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If I’m completely honest, I am not very adventurous with food and Asian cuisine in particular is something that I consciously avoid. However, when the lovely Sammie from Intu Victoria Centre got in touch inviting me to their latest blogger event I couldn’t say no! Victoria Centre are expanding their range of restaurants and cafes at the moment and adding Thai into the mix was a great way of offering alternative cuisines. I’ve actually been to the restaurant before but this time it was with a bit of a twist as WE were going to be doing the cooking!

Turning up at the restaurant I was actually really early and was surprised to be the first one there! I was met by a lovely member of staff called Drew who greeted me in Thai and brought me a Full Moon cocktail that was very on trend as it was ‘millennial pink’ in colour and very refreshing. We all sipped our cocktails in the sun on the terrace and enjoyed a bit of a natter before being escorted to our cooking zone by Drew.

We were told we would be cooking two dishes during the evening, a starter of Fresh Prawn Rolls – as I don’t eat meat or fish, mine was substituted for tofu pieces – and a main of a Thai Red curry.  We were placed in pairs at little cooking stations (of course I was with my bestie Lora) and all the ingredients were placed in front of us with all the equipment. We had a chef M who was demonstrating how to make each dish and we were told to follow along.

Mine and Lora’s cooking zone… aka the location I burnt everything in!

As I said previously, I am a very picky eater so the fresh rolls were a bit too healthy for me, but I loved making them. We used the rice paper rolls to encase all the fresh ingredients and it was a good way to start cooking as no actual ‘cooking’ was involved, just chopping and rolling! I was pretty chuffed with how mine looked in the end and I don’t think I did TOO badly! We all finished making our rolls and took them back out to the terrace to eat and photograph in the sun.

Fresh Tofu Rolls

After finishing off the starters, we headed back downstairs to begin out Thai Red Curry. I love a curry but I do normally just have Indian curries as I love the flavours and spices that they use so using more fragrant ingredients was definitely a new one for me! We started off by heating up the red curry paste in a pan and adding coconut milk. Within two minutes M came round and told me that mine was a ‘little bit burnt’. Damn it. I persevered as I’m not one to be defeated and after all he did only say a little bit burnt!

Lora obviously found this hilarious but she was boiling hers to oblivion at the side of me so I’m not too sure whose was better! The curry looked pretty damn good in the end but I was a bit sceptical at how I’d seasoned it as I was unsure how I’d simultaneously managed to make it too sweet AND too salty. It’s safe to say my cooking skills leave a lot to be desired as M came round to taste the final product and was less than impressed to say the least. At least I tried!

Isn’t she so cute! Very proud in her hat and apron! 

We all sat down to enjoy the fruits of our labour and got to have a bit of a chat which was lovely. I was completely unaware that Thaikhun offered these cookery classes but they would make such a good children’s party or hen do option as they are so much fun and you can enjoy your creations at the end of the session too!

A huge thank you to both Intu Victoria Centre and Thaikhun for putting on such a fabulous event for us. It was one of the most hands on and active events I’ve been to and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are Thaikhun restaurants in multiple cities across the UK so definitely check out their website here to see if there’s one near you so you can try out some Thai food of your own!

Much Love


P.s it was very dark in the room and when I got home I realised that the photos I’d taken were absolutely terrible so please excuse the fact there’s so few of them in this post! Hopefully the cute picture of Lora will make up for it!


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