Worth The Hype? |Fleur De Force Lip Glosses!

I’m not one for buying into YouTuber products really, as I often find they’ve just slapped their name on somebody else’s products and are reaping the benefits. However, I bought a gift set from Feel Unique at Christmas and this gloss was one of the products inside. I decided to try and avoid making any early judgements as I really like Fleur and hoped that this product would be a good’un!

This is one of the most pigmented lip glosses I have ever tried; it’s a strong colour in one swipe and has a similar colour payoff to a liquid lipstick but with a glossy finish. I really like the way it looks on the lips as it pack a punch with the pigmentation, but with a more natural finish because of the gloss. The colours available are all reasonably neutral but this red one, in the shade Lucky Star is a lovely addition!

What I like about these lip glosses the most is just how reasonably priced they are! You can get them for as little as a few pounds and it means they’re accessible to everyone! Fleur has also put a lot of her personal style into the packaging with a sleek gunmetal top and her logo, complete with stars, on the packaging. You can clearly see what colour the product is as the packaging is either clear or the exact colour of the product inside. The applicator is quite a traditional doe foot, however it’s comfortable on the lips and also precise enough to get a nice neat, crisp edge.

The lasting power of this lip gloss is not too great as you can probably imagine. Not down to the product itself but the glossy finish does wear away easily! It does leave a little stain to the lips which is nice so that adds to the longevity. The best thing about this gloss is that it is completely non-sticky! I’m sure you’ve all experienced the horrible hair stuck in lip gloss scenario so it’s nice to have that avoided for once!

I’m a bit annoyed as i’ve had this post in drafts for a few months and I’ve finally got round to writing it and it seems they are no longer sold on Feel Unique! I have found it on Amazon for £7.50 here if you do fancy getting your hands on one. I do think they are worth that price to be honest as they are a really lovely, quality product. A quick glance told me they sell the other shades on Amazon too if you are interested!

Have you tried one of Fleur’s glosses or any of her other products for that matter? If so which one is your favourite?

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4 thoughts on “Worth The Hype? |Fleur De Force Lip Glosses!

  1. I’ve seen a lot of people raving about the nude/pink colours of these, but I didn’t buy into it as I’m the exact same when it comes to ‘youtube products’ really, but after you’re review I think I may order a few! I love lip glosses and I’ve never tried a red lipgloss before so I think i’ll definitely give this a go!

    Gem x / http://www.itsgemmab.co.uk

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