Summer Essentials| Perfect Teeth with Sonic Chic & Sensodyne!

Since having braces when I was younger, I’ve always been pretty chuffed with the appearance of my teeth. However, when I’m travelling I do miss my electric toothbrush and I find that my teeth don’t always feel as clean with a manual brush as they do at home with my electric. This is where Sonic Chic came to my rescue! They are a brand that creates sonic toothbrushes designed to be perfect for travelling whilst still giving you that electric toothbrush feel!

The team over at Sonic Chic kindly sent me over their Urban Loveheart Toothbrush* to try on my travels this summer and I have been LOVING it! Firstly, lets get the pricing out the way, these usually retail for £20 but at the moment they’re half price at Boots so you can snap up a bargain for only £10 here! They have loads of lovely designs too but I’m actually really happy with mine. It’s girly and cute without being cheesy and is bright enough to be easy to locate in my washbag!

Rather than having to be charged up or plugged into the mains, these toothbrushes run off one single AAA battery, meaning that they are perfect for taking abroad as you don’t need a travel adaptor! What’s even better is that you actually get the battery included and just replace it as a when required. You also get one replacement head which is great as I am a bit obsessive when it comes to toothbrushes and always like them to be fresh and new feeling! What seriously impressed me though, is that I took the brush away on holiday with me, which was about two and a half weeks in total, and there was no loss of power and the battery was still enabling the toothbrush to function perfectly. I did worry that, as it was battery powered, it would need replacing stupidly quickly, however I was definitely proved wrong!

What I like about this brush is that rather than the head rotating, it pulses, which means it feels gentler on your gums than a normal electric toothbrush! I found my teeth to feel just as clean though when using it twice daily and the strength of the pulses was really effective! The final feature that I really liked was the fact it has a cap to cover the bristles which also has little holes in the top to stop the toothbrush getting mouldy. I hate having my toothbrush loose in my bag so this helped to keep it hygienic whilst still being slimline! This has honestly been brilliant on my trips and will be something I will 100% repurchase when the time comes, however I feel like this still has many more trips in it yet! The only thing I don’t like so much about this is that some of the design has already started to chip off the brush. Now this doesn’t effect the functionality of it but aesthetically, it’s a bit annoying! Saying that, I would still buy another though so it’s not too bad!

Something I definitely forget with my dental care is protecting my enamel though, so i’ve been using the Sensodyne Pronamel Strong & Bright* to try and put more care into this area. I love how clean and smooth my teeth feel when I use this, which I definitely don’t normally get from other toothpastes. I also really like how it’s not overly sweetened or artificially coloured as I find this often becomes really off putting over time! The packaging lover in me also really appreciates the sleek matte packaging – weird I know! Overtime this toothpaste gently whitens the appearance of teeth too which is something I always always look for as who doesn’t want whiter teeth?!

Between these two products my teeth have been sparkling and clean all summer and have become total summer essentials for me! If you a regular traveller, I highly highly recommend Sonic Chic as they are so practical and portable and the power is as good as a full blown electric brush in my opinion!

Much Love


*Items sent for review yet all opinions are my own!

2 thoughts on “Summer Essentials| Perfect Teeth with Sonic Chic & Sensodyne!

  1. I’ve seen these a few times in boots and thought they looked good but wasn’t sure! Definitely looks like they would be worth a purchase, especially if you were often away travelling! .xo

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