Trying Something New With Hot Pod Yoga Nottinghamshire!

A few weeks ago, I organised a Bloggers Hot Pod Yoga session with the lovely Sarah who runs the Nottinghamshire service. I have done some yoga in the past during my Ice Skating days, however I’ve never tried Hot Yoga! Being a regular watcher of Hannah Michalak, I really wanted to try it out and so myself and lovely local bloggers headed into Nottingham City centre to give it a try!

Nottinghams studio is in a lovely building and is equip with full showers and changing facilities too, something I had totally not expected! The actual yoga ‘pod’ is inflated in a huge room every day. It was so strange walking into a regular room and finding it filled to the brim with a inflatable tent-like structure! All the mats and heaters are set up inside the pod and you’re zipped in to keep all the heat inside. Inside there are 4 Dyson heaters set at a rather tropical temperature of 37 degrees celsius and there is a humidifier too (at around 70% if my memory serves me correctly!) to ensure that it’s more of a ‘wet’ heat as dry heat can be much harder to work in. There are also subtle lights and an aromatherapy machine to create the absolute perfect ambiance to find your zen and relax!

I am probably the least flexible person in the world and I also really hate being too hot so I was worried that the session would not suit me. However, Sarah was incredibly encouraging and gave multiple options that you could choose from so you knew how far to push yourself. It was also encouraged to take plenty of breaks and I regularly found myself lying on the mat taking a few moments to cool off. The hour went incredibly quickly and I felt absolutely amazing afterwards! I genuinely don’t think I have ever sweat that much in my life and it was such a cathartic feeling afterwards. The session was actually during my revision and I felt so calm and relaxed afterwards and ready to tackle the rest of the hard work that had to follow!

Sarah had teamed up with the Wholesome Juicery in Nottingham to provide us with the perfect drinks to refuel us and rehydrate us after our session. The juice felt like the perfect kick of goodness that my body needed after sweating out all the bad stuff in my body! They were absolutely delicious and I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are ever in Nottingham! The Nottingham Hot Pod Yoga studios are actually going to be selling them after their sessions so definitely give it a try!

As someone that hates any form of intense exercise, I loved the Hot Pod Yoga session. I felt amazing afterwards and I definitely plan on going again, even to just ease myself back into some exercise again! The thing I really love about the sessions is that there are multiple group discounts and payment options to make it incredibly flexible around busy lifestyles! Now that exams are over I’m going to head back to the pod to try and increase my flexibility! I am incredibly lucky as one of the pop up sessions actually happens just around the corner from my house! I really have no excuse now! Thank you so much to Sarah and the Wholesome Juicery for providing such an enjoyable experience, I can’t wait to try it again! Have you ever done Hot Yoga?

Much Love


2 thoughts on “Trying Something New With Hot Pod Yoga Nottinghamshire!

  1. I’m not too flexible either haha! Yoga is not my favourite… I don’t know why, I just feel uncomfortable and can’t relax! I’ve never tried hot yoga before though. This is an interesting concept!

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