailer who have been going since 1844 with the brand being passed from generation to generation. Weavers have a shop on one of the main streets in Nottingham but just up a side road and through a rather inconspicuous door lies a wonderful world of wines that appeals to my inner wine drinker on so many levels. DSCF9892_Fotor.jpgIt is set in a huge old house that spans many levels and on entry we were greeted with a gorgeous sparkling wine to try (Crémant du Jura a sparkling Chardonnay from France!). I’m a lover of anything sparkling in the alcohol department but I also love white wine and the one they gave us was divine!DSCF9853.JPG It was a riesling from Germany that was definitely up there with some of my favourite white wines! . I’m definitely not a rosé fan so I was glad they didn’t include those but they did also give us a taster of a red, which normally I don’t like but this one was gorgeous! It was a Spanish Priorat, something I’ve never heard of, but was delicious! They get extra brownie points for converting me to a sophisticated red wine drinker! We got to explore their wine cellars which are rich in history and we even got a look at the vault where their more expensive products are held. DSCF9886_Fotor.jpgThey have a gin tasting evening tonight which I was DYING to go to but student budget kills me off yet again! It’s really reasonable at only £25 for the evening though so definitely check them out if you are a local! They were incredibly kind to send us each off with a bottle of red wine which my dad and I enjoyed on Sunday evening whilst watching country file! I know, I really live an exciting life! No doubt I will be back soon as I have recently developed quite an interest in wines and gins and their history, poor Weavers, you get to a slightly tipsy Molly stumbling down your steps again!

Final Stop: 400 Rabbits! Another place I hadn’t heard of! And I call myself a local! 400 Rabbits is a Tequila bar set down a very secluded side alley just off the old market square! Its design inside is amazing, so quirky yet authentic and definitely how I would imagine a tequila bar to look inside! Naturally they specialise in tequila but they also had the most incredible sounding gin that is brewed in an old car bonnet hanging from the ceiling! DSCF9906_Fotor.jpgI am desperate to go back and give that a try and I can’t wait to take Tom as he loves Tequila! I on the other hand hate it so I was very sceptical! Once you’ve had a bad experience with tequila there’s no going back but 400 Rabbits definitely made me like it slightly more in one of their delicious Valentines Day cocktails but when I tried it neat, the nausea definitely returned! DSCF9902_Fotor.jpgI can’t wait to go back though as the atmosphere and staff were lovely and that gin is just calling to me on so many levels!

That rounded up our fantastic Nottingham crawl and I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the companies and Snizl for putting on such a lovely evening! The mix of alcohol definitely left me a little confused the next morning but I had a wonderful time and I have some new Nottingham hidden gems up my sleeve to take friends to! If you’re in the area then definitely check some of these out and don’t forget to download the Snizl app to help you search out the best deals!

Much Love


19 thoughts on “A Perfect Evening In Nottingham With Snizl!

  1. This post is beautiful, I’m not far from Nottingham and would LOVE to check out the pudding pantry it looks amazing! & your pictures are absolutely beautiful xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I keep seeing posts about this event and I am so insanely jealous. I have also always wanted to visit the pudding pantry but have never had the chance. Now I NEED to get there to try one of those freakshakes.


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