The Gin Festival!

On Sunday I headed off to the Gin Festival in Nottingham with my Grandad and Mum. I’d bought the ticket months ago so I couldn’t believe that it had finally arrived! The event was held at the Nottingham Conference centre, part of Nottingham Trent University in the city centre. As three avid gin lovers we were quite excited to see what was going to unfold during the afternoon and whether we would discover a new favourite!

The event started at 12.30pm and we were greeted with a gin glass (something I was very excited about) and what I assumed was a brochure. Little did I know that it was actually something I am now naming ‘The Gin Bible’, full of hundred of different gins, what mixer to pair them with and how to garnish them. It is honestly incredible and I am going to be ploughing my way through that little book from now on! The tickets to the event were £9 each and I’m not going to lie, I thought you might get one drink included with that but alas, that was not to be the case!

Once inside you bought tokens for £5 each which got you a gin of your choice (single shot) from the extensive bible and it’s appropriate mixer and garnish. There were 4 bars to choose from, two british gin bars, one international gin bar and one flavoured and sloe gin bar. We decided we would each pick a different gin from each bar so that by the end of the event we would have tried 12 different gins and their mixers. My grandad and I also wandered into the Mason’s masterclass to hear all about their offerings too so we got to try some of the original Masons gin too, made just up the road from my grandparents in Harrogate! I have to say that the Mason’s gin was hands down my favourite gin for a regular gin and tonic, it was so smooth and like nothing I had ever tried before, it was a total winner for me!

There was plenty going on throughout the day including more masterclasses, live music, cocktail making and of course, lots of gin drinking! I didn’t think the price of £5 per drink was too bad but the £10 a cocktail sadly put me off, that is really quite pricey in my eyes! They also had a lovely little ‘off license’ where you could buy cute merchandise and even bottles of your favourite gin on the day.

We had such a fab time and I wanted to write a little post just in case the gin festival is visiting a town near you soon as it is an annual event and actually tours around the UK! It is well worth a visit if you like gin and makes a great afternoon or evening out with friends and family! I am 100% going to try and go again next year and perhaps start making it a little family tradition! Have you been to the gin festival before? What gin would you recommend that I try?

Much Love




4 thoughts on “The Gin Festival!

  1. I’m not normally a G&T lover, but I suspect that might be because I don’t like tonic, not the gin. I might have to give gin a go with a different mixer to give it a fair chance.


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