Nottingham Fashion Week 2017

On saturday I was lucky enough to bag myself a front row seat to this years Nottingham Fashion week! It warms to celebrate the fantastic shopping we have in the city and everything that graced the catwalk could be found in the town centre. It was set in the beautiful council building in the Old Market Square which really was a fantastic location for it! The grand staircase leading up to the orange room with beautiful high ceilings really did make you feel like you were in for a treat! Although I was invited to all three shows, I only managed to make it to the ‘Club to Campus’ show. As the name probably hints, this was all about student fashion designed to cover you from both student life on campus to an even bigger student life at the clubs. DSCF0012_Fotor.jpgDSCF9991.JPG

Being a student myself, I feel like the styles present were brilliant and really represented a whole host of different tastes! Within the show there were a fews key trends such as ruffles, sports luxe and my personal favourite, the incoming pink trend where anything and everything was a gorgeous shade of dusky rose. For me personally, I found the sports luxe to be my least favourite as a) I don’t spend much time in the gym, b) I rarely wear trainers of any description and c) I would not prance round campus in either joggers or bold lycra leggings if you paid me. I know a lot of people love this trend though so it was great that it was included! DSCF9987.JPG

Sitting front row has made me even more determined to make it to one of the big fashion weeks at some point in my life. Fashion is something I love but sadly i’d have to admit it’s not something I’m very good at either! I find it very hard to piece outfits together but heading to that show gave me so much inspiration! The thing I loved the most about the show was that the models were so diverse! There was someone from every ethnicity, every body shape and both males and females! I’d have liked a 5 foot 4 representative with slightly too much thigh but beggars can’t be choosers hey!DSCF0024_Fotor

I’m going to include lots of photos of my favourite parts of the show and if you are in Nottingham, definitely try and grab tickets to one of the shows next year! I believe that this is their sixth year running and it’s growing in popularity each time! The tickets are free, but they come on a first come first served basis when ordering online. I hope you like some of the outfits in this post and use them as your own inspiration like me!

Much Love


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