Send Nudes| Sephora Give Me Some Nude Lip!

As a UK citizen, it pains me that Sephora is STILL not available to peruse at my leisure in the shopping centres. Seriously Sephora, what are you playing at?! I would say one of the things I love the most about visiting one of the stores or browsing online is their favourites collections. Annoyingly, these aren’t even able to be shipped to the UK so if I can, I try and get them wherever possible as I love them so much. Lora and her husband Chris headed to the US for their honeymoon and whilst they were there I asked them to pick up the latest Give Me Some Nude Lip set. Halfway through there trip, Lora still hadn’t seen them and I told her not to worry as I probably shouldn’t be spending the money on it anyway. And that was it, or so I thought! A few weeks after they returned I met up with Lora and the rest of the gang (Sophie & Rach obvs!) and on the way home Lora said she had a gift for me in the glove box from her and Chris as a graduation gift. She’d only gone and bloody got me the lip set. There’s a reason she’s my bestie.

Story time over and on to the actual lip set! I’ve had two other set previously, another nude lip version and a bold lip version too. These are such good value for money and always contain at least one full sized item. In this set, the full sized item is the Urban Decay Liquid Lipstick in Trivial which is a matte nude pink. I would say it’s quite dusky and there’s definitely some shimmer in there. I’ve only tried this out once but I didn’t find it too drying in the slightest and it had a nice moussey texture to it. As with most UD products, I love the gun metal packaging too!

Next up in the set is the Too Faced Lip Injection in Spice Girl. I’ve heard so many people rave about these and I have always wanted to try one. Two things about this product: 1) it does actually make your lips look pretty plump and luscious, but 2) it absolutely kills in the process! This is one of the most painful lip plumpers I’ve ever tried and after 5 minutes I couldn’t hack it anymore. My lips looked pretty damn good though so at least it does what it’s meant to. There’s a reason they call it lip injection though so be warned!

DSCF0568.JPGTarte is a brand that I am really growing to love, the more products I get to try and the addition of one of their Lippie Lingerie’s in Revealed (described as a light mocha but i’d definitely say burgundy) was very welcome for me! This is a bit like a chubby stick in terms of the packaging but it packs a punch with the pigmentation. I LOVED wearing this and I found that it had a bit of a glossy finish to begin with but died down to a satin after an hour or so. It lasted really well on the lips and I adore the colour. A real winner for me again from Tarte!

When I saw that there was a NARS product in the box I was a bit indifferent to be honest as I’ve yet to find my real stand out NARS item. I find their stuff okay but nothing that sets it above other brands in my opinion. However, the Velvet lip glide in the shade Bound has really surprised me. It’s more of a glossy finish but is so comfortable on the lips and has really good pigmentation too. The applicator is perfect for getting nice clean edges and I really enjoyed wearing it. This is one of the cooler more ashy shades in the box too and I love it as I find those kinds of mauve shades look fab going into winter.

Again, living in the UK, Marc Jacobs is slightly harder to come by and I like to be able to properly try things out before investing in that amount of money. I’ve heard many a YouTuber rave on about their lip glosses and thought nothing of it really as gloss isn’t my thing. When I saw the shade Sugar Sugar was included though, I was definitely intrigued to try it. There is definitely a reason you pay a high price for premium products as this is the most silky lip gloss i’ve ever tried. It give a wonderful shine and feels weightless when worn. I like to use it over the top of other lip products but I’ve also tried it on it’s own as a very light pinky tint. I was surprisingly very impressed!

L-R Tarte, Urban Decay, ABH, NARS, Too Faced, Marc Jacobs

The final item in the box was from the one and only Anastasia Beverly Hills! I’m not going to lie, I initially thought it was one of the liquid lipsticks which i’d wanted to try for ages so was a little bit disheartened when, instead of drying down to a matte finish, it stayed glossy. It is actually their lipgloss in the shade Kirsten and I would describe it as a liquid lip with shiny finish. This is so pigmented and bold in just one swipe but has a glossy finish that means it’s oh so comfortable to wear! I really like the cool pink shade too and find that it just goes with so many things!

If I was to say one thing, I would have liked a few more brown-nude shades rather than predominantly pink and I’d have liked a mixture of finishes as the majority of things in the box are glossy. Saying that though, I really really like the products and there are things in there that I’ve wanted to try for ages. There’s a good mix of high-end brands and I always find these sets to be well put together and great value. This only retails for $28 yet is apparently worth $70. I did do a price break down on a previous box, gram for gram and I found their estimate to be surprisingly accurate. I think these make great gifts and having now owned three sets, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more. If any of you Americans fancy shipping me the latest one, i’d be forever grateful! Have you tried any of the Give Me Some… sets? Which one was your favourite and why?

Much Love


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