My Reading Challenge 2017 |Where I Stand at the Halfway Point & my Top Books!

Okay, I’m a day late on this post. That just about sums up how productive i’ve been on this blog recently but i’m on holiday at the moment and it’s quite nice not to be glued to my laptop! So at the start of the year I set myself a challenge on GoodReads to read 150 books in 2017 and now we’re at the halfway point (plus one day) I thought I’d give you a little recap on where I stand and some of the best books i’ve read!

So in terms of numbers, I’ve read 68 books and i’m nearly halfway through my 69th. Due to exams I am a little behind schedule to the tune of 6 books but I’m not too worried as I’m off to Portugal on Tuesday and I should be able to speed through at least 4 or 5. Rather than trying to tell you all about every single book i’ve read, I’m going to do a brief run-down of the ones I ranked as 5 stars! It takes a lot for me to rate a book 5/5 so these are the ones I really really loved.

  • The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson – Possibly my favourite book i’ve read this year and thats a huge statement from me! This is a story unlike no other and the plot is just so clever and unique. ‘The Gardener’ kidnaps young girls to keep in his so called ‘garden’ and treats them like butterflies in a greenhouse. He even tattoos a different butterfly across the backs of each of his victims and ensures that they are always on show. I’m going to be honest and say that this is quite creepy and if that’s not your cup of tea then definitely give it a miss as it is a little graphic and disturbing yet brilliantly written. The story is told through one of the captives once they are out and she’s being interviewed at the Police station, yet the plot keeps you guessing right until the very end!
  • Final Girls by Riley Sager – I think theres a running theme here with my favourite books and that is that the storylines are so unique! Final Girls is about a couple of women that survive mass murders and attacks and how they carry on with their lives afterwards. When one of the three women commits suicide, the others start to question how they can carry on if she, seemingly the strongest of the bunch, couldn’t. It’s such an interesting take on the usual ‘mass murder’ style story and does make you think about what happens when those books end.
  • The Thousandth Floor Katharine McGee – I found this book through another blog post and loved the sound of it. Its set in future New York and is very reminiscent of the much loved show Gossip Girl – think New York elite with a futuristic twist. In future New York the whole city now takes place in a thousand storey high building and the higher up you live, the better your status. The stories full of glamour, love triangles and just general Gossip Girl goodness and with a second book coming out soon, it’s a must read. I honestly loved it and I found the futuristic, tech elements a really interesting twist! 945c548e-8d8b-425f-9591-68090e68512f.jpg._CB282000438_
  • Chandler by Laurelin Paige – I’m not gonna lie, I have a real guilty pleasure for saucy romance novels. If I don’t know what to read, I’ll download one of these and it’ll be finished in hours, seriously, I love them. Chandler is actually a character from a series that was alright but not blog post worthy. However, once he got his own book, it was brilliant! His character really exploded and was laugh out loud funny alongside a good bit of romance. You could definitely read this as a stand alone book rather than have to read the whole series but if you love romance books then this is fab!
  • The Night Bird by Brian Freeman – A real psychological murder mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed. These kind of books are some of my favourites as they’re really gritty and keep you guessing right until the very end. When a girl suddenly gets out of car and jumps off a bridge, killing herself, her friend cannot understand what’s going on. She was a happy, healthy woman so why would she suddenly commit suicide? But then it happens again, another unexplained suicide and a pattern starts to emerge. This is the first in the Frost Easton series and really kicked it off with a bang. If you love unusual thrillers then this is definitely for you!
  • Bricking It by Nick Spalding – I’ve written about my love of this book before (here) and it really is worth mentioning again. Who’d have thought a story about two siblings building a house would be sidesplittingly hilarious but this really is. I think I actually cried with laughter a few times and the rest of the books from Nick Spalding were equally brilliant but this was the best in my opinion. Such a lighthearted and easy read and just cheered me up no-end!

So in 6 months, only 6 books made it to the 5 star category, I told you, I really am picky! I hope this has given you some new suggestions and the next post about my GoodReads challenge will now be at the end of the year… how scary!!

Have you got any good book suggestions for me? If so leave them in the comments please!

Much Love


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