Living With A Boy| The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

When Sam from Coco Butter Blog volunteered to help me out with a guest post while I was away, I was really looking forward to hearing her ideas. She came up with this post about the honest truth regarding living with your significant other and I couldn’t wait to read it! Tom and I are hoping to move in together in the next year and Sam’s post just confirmed what I had already come to expect from seeing Tom every evening. Although perhaps I’m lucky, Tom is even more OCD than me so everything will be spotless, apart from maybe the beard trimmings in the sink! I hope you enjoy reading Sam’s post as much as I did!

If you’re thinking about that taking that next step with your boy and moving in with him then YAY! My boyfriend moved in with me in August and we have been having the best time ever since. That’s not to say that living with a boy doesn’t have its bad points so here it is: the good, the bad and the ugly parts of co-habiting.

The Good

There are many amazing things about living with your ultimate BFF, too many for me to even mention in this post, but probably the very best thing is having someone there when you come home from a long day at work, a night out with the girls, or a hard day at a blogging event (yeah, right!). It’s so nice to come home to a cuddle and (if you’re lucky) a waiting cup of coffee. I also love going to bed together at night time and watching our fave Netflix shows together – it’s the simple things!

The Bad

As much as it’s lovely having someone there all the time, it’s also nice to have your own space too. I’m lucky as my boyfriend has his own vintage record shop which means he works most weekends, and with a pretty full-on job and blogging too, I’m pretty busy which means we’ve both kept our independence and we treasure our time together a lot more. Everyone needs time to themselves to catch up on trash TV (America’s Next Top Model is currently on my Sky Plus), leave your hair unwashed and greasy (just me?) and work on your own stuff without getting distracted.

The Ugly

Ok, so this is my number one pet hate about living with a boy. I’ve lived with three and this has always been the biggest stumbling block in those otherwise blissful domestic situations: the mess! I’m talking dirty socks and pants on the floor, pots left in the kitchen for days, and stubble in the shower –argh! Boys can be just icky. I’m not exactly OCD about cleanliness but I love having a clean and tidy home so this is something I can’t stand.

However, it’s a teeny tiny price to pay to share your home with the love of your life so if you’re currently considering it, definitely go for it – you’ll never look back!

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