Book Review| Death Plays A Part by Vivian Conroy

As I’m sure you all know by now, I love to read! So when I saw that the lovely Vivian (@VivWrites on Twitter) had a new book out, I had to give it a read. We’ve been following each other for a while and are regularly in ‘twitter contact’, so when she announced it was available for preorder I disappeared off to Amazon to buy myself a copy. Whilst on holiday, it was delivered to my kindle on release day and it was time to see what Viv was made of!

The genre and general theme of the story reminds me a lot of reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books when I was younger but with a slightly more adult and modern feel to it. It’s an easy to read whodunnit style novel that honestly had me guessing who the culprit was right until the second that it was revealed. I hate it when I can predict the outcome from the start so Viv was onto a winner here for me as I honestly didn’t have a clue! The actual theme of the book was a new one for me as it was a ‘closed door mystery’, which basically means that the crime involved was basically committed under near impossible circumstances. I found this to be a really interesting twist as it let Vivian get creative with the plot of the story, with plenty of twists and turns! It’s safe to say that she could come up with some ingenious ways to bump somebody off should she wish so I’m planning to stay on her good side!

As with all of these style books, there is of course a wonderful heroine who helps to puzzle it all out and this time it was Guinevere and her little Dachshund Dolly who were there to save the day. I did fall a little in love with these two as they were such a sweet pairing and just gave the book such a lovely feel to it. As a die hard dog mum myself, I felt the connection between the two of them and I loved the inclusion of a little furry pal! I did find that each individual character had a particular ‘voice’ throughout and they were each very unique which I liked. Viv has done a great job setting them all apart and making them each pinnacle components of the plot.

The final thing I loved about the book was the setting and how descriptive she was when referring to it. The book is set on a fictional island, Cornisea, off the coast of Cornwall. It really made me want to head down to the south coast and discover some hidden islands and castles as I believe I was only 2 when I last went to Cornwall so I’d love to see what it has to offer. Saying that, I felt like Viv had really transported me there through ‘Death Plays A Part’ and all the tiny side streets and little cafes were like they were from my own memory.

I just want to take the time to congratulate Vivian on such a lovely book, she’s done such a great job with everything from the plot to the scenery and I can’t wait to read book two, Rubies In The Roses. If you fancy reading Death Plays A Part, then you can do so by ordering  for the tiny price of 99p from Amazon here. If like me, you’re intrigued by the second book already, then that came out a couple of days ago and is available from Amazon here.

Much Love




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