A Evening With LUSH Nottingham!

Last Friday evening, I was invited to LUSH’s Nottingham store to see what new goodies they have on offer. I’m going to be honest and say that’s not a huge LUSH fan as I find the products a bit too heavily scented, however, I was intrigued to see whether I could find some bits that I really liked!

Previously, the only LUSH product I have loved was the Lover Lamp Bath Bomb and this was of course limited edition! I always seem to do this, find lovely products that aren’t always available… Damn it! I am definitely a bath girl so LUSH should really be my jam, but getting the bleach out to clean brightly coloured stains off the bath before mum explodes in anger is totally not what I want after a relaxing bath! Oh and don’t get me started on the glitter clean up! All this being said, I went in with an open mind and tried to discover some new goodies! img_2400_fotor

We were greeted by a huge team of staff who were ready to help us out on whatever station we were interested in. My ears pricked up at the word ‘spa’ and so I headed off to there first to find out more. I can honestly say I had no idea LUSH had spas around the country and the lovely girl telling me all about them asked if I would like to try a mini treatment. Hell yes to that! I got to pick a massage bar, I chose the peace bar FYI, and she let me indulge in a hand and arm massage for the next ten minutes. It was such a lovely experience and I really liked the feel of the product! Definitely easier than body lotion and it was a really subtle smell too! DSCF0392.JPG

I can’t honestly say what happened for the next hour, except that it absolutely whizzed by! I did make a stop at the skincare section and I of course ate some of the amazing Doughnuts that they’d brought us from the infamous DoughNotts! The skincare section was something I’d been aiming to visit from the start and I did try out a few goodies. The girl demo’d the Ultrabland cleanser, which seemed to work absolute wonders, so I asked if I could take home a sample to try to see if it beat some of my favourites. I tried it out that night and was sadly incredibly disappointed! Although I loved the feel of it, it left all of my eye makeup on and I had to end up triple cleansing just to get it all off! Sadly a bit of a fail for me!

Not to bring down the whole skincare section, I did decide to buy some of the Tea Tree Toner Water, on recommendation from Sophie. So far i’ve been liking it a lot, although I’m not sure whether thats just because of the amazing spritzer or not! You do get a decent amount of product for just under a fiver but I do think you could recreate it at home. When it runs out I am going to try a DIY version and see how it compares, I’ll keep you posted!

The girls let us put together an absolutely brilliant goodie bag and I feel like these are where the real winners have been for me! We were asked if we preferred baths or showers and I immediately said baths. However, out of the corner of my eye I saw that one of the shower options was The Comforter Shower Cream and I almost went mad saying I had to try it. I have smelt that stuff so many times and it’s been the one scent that really really drew me in. So that was the first product in the bag and I made a great choice. It is DIVINE! Even Tom loves the smell and it really does linger on the skin after use.DSCF0422_Fotor

The next item in the goodie bag was a choice of one of the three items from the Fathers Day range. We could pick the bath bomb, the soap or the bubble bar. Having never tried a bubble bar, I opted for that and this one is called The Modfather, aptly decorated in the form of a mod logo. These are meant to last you a couple of baths but because I don’t like too strong a scent or colour intensity, this is easily going to last me 6-7. The scent is quite orangey, which I like and with a small amount of the bar the bath goes a gorgeous turquoise blue! The bubbles are also really fluffy and last well which is nice! I may do a whole post on this, it depends if I have time as I have a billion posts in drafts just waiting for my exams to be over! DSCF0417.JPG

The final item was something from their self preserving range. This is a range that contains no chemical preservatives and is just kept with natural ingredients such as salt. There were two to choose from, a scrub or a mask but me being me, I went for the mask. It’s the Mask of Magnaminty which I have heard so much about in the past. I have only managed to use this once so far but I loved the consistency and I really liked how soft my skin felt afterwards. In typical LUSH fashion, the scent was a bit strong for me, but for the short time it’s on my face, it’s something I can get over. DSCF0421.JPG

I did manage to bag one more sneaky sample of one of their most intriguing products, the Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder. This is a bit like using activated charcoal but had a bubble gum taste to it that took a bit of getting used to! I absolutely loved using the powder though as I found the grittiness of it helped my teeth to feel cleaner and smoother. I think I will actually buy another one of these but perhaps in a more refreshing flavour. The Ultrabast one sounds more refreshing (the wasabi does put me off slightly) so perhaps I’ll try that. If you’ve tried that one let me know what you think! IMG_2957

I just want to say another huge thank you to LUSH Nottingham for having me! I had such a lovely evening and felt very welcome. I have some new goodies to review for you all and my showers have never been the same since the new bae (The Comforter obviously) has been joining me in there!

Much Love


14 thoughts on “A Evening With LUSH Nottingham!

  1. I enjoy Lush products, but sometimes I feel like they are really pricey. So I just use them on special occasions. I’m glad you had such a lovely time at the event. xx

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  2. I do love the service at LUSH – they always demonstrate the products and they’re so hands on! The The Comforter Shower Cream does smell amazing – I was tempted to pick it up last time I was at LUSH but I really do NOT need another shower gel at this moment. Enjoy your goodies – you’re going to be so clean and smell so good! 😉

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  3. These all sound so amazing! I really wish I had the chance to try more LUSH stuff out as everything I’ve ever tried I’ve loved! Love that they have a Fathers Day range – definitely need to check that out!

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