Chino Latino’s 12th Birthday Bash!

Last week Tom and I were invited to attend Chino Latino Nottingham’s birthday celebration! They were celebrating a huge 12 years here in Nottingham with a black and red theme to match the decor of the restaurant! Chino Latino is a Pan Asian restaurant, something that probably wouldn’t be top of our list of cuisine choices, however I’m a firm believer of if someone has taken the time to invite you to something you should always take them up on the offer. DSCF9952.JPG

It was clear that Chino Latino has not scrimped on the budget as we were greeted by fire artists, champagne, beer or wine and a huge table laden with freshly made sushi. I was so shocked at how many people were there, the turn out of over 350 people was absolutely fantastic and gave the event a wonderful atmosphere! A professional photographer was circulating (I’m still trying to locate the pictures) and canapés were forever appearing for us to try. Everything looked and smelled delicious but unfortunately as a vegetarian I was only able to try one, the Sweetcorn Fritters. Whilst these were delicious with a lovely spicy taste, I would have loved there to have been a few more vegetarian options so I could test the menu out a little bit more. Tom eats meat so he was thoroughly enjoying himself and said that everything he tasted was lovely. DSCF9953.JPG

After half an hour of mingling with other bloggers, we suddenly heard this loud bang and turned around to see a Chinese dragon dance taking place in the middle of the floor, performed by the Nottingham Mantis Kung Fu and Lion Dance group! Complete with live drums, elaborate costumes and even cabbage throwing (yes you read that right!), it was truly an amazing sight to see! The ‘Dragon’ then lead us into the restaurant where we were greeted with unlimited cocktails and even more food! The staff really did pull out all the stops that night and the inclusion of a free bar was incredibly generous! DSCF9964

A few cocktails later, I discovered the dessert table and boy was I in for a treat! Profiteroles, macaroons, lemon tarts, fondue… you name it, it was on there! I spent longer than I’d like to admit devouring every sweet thing I could get my hands on! They were all delicious and I was quite surprised at the huge selection as I always thought Chinese restaurants were more of a savoury affair! With a tummy full of pudding we headed off to mingle some more before heading home to the pooch. DSCF9972_Fotor.jpg

We had a lovely night and it was a fantastic event filled with entertainment, good food and delicious cocktails. My advice to Chino Latino for next year would be to try and cater for a few more dietary requirements as both myself and the other vegetarians ended up eating a hell of a lot of pudding and drinking a lot of cocktails on an empty stomach that night! Thank you so much to Cartwright Communications for inviting us both and we look forward to visiting you again in the future! DSCF9976_Fotor.jpg

Much Love


16 thoughts on “Chino Latino’s 12th Birthday Bash!

  1. This looks so good I’m gutted I couldn’t go! Although I wouldn’t have eaten any meat either so maybe a good job I didn’t go and binge eat puddings!! xxx

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  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at this event, Molly! Like you say, it’s always a bit of a shame when restaurants don’t cater so well for vegetarians, so I hope this place takes your advice on board! Cocktails and profiteroles sound divine though, I’m glad you filled up on dessert! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey 🦋

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