ABH Brow Wiz Dupe?| Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil!

Everyone and their mother has probably heard of the infamous Anastasia Brow Wiz but I haven’t every used it apart from a swatch in Sephora when I was in the States. For me, I always found the pencil to be very hard and that always dissuaded me from purchasing it. I know it’s a cult favourite but I really don’t like to use hard pencils on my eyebrows as I find them really difficult to work with.

Bring in Billion Dollar Brows (BDB) and their Universal Brow pencil* which, visually, looks very similar to the ABH Brow Wiz with a retractable pencil on one end and a spoolie  brush on the other to brush through the brow hairs. The pencil is designed to be suitable for all brow shades, by pressing lightly for lighter hair types and pressing harder, or building up the colour, for darker hair types.

These are the different shades I managed to get with the same pencil using different amounts of pressure when applying.

I would say I have a fair/medium hair tone but I do like my brows to be a little bit darker so they stand out and frame my face. I have had no issues with the shade and I find it works really well with both my complexion and hair shade. I also love the soft feel of the pencil as I find that it applies really easily and sticks to the hairs offering a nice colour.

My issue with this pencil lies with how thick the nib of the pencil is and I find it very hard to stay ‘within the lines’ of my brows and that it ends up looking a bit smudged and messy. The way I’ve found to counteract this is to use my regular brow product (Benefit’s Ka Brow!) and use the BDB pencil to fill in those tough, sparser areas. This has really helped me to conceal gaps in my brows and to give them a really seamless look that I’ve been loving.Billion_Dollar_Brow_Universal_Brow_Pencil_Review

The pencil has been working great for me in terms of colour, texture and ease of use. However, I feel like they’ve missed a trick by not making the nib that little bit thinner. Had this of been the case, I would imagine it would have been a pretty good dupe for the Brow Wiz, yet for me I don’t feel like they are directly comparable in this aspect as with the Brow Wiz you can almost draw in individual hairs as the nib is so thin.

In terms of price the BDB pencil is £12.95 from AllBeauty and the ABH Brow Wiz is only £15.50 on Beauty Bay so they are very close in price to be honest. I would say that the BDB pencil is best for filling in large areas and if you prefer a softer pencil whereas the ABH Brow Wiz is more suited for individual hairs, small areas and is a much harder pencil. Overall, I’ve enjoyed using the BDB Pencil and find it to be great for giving a really flawless finish but it’s difficult to use for sharp edges of precise brow hairs. I do think it’s worth the money for the price, however if you are lusting after the Brow Wiz, it is only a few pounds more for that so you wouldn’t be saving yourself too much money realistically.

Have you tried either of these pencils? What is your favourite brow product?

Much Love


*Post contains PR samples and some links are affiliate links.

One thought on “ABH Brow Wiz Dupe?| Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil!

  1. I’ve not tried either ABH or Billion Dollar Brows… I’ve been a die-hard Shu Uemura pencil user for years, the colour just matches me so well, and the pencil looks really natural (not waxy at all).

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