Summer Essentials |Custom Sunglasses by CrossEyes Nottingham!

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be gifted some fantastic summer appropriate items this year and I thought I’d make a little series of posts all about them and how i’ve gotten on with them. Earlier this year the lovely Indy from CrossEyes Nottingham and I discussed an idea regarding some customised sunglasses. I was only happy to get involved as I adored the CrossEyes brand when I headed to their blogger event in February. We managed to get them sorted so I could take them with me to America and I thought now summer was here, it was about time I told you all about them!

As I write this post I’m sat wearing the sunnies on our balcony in Portugal and I’m really feeling the summery vibes! The whole idea behind CrossEyes is that all the frames are the same price and you simply pay the price for your lenses or coatings. I chose to have non-prescription sunglasses as that is usually what I wear the most with my contact lenses. Typically I am now having trouble with my eyes and can’t wear contact lenses, but I love my glasses so much I’m wandering around in a blurry haze. That’s serious dedication for you!

What I loved the most about picking the glasses was how personal the experience was. Indy helped me pick out frames that he thought would be cool and was completely honest when he thought something wouldn’t work. I much prefer people to be honest rather than try and simply get the sale done and dusted. With CrossEyes there’s no pressure to upsell you a pricier frame as they are all priced equally and the pricing system is incredibly transparent. img_2396

When I headed to the blogger event, I fell in love with two frames. One was a olive green pair that, in my opinion, would make fantastic daily glasses. When I start my job in September I’m heading to pick them up so I have two pairs of daily glasses. The other pair was wooden frame that was so unusual and unlike any other pair i’d seen. These were the frames I eventually opted for and they are a dark grey wood that actually has bamboo in the frames. They’re also a matte finish which makes a really nice change from the shiny acetate pairs I usually choose. IMG_8825

Now I find picking a tint incredibly difficult on glasses as I always end up looking a little bit blind. Indy told me that the Grey-Green tint was the one that’s in most Ray-bans and seeing as I really like that finish, that’s what I went for this time. But we didn’t stop there! I fancied something really different to the other glasses I have and I wanted a mirror effect wrap on the lenses. There are so many different shades that I spent ages popping the lens under the frames and running backwards and forwards to the mirror. There was a Rose Gold that really caught my eye but didn’t quite work with the dark grey frames I’d chosen. It was only then that I caught sight of the Mauve and it was love at first sight. The slight purple tint worked so well with the grey frames and I was determined that this would be the pair for me. It only took a quick glance to have Indy convinced too and my first ever pair of custom sunglasses were ready to be made. DSCF0233

From here the order is sent over the Denmark (CrossEyes is actually a Danish company!) and they are made in their warehouse to order. They don’t take too long but I would say allow two weeks just to be on the safe side as they are completely custom. We managed to get them to arrive the day before I went to America and they were even better than I had pictured in my mind! I sound like a right Mum when I say this but I do feel very cool when I wear them and that they really finish off an outfit! IMG_2707.JPG

There are CrossEyes stores around the country but it would take some beating to match the care and attention that you get in the Nottingham store. For a pair exactly like mine, you are looking at £165, for a regular tint (no mirror effect or prescription) it’s £115 and for an ultimate bargain, there are ready made sunglasses now that you can take home that day for only £75!  A huge thank you to CrossEyes Nottingham for working with me on this post and look out for more frames of theirs gracing my face in the future! What are your go-to pair of sunglasses?

Much Love


Disclaimer: I received these sunglasses free of charge but all opinions are my own. As a regular glasses wearer the brand really struck a chord with me and was something that I really wanted to share with you all. I hope you liked it!


2 thoughts on “Summer Essentials |Custom Sunglasses by CrossEyes Nottingham!

  1. The reflective tint is so retro looking! 🙂 I tried on a pair of sunglasses with wooden frames last year at a fair and I’m kicking myself for not picking them up. If I come across them again, I’m going to get them – they were so lightweight and comfy!

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