Makeup Masterclass |Tackling Glitter with Cabella

A few weeks ago I was invited to a makeup masterclass at Cabella in Nottingham specialising on glitter smoky eyes and contouring. I adore glitter and, having a rather round face, I should learn to love contouring too, so I jumped at the chance to see what they could show me! They were kind enough to let me take a plus one, so my bestie Lora came along too! Another of my local blogging pals Rebecca was also there with her sister which made for a really nice, small group!

The Full Glam look on Charlie!

Having visited Cabella during the Snizl event, I already knew they used the likes of Glitter Eyes, LA Girl and Milani for the majority of their looks, all of which I either already use or have wanted to try for a while! The way the class worked was that there were two looks being demonstrated: a day time look and a more all out glam look, perfect for a night on the town. I mean I wear glitter whenever the hell I want but they did manage to make it look more subtle for the day time which was nice and totally something I’m going to try to recreate, especially on my Mum who has yet to let me attack her with the glitter! The girls (Dannica & Jordan) talked us through each step, starting with base and leading all the way up to the lips at the end.

Daytime Glam on Jordan’s Mum!

As a huge makeup lover I did find that the majority of things that we were told were just the norm, however a complete makeup novice, or someone wanting to improve on the basics, would probably find all the hints and tips more useful. That being said, I found their tips for hooded eyes really helpful as I always feel like i’m working against my eye  shape rather than with it! Watching the looks take place was incredibly therapeutic and Charlie & Jordan’s Mum both looked gorgeous (even if they had only done half a face to show us a contrast)! I did get a lot of serious ‘buy me vibes’ from every shade of glitter though and it was lucky for my bank that they’d had a busy Saturday otherwise i’d have probably walked away with every shade!! They also sell their own brush sets, which I’m definitely going to go back and buy, for only £20 for 12 brushes!

Once the demo was over, we were given a chance to try to do the makeup on ourselves and I got to test out just how soft their brushes were. I already had makeup on but decided to just throw caution to the wind and start applying on top of what I had on. Surprisingly, I seemed to have good success and I was so happy with the end result! The look I followed actually used the Morphe 35O palette which I already own so it was nice to know I could create the majority of it at home with minimal new purchases! Something I found incredibly useful was the information we were given to take home. This listed every item used including shades and even brush names – perfect if like me you were too engrossed in the makeup application to listen to every precise detail!

My attempt after the tutorial! FYI: Lipstick – “O” by MAC!

The girls even managed to convert me to the L’oreal True Match foundation despite me hating the previous formula! This one couldn’t be any different and they were only happy to colour match me! Cue a trip to Boots with Lora straight after so we could each pick up a bottle! The general vibe at Cabella is just relaxed girly fun and I could not believe how quickly two and a half hours passed by! Dannica & Jordan are hilarious and the banter between the girls ensured that it was a good laugh too! They have masterclasses running regularly covering all sorts of topics but I’d definitely recommend the glitter smoky eye if you love a bit of glam and sparkle! If you fancy a girly evening with some friends or family then definitely visit the shop to get booked in or visit their website to see what else they have on offer, you even get offered a glass of bubbly to go with your glitter, what more could you ask for?!

Are you a glitter lover or does it scare you off?

Much Love


9 thoughts on “Makeup Masterclass |Tackling Glitter with Cabella

  1. How fun! I like the idea of glitter but I shy away from it most days. I even have glitter glue primer purchased especially to use with glitter but I never bother… 😛
    I think the way they concentrated the glitter just on your mobile lid makes it a lot more wearable – looks great on you!
    The L’oreal True Match foundation looks great on you – glad you ended up liking it now. I want to buy it but the North American bottle is rubbish – they need to introduce the pump over here.

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  2. I love glitter! Id definitely want to learn how to make it work for daytime. The look you created looks gorgeous! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I lurrvvve glitter! Can’t get enough of the stuff. It sounds like you had an amazing time. I seriously need to get a bit more adventurous with my make up so I shall definitely be checking out their website.

    Liked by 1 person

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