My Favourite Facial Finds | Luxury Spring Skincare

Thank you to Molly for letting me guest post! I hope you enjoy reading about some of my skincare saviours, for more related posts, head on over to my blog, Sherry Scribbles 💕

I’m a huge advocate when it comes to skincare. We can change the way we look with makeup and we can use products to change the colour of it but deep down, its still the only skin we will ever have and so it needs looking after. I believe in giving my skin the best I can possibly give (and afford). As much as I’d love to cover my body with a whole pot of La Mer sadly, my budget doesn’t stretch that far and neither would the 30ml pot for that matter so it will have to be for face only… for now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhilst Creme De La Mer is expensive, and by expensive, I mean expensive; retailing at £105 for a 30ml pot, it’s a steep step away from my normal ‘luxury’ go to product in Estee Lauder’s Idealist Pore  Skin Refinisher and that isn’t exactly one for the savvy saver either but having splurged £69 on my bottle; I caught a bug I sometimes wish I hadn’t and realised that you really do get what you pay for.

Firstly, the bottle is beautiful and it looks so elegant sat atop my glass topped dresser amidst the others. It has a regal look about it and I just love the gold detailing – because who doesn’t love a cheeky bit of gold eh?! Secondly, this product has longevity. I use around two pumps of this each morning and it has served me well for several months. Its relatively runny in consistency so spreads evenly without leaving any stickiness behind. Not forgetting to mention the pore minimising qualities, those pesky comedones are a thing of the past and so this product also makes for the perfect primer before applying your makeup. £69 well spent.


Garnier Micellar Water is my go to product. I use this baby twice a day, morning and night and it has cleared my face so much. Not to mention the fact it has reduced the amount of sebum produced by my not-so-blessed T-Zone. It’s cool cleansing qualities ensure I leave the house feeling fresh each morning and go to sleep without a worry of the #FOTD still left within my pores. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and leaves no redness whatsoever unlike some micellar waters I have tried in the past. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a high end brand or a luxury product – it certainly makes my skin feel luxurious and I wouldn’t be without it in my daily routine now.


Once a week, I go all out and give my face a proper treat. My ultimate favourite skincare brand has to be Kiehls and I just love their Ultra Facial Cream. Never have I ever experienced moisture quite like I do when I use this product. As a Friday treat, I apply this product all over to relieve my skin of the weeks sins and prepare it nicely for a face mask. Again, Kiehls knows what it’s doing in this department and I’ve been reaching for my pot of Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque quite a lot recently. Not only does this product smell amazing, boast all natural ingredients (you could literally eat this stuff) it exfoliates slightly with thanks to the cranberry seeds and leaves the skin feeling super smooth with a gorgeous glow. I’d describe this product as microdermabrasion in a pot – yes it really is that good and worth every penny of the £30 it costs.


Finally  (don’t judge me!) I’m not a fan of foundation. Maybe I haven’t found ‘the one’ yet but when you have Burberry Nude Radiance Luminous Fluid Base in your life, you don’t even need to. I’m using shade No 1 Fresh Glow and it certainly gives me just that. A gorgeous slight shimmer across the skin which captures the light perfectly and gives the impression of photoshopped skin. It’s super light and hydrating being 55% water-based and not once has it ever made me break out. It illuminates the complexion in a way no other product for me ever has and at only £34, I think that is an absolute steal.

What are your favourite Facial finds? Leave a comment below and let me know…


10 thoughts on “My Favourite Facial Finds | Luxury Spring Skincare

  1. What a lovely post, I love reading about others skincare routines! The Estee Lauder pore minimiser sounds like a god send I need some of that in my life!! I really want to get into Keihls now especially after the event the other week! fab post as always Sherry xxx

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