My Showcase| March Steals!

It’s been an exciting month here at The Rose Beauty Files and one of the things that has definitely contributed to that excitement is that I am now working with My Showcase as a Beauty Ambassador! My Showcase houses over 50 independent beauty retailers such as Neom, New CID and Magnitone to name but a few! As an ambassador, I will get to try a selection of their best deals out and share my thoughts with you all! I’ve made it clear that I will only be reviewing items I genuinely love here on my blog so don’t worry about that and everything that is sent will clearly be marked with an * to let you know as usual.

This month I received my first box and I couldn’t believe all the goodies that were inside! I was like a child in a toy shop and dived straight in opening things, swatching and giving them all a good try! I received three full priced items and two gift with purchases relating to the other three items. These offers expire at the end of the month so I wanted to let you know my initial thoughts in case you wanted to give them a try yourself. I’m not going to lie, this months box was a complete winner for me and included products that I can see myself using again and again.

Evolve Beauty DSCF0064_Fotor.jpg

This was a skincare brand that I’d never heard of before but I am a complete convert and I’ve since made a list of other items that I want to try from them! Evolve creates organic and natural skin, body and hair products using vegan and cruelty free ingredients. The are a London based company that creates their products in small batches to ensure that you get a fresh product every time. I found this incredibly cute as there’s a little label on each product telling you when the product was created and the name of the person who made it! I loved this personal touch and the apothecary style packaging of the products is incredibly on trend yet minimalistic. With skincare I don’t want to pay for the packaging, I just want to pay for the quality of the product inside.

I was sent two full sized items to try, the first being the Radiant Glow Mask* which is suitable for all skin types and is made with raw cacao and coconut. This product smells like an absolute dream and made my skin so incredibly soft after just one use! The product looks like a very thick nutella or marmite texture with tiny little gritty particles (technically they are coconut shell!) inside. You apply a thick layer to your skin and leave it on for five minutes. As you are applying the mask, it has a very gentle warming sensation which I loved and the coconut shell powder inside helps to get rid of any dead skin and those stubborn dry patches that are rife at this time of the year! I plan to do a full review of this in the coming weeks but my first impressions were very very good! This retails for £20 for a 60ml jar which I would suspect could last you at least ten masks making it only £2 a go which is cheaper than a lot of sheet masks! Perfect! DSCF0068_Fotor.jpg

The second Evolve Beauty product I received was the Daily Renew Facial Cream* which is for normal to dry skin. I would say I am more of a combination skin type but I find this to be perfect at nighttime or when my skin is going through it’s drier patches. I think it will be a touch too heavy for the summer but it’s definitely not a heavy cream overall. This cream is packed full of natural peptides, hyaluronic acid and argan to keep skin perfectly hydrated! I think this one smells quite coconutty but it’s not too overpowering either which is perfect for me. You get 60ml of product again for £24 which is brilliant as my normal Clarins moisturiser is £36 for only 50ml. DSCF0066_Fotor.jpg

At the moment, when you buy two Evolve Beauty products on the My Showcase website, you get their Skincare Taster Kit * (Worth £12) for free! The kit includes the mask and the cream i’ve mentioned above but also their Hyaluronic Acid Serum ! I’ve tried the serum out a couple of times to check I had no adverse reactions and that and the miniature mask have been popped into my washbag to take to America with me next week! I’ve been so impressed with the products from Evolve Beauty and I’m dying to get my hands on the Gentle Cleansing Melt which has won awards and has also been recommended by Caroline Hirons in her spine edit! There’s no higher claim than that, she is my skincare goddess!!

New CIDDSCF0057_Fotor.jpg

New CID is a brand i’d heard of through reading blogs but didn’t really know a lot about. They have an entire makeup line covering the full spectrum of products. The product I was sent was the i-Glow Compact Shimmer Powder in Sirocco*. When I opened it I was quite worried that this would be too dark on my very fair skintone, however I was definitely proved wrong! I would liken this to MAC’s Mineralised Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle but with more pigmentation! For me, Soft and Gentle wasn’t glowy enough and was a more subtle highlight, whereas this is the same colour and tone but packs a lot more punch! In typical me fashion, I have also been lazy and been using this as an eyeshadow and it is GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to douse myself in this throughout the entirety of summer for a perfect golden glow! It retails for £26 so it is quite pricey but the pan size is huge! If you didn’t want to spend that much then luckily it does come in a smaller size too for only £16 which would be perfect for popping in your handbag.DSCF0060_Fotor.jpg

Don’t be too hasty though as if you buy any of the three shades of New CID shimmer powder (in full size), you get a Chrome Powder Brush as a gift which retails for £29 alone. I’ve tried the brush a couple of times and to be honest I have found it to be a bit too heavy for me and the bristles are softer than I would have liked. I’ve been trying it with bronzer instead for a softer golden glow and it has been working a treat with that though as the product is less concentrated!

I hope you liked seeing what i’ve been trying out and i’m going to be including more in the future as I get the latest offers through to show you. The links are affiliate links so if you are unhappy with that then just head to the My Showcase website should you not want to purchase anything through my links! I’m so excited to see what the next box entails as I’ve been so impressed with this one! Let me know what brand you’d most like to try from My Showcase!

Much Love



25 thoughts on “My Showcase| March Steals!

  1. Oooh I love hyaluronic acid! It was a literal life-changer for me in terms of the texture / tone of my skin – let me know how you find it! Also, that shimmer powder is beautiful 😍

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  2. Congrats on becoming an ambassador and the skin masks look absolutely amazing especially the first one! The brush looks great as well x

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  3. Lucky you to be an ambassador of this company, I can’t wait to see what goodies you get in future!! The Evolve mask looks amazing, good enough to eat! Its wonderful to hear about vegan, organic, and cruelty free products as well, those things are really important to me! Thanks very much for sharing!

    Abbey ❤️

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