Swatch Skin Watches #YourMove!

So a few months ago I was invited to an event held by Swatch in Victoria Centre in Nottingham. Unfortunately, this fell whilst I was away in Norfolk with the boys so I couldn’t attend, although it looked absolutely amazing from the instastories i’ve seen! However, I was very lucky to be allowed to pop into the shop anyway to pick up one of their new range of watches to try and review!

Swatch is a brand of watches that have been going for around 30 years and have become firm favourites with customers across the world. I had personally never had a watch from the brand before, but both Tom and his Dad have and both of them love them for their sheer comfort and practicality. The whole idea behind the event was to showcase the new launch of more ‘Skin’ watches to their range. These are designed to be incredibly lightweight so it almost feels like you don’t have a watch on. The whole event was designed around movement and being able to feel comfortable in your watch whilst being on the go.

I was invited to pick a watch out from the new skin range and of course the one I was instantly drawn to was from the old range. Please tell me it’s not just me that this happens to?! I was with my mum at the time and she pointed to one I hadn’t seen in the top corner and it’s safe to say I fell in love. Now, I have two silver watches and one rose gold/nude watch and that’s it so when I saw the deep Navy SkinSparks* watch I knew that that was the one I wanted as it was so different to anything I already own. DSCF0546_Fotor.jpg

When the lovely sales assistant passed the watch to me I honestly couldn’t believe how light it was! I haven’t weighed it myself, but a quick search online tells me it’s around 18g. 18g! How is that even possible?! The dial is a gorgeous metallic navy with a tiny delicate crystal marking each of the hours. It also has a very comfortable dark navy silicone strap which I initially thought I wouldn’t like but the sheer comfort of it totally won me over! It’s silky soft too yet doesn’t slide around when i’m wearing it which is a real pet hate of mine!DSCF0547_Fotor.jpg

This watch retails for £79.50 which I honestly think is a complete bargain. It’s perfect for wearing day-to-day, is water resistant up to 30 metres and is so light that you forget you’re actually wearing a watch! I’ve been using this the most for the evenings i’m at work as it’s pretty and delicate, yet the face is still 40mm so it’s really easy to read too. As a girl that adores sparkles, the tiny little crystals are the perfect addition to make it that bit more glam! I can see this quickly becoming a staple for me and when I can be bothered to return to the gym, this will come in handy for those days too! My mum actually never wears a watch but has said she’d love to borrow this as the navy seems to go with everything and it’s understated yet feminine! On the website there were 54 watches in the skin range to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your style! I’m seriously debating going back for the Rose Gold one I initially fell in love with as they are just so comfortable and easy to wear and that one has a metal strap so would be more suited to work!

What do you think of the Swatch Skin range? Let me know which one you would pick!

Much Love


* I was gifted this product for PR purposes but all opinions remain my own.


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