The Rose Beauty Files Turns 2!

I’ve thought for ages what I could possibly post or do to celebrate my blog turning 2 years old and I came up with nothing. Instead I thought I would try and recap the highlights of the last two years to celebrate what an immense achievement it has been and to link up some old posts that maybe you never got round to reading! I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and I just want to say a huge thank you for all of you who stop by and read my posts. You’ve allowed my creative outlet to grow and for me to do something I truly love so thank you so very much.

How it all began…

I was a 20 year old student studying finance and looking for a way to allow my passion of beauty and all things fabulous to be set free. I initially started this blog as a fitness diary to get me into shape but as we can well and truly tell, the fitness journey didn’t last long and it morphed itself into something very different. Here’s the first post I ever wrote which is about fitness, it started so well right > The Start of a Fitness Journey. I honestly thought no one would read my post but as people did, I came to love the idea that people were interested in what I had to say and proceeded to write more and more.

Honestly, I’ve been truly surprised at how well I have maintained my blog alongside all the other crazy things going on in my life but it’s just given me more topics to talk about and allow myself to almost have a diary to look back on in years to come. Although this diary is actually read by 1000’s of people so i’ll have to remember not to put too many big secrets in it!! Over the years, I’ve shared my experiences at university, my triumphs and some of the harder things I’ve had to cope with.  But through everything, this space has been here for me to write my thoughts and to meet amazingly talented and link minded people.

target Jobs, undergraduate of the year awards 2016, east wintergreen, canary wharf, london

Talking about wonderful people, last year I went to my first ever blogger event and met some of the most amazing people who have become my very own ‘Blog Squad’. Once you become an adult, it is very hard to find friends who have similar interests to you or are just bloody good girlfriends so I’m incredibly lucky to have found such amazing people and that’s all down to this little corner of the internet! img_2486

As the years have gone by, I have managed to grow my following by more than I could have ever imagined with almost 1000 of you subscribed here on WordPress alone!! Not to mention my Twitter , Instagram and most recently Facebook pages! All these platforms have enabled me to engage and have a good old chat with the people that support me and i’ve loved every second.

In the first two months of this year already, my blog seems to have upped its game and I’ve been contacted by some amazing companies and people regarding some opportunities I would have never dreamed of getting! In February alone I attended 4 blogging events (CrossEyes, Intu, Snizl, Nottingham Fashion Week)  and March is looking like it’s shaping up to go just as well with two blogging events, a surprise invite to the Cirque Du Soleil and I’ve even been invited to lecture at Lincoln University on blogging and social media which is something that is beyond my wildest dreams! When these opportunities arise I do often feel like they’ve asked the wrong woman as surely no-one cares what I have to say but it’s lovely to hear that actually they do.

Finally, this blog has allowed me to track some of my most amazing travel experiences and will continue to do so next month when I head over to America and Canada again! You’ve seen me head to Budapest, Venice, Prague, New York, Toronto, Brussels, Tenerife, Pisa & Milan all in the last two years and being able to look back on those memories has been something incredibly worthwhile for me. 13403110_10209857794871666_2583303341282123804_o

So all that’s left to say is thank you again for supporting The Rose Beauty Files and here’s to many many more years of happy blogging!

Much Love



26 thoughts on “The Rose Beauty Files Turns 2!

  1. happy blog birthday you lovely lady! I felt abit emotional reading that and so glad that the blogging world bought us together.
    Congratulations on how far you have come, I have no doubt about how far you will go and I can’t wait to be there watching 💕💕💕

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Aww happy bloggiversary! what a lovely post, congratulations on reaching such a great milestone! long may it continute 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 2 people

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