Review: Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation

Despite being on a bit of a foundation finishing mission, I am always on the look out for ‘the one’. Nope, I’m not trying to replace Tom, I mean the perfect foundation. I’m talking good colour match;  good lasting ability; does it cover spots but still look like skin… the list goes on! So way back when at the Intu Christmas Bloggers Event, I received a foundation sample in my goodie bag. Assuming that the colour match would be awful as the bags were the same for everyone, I slapped it on my face prepared to have a good laugh…but the match was perfect! Realising I liked it, I bought the whole bottle with a voucher I had and I thought it was about time to tell you my thoughts.

On Clinique’s website this is the description for this formulation:

Slip on a silk-enriched foundation. Feel naked, yet covered to perfection. Control oil, yet hydrate where needed. Protect with SPF. Oil-free. Sheer to moderate coverage. Natural-matte finish. Ideal for Dry Combination to Oily Skin Types.

My skin is just pure combination, I have areas that occasionally get oily, like my T-zone, and the rest of face can suffer from being a bit dry and dehydrated. I can honestly say that this formula suits my skin perfectly! As it says it does seem to hydrate, or at least not stick to, my dry patches yet controls oil throughout the entire day in my T-zone. I do like the addition of a broad spectrum SPF although in the UK I don’t think sun damage is something high up on the list of worries with our rubbish weather!

I’ve always felt that oil-free foundations were a bit too heavy looking, however this one feels very light on the skin. Unlike some foundations, I do feel that this one sits on top of the skin more than others and can therefore transfer onto clothes easier, however I don’t find it looks cakey at all. For the same reasons as above, I normal steer away from matte finish foundations as they look a bit fake in my opinion. However, this really is a ‘natural-matte finish’, it almost verges on satin as it just looks like skin that is healthy and glowing rather than oily. This matte finish does last throughout the day though so if you do have more oily skin, this could work well for you!

How the foundation looks on my skin. I was having a particularly bad skin day here too!
The one thing I don’t get in their description is that it’s sheer to moderate coverage! I agree on the moderate element as it’s definitely not full coverage but is certainly enough for the majority of us! However, there is nothing sheer about this foundation at all, if that’s what you are looking for then this definitely isn’t it. This is a medium coverage foundation to help cover blemishes, keep your skins condition looking even, and to last you throughout the day. None of these are descriptions of a sheer foundation!

Something I’ve always liked about Clinique makeup is the huge range of shades they have on offer and this foundation is no different. There are 20 different shades to help you find your perfect match! I wear the shade Silk Bare which I believe is the third lightest shade. Dependent on the undertones of foundations, I am usually the second or third lightest shade that a foundation comes in. Clinique have catered for everyone thought with warm and cool tones being covered and very fair and very dark shades included in the mix!

The one thing I really don’t like about this foundation is the packaging! The bottle is gorgeous but it doesn’t come with a pump and it definitely needs one as the foundation is quite thick! I’m sorry but when you pay £23 for a foundation, I would expect it to come with a pump nowadays! I can remember being 14 or 15 and refusing to pay extra for a pump at MAC so i’d tap the bottle on the back of my hand and end up with huge bruise so I can see that happening again with this one! Saying that, the frosted glass bottle is really nice and I do honestly think this is worth the price tag as I have loved how this looks on my skin!

Have you discovered any amazing new foundations lately?

Much Love


29 thoughts on “Review: Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation

  1. What a great review, it looks so gorgeous on your skin! I totally agree about not having a pump too. My Double Wear foundation doesn’t and it really aggravates me! I am still on the hunt for ‘the one’ too. Double Wear is loved by so many and do I like it but I am not yet convinced. I’m tempted to try the Healthy Mix Bourgois one next!

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  2. I have very similar skin from the sounds of things. I tend to get large patches of dry areas and my foundation sticks to it 😭 so this is an awesome post and I’ll def try and get hold of a sample if I can just for texture (I don’t know if they do samples in shades?) THANKSSS!

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  3. I have been using this foundation for years and I absolutely love it! Feels like I’m not wearing anything. When I’m nearing the end I leave the bottle upside down, saves having to keep tapping it for 10 minutes. My skin is a little bit oily in the t zones but pretty dry everywhere else and I find this foundation works perfectly for me

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