New In Beauty | MAC Lip Scrubtious

Whenever MAC releases something new, I’m straight onto the website to see if I want to pick it up or not. I just find that their products are really good quality and they’re quite innovative with their ideas and that really appeals to me! So when the email dropped into my inbox that they were creating their own lip scrubs, I put my spending ban on hold for one afternoon so I could pick one up and give it a try!

Firstly, lets just discuss the packaging, it’s so ‘MAC’ and so cute! A chunky satin finish matte lid on top of a coloured little pot to match the product inside. Maybe it’s not for everyone but I love it! In my opinion these are reasonably priced at Β£12.50. Yes LUSH do a cheaper one, yes you could make it at home but you get 14ml here that I can guarantee you will last you ages and unlike LUSH’s this one is good to use for at least 2 years so there’ll be no wastage!img_2487

There are five flavours in the range: Sweet Vanilla, Fruit of Passion (the one I picked up), Candied Nectar, Summer Berry & Sweet Brown Sugar. After smelling them all to make up my mind, I found that there really is something to appeal to everyone. Naturally they are all pretty sweet as they are sugar scrubs, but the scent is definitely distinguishable between the flavours. The brown sugar flavour would be perfect if you’ve been wanting to try Fresh’s offering as its the same concept and flavour at a cheaper price! Fruit of passion was my favourite as it was still sweet but not sickly and had a slightly fresher element to it than some of the others. If you like fruity scents though, summer berry was incredible and the dark colour actually made it look like you’d been eating berries when you put it on your lips!

So finally, does it work well and is it worth the money? The short answer – yes! For the first time in years, winter has really played havoc with my lips and they have become incredibly chapped. Tom’s answer is always vaseline but I absolutely hate it as it’s so greasy so I’ve been looking for alternatives. I was finding that putting balms on wasn’t doing anything, I really needed to get the dead skin off! The MAC scrub does it beautifully without being too abrasive. It doesn’t take long either, a quick 10 second scrub and your lips are back to their soft and beautiful self again! I’ve been using this at least twice a week just to keep on top of any dryness and i’ve notice my lipstick applies better and even lasts longer! It’s particularly great if you’re using a matte formula as it looks a hell of a lot more even! The final thing to point out is that this leaves no residue on the lips! There’s no greasiness but it does leave them incredibly soft and smooth so it’s a win win!

I am so glad I picked this up, it won’t be like the lipsticks though – one shade/flavour is definitely enough when it comes to this product so pick your favourite! Have you tried these yet?

Much Love


12 thoughts on “New In Beauty | MAC Lip Scrubtious

  1. I was SO close to purchasing one of these – they were just setting them up at the counter when I saw them. But I am still working my way through another lip scrub so I was good and didn’t succumb to it… I wanted either the Candied Nectar or one you got. They smell SO GOOD.

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  2. I am definitely an advocate of the LUSH ones they never dry out for me I use it everyday and they’re always fresh until the end! These so sound lovely though! xxx

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  3. Ooh, I am intrigued. I’d always read great things about the Lush lip scrubs but seeing as I cannot go into the shop without leaving with a migraine perhaps these are the next best thing! Thanks for the review and opening my eyes to alternatives.

    Sherry x

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