The Unsung Hero| Urban Beauty United Brushes!

A couple of weeks ago, I was kindly sent some of the Urban Beauty United brushes* to try out. I wanted to give them a real test with a few different products before I let you know what I thought but over time it’s become clear that these really are pretty fabulous brushes! I’m going to go into what I like to use each brush for and why I think it’s good but as an overview, these are amazing!

First of all, lets just discuss the fabulous appearance of the brushes! A cream handle with a rose gold barrel and then beautifully topped off with hot pink bristles. I mean could you get more instagram worthy if you tried?! In total I was gifted the Smoke Screens Eye Set*, The Berry  Blush Angled Blusher Brush* and the Picture Perfect Professional Stippling Brush*. The one that drew my attention the most was weirdly brush No. 36 which was the pencil brush from the eye set. I’ve been looking for a good pencil brush for ages so I was ecstatic to see this in there as eye brush sets often neglect a good pencil brush, hence why I’ve never got my hands on one! I’ll start with that brush first and then follow on with each of the others.

No. 36 – Pencil Brush

This is quite densely packed, yet the bristles still have a good amount of movement to them. I’ve found it perfect for smudging shadow under the lower lash line and it blends the shades out beautifully. The only thing I would note is that the very tip of the brush can occasionally feel a bit sharp on the delicate eye area so perhaps use the side of the brush instead when buffing the product out.

N0. 11 – Berry Blush Brush

This is my second favourite brush out of the five and is absolutely perfect for applying blusher. I frequently use MAC’s Crisp Whites Blusher which is more of a subtle blush shade, yet this brush has really released it’s full potential and I notice the pigment much more than I have done with any other brush! The synthetic bristles are not overly soft and silky so it means product is actually picked up and retained on the brush so you can apply product with ease! For only £6 this is a total bargain!

N0. 31 – Eye Defining Brush

I’m assuming this brush is meant for eyeliner, yet I adore it for filling my eyebrows in! I have been looking for a brush that is firm enough to apply product yet thin enough to be able to simulate real hairs when I’m applying my brow product. I’ve been using this daily with Benefit’s Ka Brow and it’s 100% made me fall back in love with that product as i’ve been finding it a bit too messy with all the other brushes as they were too thick! It allows me to define my brows yet fill them in quickly and I’ve been incredibly pleased with this brush.

N0. 35 – Tapered Blending Brush

This is a fantastic brush for packing eyeshadow onto the lid, yet the way it has been cut means it’s pretty good at blending in the crease too! I’ve noticed that all the brushes have been cut incredibly precisely to make the most of their different shapes. Recently, I’ve been preferring an extra 20 minutes snoozing to doing excessive eye looks so this brush has been brilliant for packing on one shade all the way across the lid whilst simultaneously blending the edges. It’s quick, easy and effortless and that’s exactly what I’m looking for at the moment!

No. 13 – Professional Stippling Brush

This has probably been my least used brush of the five as I tend to use sponges to apply my base. I did give it a go with one of my foundations though and it worked pretty well, I am a complete beauty blender/miracle complexion sponge convert though so it’s hard to persuade me otherwise. However, yesterday I decided to use this with my MAC Studio Fix Powder and it performed amazingly! My powder was buffed to perfection and looked really flawless on top of my other makeup. I think I’ve found it’s usage in my collection! This one is only £7 too which I think is really reasonable!

The main things I think stand out about these brushes compared to others I have are:

  • Lack of shedding! – Not one hair has dropped from any of the brushes in the two or three weeks I’ve been testing them.
  • Shorter Handle – These have shorter handles than most of my other brushes which means for once I can actually fit them in my makeup bag! They are still more than long enough to use comfortably though!
  • The precision of the cut – Even with my beloved Real Techniques brushes, I often find  hairs that have not been cut right but these are absolutely perfect and incredibly precise! Personally, I think this really sets them apart from others on the market.
  • Appearance – I mean look at them, they’re gorgeous!

A huge thank you to Urban Beauty United for sending these over to me to try. As always my opinions are my own and it’s lovely to be able to be able to talk to you about a product that has really really impressed me! These brushes are available from Amazon, unfortunately I couldn’t find the eye set at the moment but I have linked to the other brushes for you. You can visit their website here to find out where else they are stocked near you!

Much Love


*Products were gifted for PR purposes.


13 thoughts on “The Unsung Hero| Urban Beauty United Brushes!

  1. These look gorgeous they are so insta-worthy!! the pink brushes are beaut. they sound lovely too I love it when brushes fit easily into your makeup bag! xxx

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  2. How gorgeous are these brushes? The pink and rose gold is totally my aesthetic 💕 They sound really good quality too – I usually find shedding a problem with budget brushes so glad to hear they stay intact!



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  3. It’s great that these brushes are so good and also pretty affordable. Being really pretty doesn’t hurt either! I thought this was a really helpful, thorough review.

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