Review| Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Skin Wash

Just a quick little review today and it’s all about the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Skin Wash*! I go through body washes like there’s no tomorrow and when I was asked to try out another, I was definitely up for the challenge. Australian Bodycare is actually a brand that I hadn’t heard of previously, however since being sent the skin wash to try, I’ve seen them absolutely everywhere!

The main thing that caught my eye about this range from Australian Bodycare was the fact it contains tea tree. Tea tree is fantastic for helping with spot prone skin and I do have a little bit of that on both my chest and my back. The smell is so lovely and refreshing due to the tea tree element too and I’ve been loving after a day at work to give me a bit of a pick me up.

I would say that this is a very runny body wash compared to my usual shower gels of choice from The Body Shop! I also found that I required more than normal for it to lather up correctly which I was a little bit surprised about! Due to it being so runny, a lot did seem to collect in the lid and I felt like I lost some product through that.

For me, I like to use body wash as both a shower gel but also a bubble bath as I find that majority work really well as dual action products! I tried that with this one too and found it worked really well actually, much better than I had originally expected. It produced lovely frothy bubbles and scented the water really nicely.

Overall I really liked this product. The scent lingered on my skin for quite some time after use and it worked really well as both a shower gel and a bubble bath. For me, I would change the viscosity of the product as the product was running through the tube very quickly and actually leaking into the lid when I wasn’t using it. This has meant I’ve gone through a 50ml tube so fast that it’s guaranteed to appear in this months empties so keep an eye out for it!

Have you tried anything from Australian Bodycare? If so what was your favourite product?

Much Love


*Item sent for review.

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