Everything You Need To Know About The Ordinary Foundations & Primer!

The Ordinary is a brand that has been seriously doing it’s rounds in the blogosphere lately and the products that intrigued me the most were the foundations and the primer. I didn’t want to chance it and order a foundation online, so when I went to London earlier this month, I headed to the Covent Garden Deciem store to give them a swatch. The store is actually very modern and chic and I’m so glad I swatched the foundations as they came up very light in my opinion!

Let’s start off with the foundations first then and the number one thing to know is that there are two formulas! The first formula is a ‘Coverage’ formula and the second is a ‘Serum’. For the sake of the blog, I picked up both formulas to try in the same shade, 2.0YG. When buying foundations, I normally go to the second lightest shade or the lightest shade with golden undertones first. The shade 2.0YG here is actually the 12th darkest shade on the website which in my opinion shows that they come up pretty damn light! There are five shades on the website that I would say come into the category of ‘dark’, but out of 21 shades this is pretty slim pickings for darker skin tones!

To break down my shade for you, the 2 represents the fact that it’s in the medium skin tone category (I would definitely say i’m normally ‘light’) and the .0 represents that it’s the lightest shade in that category so this one is described as light-medium. The Y represents that the shade is suited to skin tones with Yellow undertones and there are also P (pink), N (neutral) and R (red) undertone options available. Something I didn’t know is that the G in my shade means that there are slight gold flecks in the foundation for added highlight. I probably wouldn’t have picked this had I known, but there was no 2.0Y as an option and this was the best shade match. There is also an S (silver) option in some shade for silver flecks but as I can see this is only available on one shade out of the 21.  On their website, they state:

these shades use natural-looking and exceptionally fine dispersions of metallic effect pigments for added highlight. The Ordinary will introduce individual enhancers and highlighters in the near future to customize all shades.

To me it seems a little random to have this in certain shades only and also, to not offer those particular shades without the highlighting effect? I’ve got to be honest and say it hasn’t really effected me massively, however this would probably explain why I’ve felt extra glowy when wearing these foundations. In hindsight I would say it’s a touch TOO glowy for me but I might try it with only a tiny amount of my regular highlight next time I wear them and see if that improves it. I usually prefer a satin finish so perhaps the glow is just too much for me. I’d love to try it without but as I said, they don’t do my shade without the added gold particles, whereas the other shades that have the shimmer particles, have an identical counterpart shade without them. To me the shade range seems all over the place to be honest and a little bit more care should have been made when creating the range. which_foundation_from_the_ordinary

Onto the actual formulas themselves, my favourite is definitely the coverage over the serum. I believe that the actual formulation is very similar but the coverage formula includes higher quantities of the actual pigment. I do prefer a more medium coverage I would say so this was definitely more suited to me. I found that it covered the issues I have with my skin pretty well and actually stayed put most of the day. I loved how this applied and it felt like I was wearing absolutely nothing on my skin which was great and exactly what I look for in a foundation.

The serum foundation, as mentioned above, is pretty much the same formula just with less pigment so it’s more like a light coverage foundation. To be honest, I never wear light coverage foundation so found I needed to compensate with more concealer in those more troublesome patches. I also found that the first time I wore this one, I came out in a lot of spots which was a bit frustrating. They were like tiny, under the skin, bumps that were particularly obvious across my brow and forehead. I did try it a second time and it wasn’t so bad so maybe the light weight feel was a shock to the skins system originally!

The key difference for me was simply how much more liquid the serum foundation was compared to the coverage. This is clearly due to the pigment quantities and perhaps it was the liquid feel that my skin didn’t like so much. I may see if I can sell the serum formula and buy another coverage as it is just too lightweight for me. For £5.90 each these are an absolute bargain and the quality of both of them is incredible. I did expect there to be more of a difference in terms of formula between the two foundations, however it does make it easier to decide which one you’d like best, simply depending on the amount of coverage you like. The final thing to mention on these foundations is the packaging, which is simple and matte with a pump that can be locked to avoid spillages in your makeup bag. I think it’s really nice and chic, without too much fuss and to be honest, it’s completely perfect for a foundation. Lightweight, plastic and lockable, what more could you ask for.

Finally, onto the Primer and I actually have only one of the two formulations that they have on offer. I have the High-Adherance Silicone Primer which retails for only £3.90. I have to say I had pretty low expectations for something coming in at such a low price tag, however I’ve been pretty impressed so far! I feared that with it being silicone-based, it would feel greasy and heavy on the skin and give that really fake-feeling base for make up to go on top of. I was wrong actually and it’s more like a moisturising feel when you apply it, yet you can tell it has some silicone in as it’s so smoothing and evens out the texture really nicely. I noticed some difference in the longevity of my makeup when I wore it and I’ve tried it out with a multitude of foundations (not just The Ordinary ones) and it worked well under them all.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, I feel like this primer is a great buy as a tiny amount goes a really long way and creates a lovely smooth canvas, without feeling fake, greasy or cakey like many other silicone primers do. For me, this is the perfect combination of a hydrating primer and a smoothing primer and I’m really enjoying using it. You get a full 30ml in the tube which is crazy considering the cost and I would say you definitely don’t even use 1ml each time. This means it costs you around the 13p mark each time you use it which is ridiculously cheap! Again, I really like the packaging, simple yet effective and unlike some cheaper products, the packaging doesn’t disintegrate or the writing rub off after one use!

Overall I’ve been really impressed by The Ordinary products I’ve tried. I feel like they’re simplicity at it’s best and I’d like to try out some of their skincare range out now! In terms of the foundation, if you’re a lightweight girl then go with the serum foundation, if you want more coverage then definitely the Coverage foundation. I would completely recommend swatching the colours before you buy it as they are very fair in my opinion! If you have any questions, please let me know, if not, I hope this covered everything! Have you tried anything from The Ordinary? If so, what was your favourite?

Much Love



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