My Favourite MAC Pigment | Old Gold

MAC pigments are a thing of beauty, but not something I regularly buy as they take an absolute age to finish up and I like to have a few that I know I’ll use regularly. I have three in total which I have collected over the last year and I love them all for different reasons. The first was Copper Sparkle which is a warm orangey copper that looks amazing on the lid and the second was Blue Brown which is the most unique colour and perfect for a bit of a pop. However, its my latest edition, Old Gold, that has been my most loved so far.

MAC describe this pigment as a ‘high frosted tarnished gold’ which to be honest, I don’t really understand. I would say it’s a gold with quite a lot of green to it and on the lids can appear to have olive or khaki undertones to it. This is the exact reason I bought this shade as I really love muted greens on the lid and mixing them with gold makes them much easier to wear. Throughout the entirety of my exams and revision I wore this pigment pressed over the lid and I had so many complements on it. The way I like to wear it is to buff a little bit of my hoola bronzer into the crease and onto the lower lash line and then simply wet my brush and press the pigment over the centre of the lid. So simple yet so so effective! Because it’s not too green in colour, you can add a bold lip too if you like, heres a picture of me wearing this look with Jeffree Star’s Sagittarius on my lips! img_2288

The thing I love most about these pigments are the way they almost look foiled when wet! They create this almost liquid metal look on the lid that lasts the entire day without creasing, even without an eyeshadow primer! I think that Old Gold would be a perfect shade for those of you who are trying to experiment a little bit more with colour but feel a bit uncomfortable about it. At Β£16 a pot these will last you a life time, unless I tip it over or use it every day, this pot is going to keep going longer than me! To put it into perspective, you get 4.5g of product for Β£2.50 more than a single eyeshadow that only includes 1.5g of product so it’s really good value for money!

There’s probably only one more pigment i’d like to get and it would be a toss up between Melon or Tan and then I think i’ve covered most of the bases! I would like to try some of the glitters as they look gorgeous and I can only hope they are even half as good as the pigments! Have you got any of the MAC pigments? Which shades do I need to take a look at?

Much Love


24 thoughts on “My Favourite MAC Pigment | Old Gold

  1. I have a bunch of MAC pigments (10 in total) especially in the small vials that are available in the holiday kits. Old Gold looks amazing – I’ve eyed it before but haven’t considered buying it. I might keep an eye out for it if it was part of a kit.
    I recommend the pigment in Tan – it’s really versatile and a great one eye shadow shade!

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  2. Looks lovely! I have one Mac pigment in the old fat packaging, and transparent teal in the new one – I keep looking at them and I want them but hate the mess and clean up. I do however have a Mac voucher burning a hole in my pocket as what I want hasn’t come into stock since Christmas, so I am tempted to have a look. (P.s don’t like saggitarius on me, looks way better on you!)

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  3. This pigment is so so pretty! I’ve never tried any pigments at all, but I might have a browse and see what other colours etc there is and have a play about with them (though don’t think I could do them half the justice you have)… plus I didn’t realise how good they were in terms of value for money, so that’s a major plus.

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