A Date With Lora & Boo Burger Leicester!

I’m going to put it out there and say it, I’m not a huge fast food or burger fan. However, I’m a firm believer that if someone goes out of their way to offer you something you should do your best to try it and with an open mind at that! With all that in mind, when I was invited to try out Boo Burger in Leicester I was quite intrigued as they branded themselves as a ‘premium fast food’ restaurant, a niche i’d never come across before really. I told Lora she was being my date for the night and I drove us to Leicester to see what they had to offer.

It had been a long time since I’d ventured to Leicester so it was lovely to be back in the city. I actually spent many days debating over whether to go to uni there as I really loved the feel of it! Boo burger is on London Road in Leicester so is surrounded by other eateries but it definitely stands out. As soon as I saw it, it definitely felt more premium than your ‘regular’ fast food places and the design and layout inside was very modern and contemporary.

IMG_4043_Fotor.jpgWe were greeted by absolutely lovely servers, who were only too happy to help. Now Lora and I are boring Grandmas who love a bit of plain food so I had a veggie Halloumi burger in a plain brioche bun and Lora had the same but chicken. I have to say, they weren’t stingy with the halloumi and it was so so nice to have ‘posh’ brioche buns rather than those terrible burger buns you normally see at fast food outlets. I liked how you were able to customise your food and pick and choose what you wanted to add or take away to make sure it was exactly how you liked it! Wanting to sample more of the menu, we also each had a milkshake and some of their chips.

IMG_4048Lets just take some time to appreciate the beauty that was those milkshakes. Oh my goodness, the vanilla one I had was to die for and was probably one of the best shakes i’ve had in years. It almost tasted like not fully melted ice cream and was delicious. Lora opted for the strawberry variety and we were both seriously impressed. They also came in really cute branded cups that was just a really lovely touch. Staying on the topic of drinks, Boo really catered for the people (like me) who don’t usually go to fast food restaurants as the cans they sold were San Pellegrino. This was a real surprise for me but a very very welcome one as I love San Pellegrino’s as they feel a little more luxurious than a can of Coke or Fanta!

IMG_4038The final delight, that i’ve yet to mention, was their amazing chips. I don’t think I can explain in writing quite how tasty those chips were. They were like a cross between skin on fries and chunky chips and they were perfectly seasoned and had just the right ratio of crispy coating to soft fluffy potato. I actually wish I lived closer so that I could nip and get some of these and a milkshake more regularly. To be honest, it’s probably a good thing for my waistline that I don’t!

Thanks again to the guys at Boo for looking after Lora and I. It was so nice to have a girly catch up with my blogger bae and just chill. If you’re in the area, definitely check out Boo Burger as they really are a lovely little place and even burger haters like me will find something they like! It was lovely to have us veggies catered for so well too and the halloumi was delish! Definitely check out their instagram as they have some seriously drool worthy pictures that are guaranteed to give you the munchies! Have you tried Boo Burger yet?

Much Love


*Complimentary meal given for PR

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