August Empties 2017

Oh my god, how on earth is it now September?! I am literally in shock as to how fast this year is going. This month I start my new full-time job, so there’s a lot of changes going on over here. I’m planning to try and write lots of posts in advance so there’s still plenty of content, but if it goes a little quiet from time to time, you know why! Throughout August, I seemed to accumulate a few empties and in order to prevent huge overflowing boxes at the end of next month, I thought we’d get back to monthly ones!


I hate doing my hair so hair empties tend to be few and far between, however this month there are two! Wow. The first is the the Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin 1 Shampoo. I love the Kérastase shampoos and this one was no different, but my hair requires the next level up (Bain Satin 2) so if I were to pick up another bottle, I would change it to that one. They lather up well and smell gorgeous and keep my hair squeaky clean! The second hair product was a little tub of the Schwarzkopf Brazil Nut Oil Pulp Treatment Mask. This says it was for all hair types, but to be honest I think my hair needs products specifically for thick, dry and unruly hair. Although I didn’t mind this mask, it wasn’t nourishing enough really and it also had tiny little bits of Brazil Nuts in which made me think of an exfoliator. Very strange! I’d probably give this a miss in the future.


A little sparse on the makeup front this month with only one product being finished up. I am quite sad to see it go though as it was the Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara which I’ve written a full review of here. I LOVE Lancôme mascaras and this kept on ticking all of the boxes for me. I don’t usually opt for a plastic wand but this one was brilliant and did such a good job on my lashes. A repurchase may be in order in the future.


A few body products were finished up this month but they are either repeats that I keep on using or things I’ve already talked about in depth. The Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Skin Wash* has its own post here and as I mentioned in the post, it was a very watery consistency so I finished it quicker than I would have liked. I loved the scent though so would consider repurchasing. The next item is the Body Shop Spiced Apple Shower Gel and I’ve gone through a fair few of these over the last year. I’m finally on to my last bottle so I can’t wait for it to come back for the festive season although there is an AMAZING Autumnal scent coming out that I am going to buy tonnes of! Finally is the Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant which I’ve had a few times. I like the scent of this but over the course of the day I don’t find it’s as fresh as my trusty Dove stick. I’m going to keep to Dove again unless Mum picks more up with the weekly shop.


I’ve been trying to use up travel sizes this month as I have them coming out of my ears. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I got a 5ml pot of the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm after wanting to try it for ages. I’m both happy and sad to say that I didn’t like it. Happy because it’s flipping expensive and I have not got the funds for that regularly. Sad because it’s so hyped and i’ve been desperate to get my hands on it for a while. Needless to say I won’t be purchasing the full size. Next up was the Lancôme Hydra Zen Night Cream* which was featured in my latest skincare post here. I really loved this cream and it worked so so well for my skin at night time. I’ve missed not using it to be honest. However, it is over £40 and, as previously mentioned, I’ve not got that much free cash until I start my job and cannot be blowing what I do have on that for now. Maybe out of my first pay packet, but in the meantime i’ll just mope about it.

I also have the Pixi x Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse in here despite the fact it’s not actually empty. I think I bought a dud tub as it wen off very very quickly (3 months). I did have a whole ranting post about this in drafts but after speaking to Pixi, who were very apologetic, professional and accommodating, I don’t think it’s fair when this was clearly an accident. They replaced the item with some other things I wanted to try and we really great about it. I didn’t love the product anyway and I feel there are better cleansers out there but the fact it was definitely off really sealed the deal on whether I was going to finish or not.

Eagle eyes on my Facebook page may have noticed the Clinique offer I posted about a while ago, where you got lots of free goodies. One of the things I tried was the Smart Custom Repair Serum and I really really loved it. Since doing a little stint on my local Clinique counter i’ve found out more about this product and it’s made me like it even more. The reason it’s ‘Smart’ is because it tailor makes it’s effectiveness to what your skin needs. I really loved using it and have again, been missing it in my routine. Finally, I’ve finished up my Evolve Beauty Radiant Glow Mask* that I always rave on about. It smells of chocolate and feels like such a treat when you use it. Again, I’m sorry that it’s finished with and I hope to get it again some time! But first… finish up the other mountain of face masks I own!!

There we have it, all done for this month. There’s already a few things in the box for next month so it could be another good one for empties! What have you finished up this month? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love


*PR Items

4 thoughts on “August Empties 2017

  1. The Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin shampoo sounds really good! I recently tried out the Kérastase oil and it worked wonders! I’m so tempted to get a bottle and try out their shampoo and conditioners, it’s just a shame they’re so pricy.

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