All You Need To Know About MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid & Face & Body Foundations!

I seem to have acquired a fair few new foundations recently and it’s taking me a bit of time to get round to writing up reviews on them all. Today i’m going to combine two new MAC ones i’ve picked up to see if I can help you determine the formula for you! The two I’ve got my hands on are Studio Fix Fluid and Face & Body. Studio Fix Fluid is an old favourite of mine that i’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with over the years and Face & Body is a new addition that i’ve always wanted to try.

Starting with Studio Fix Fluid, this is one of the most full coverage foundations I own without being heavy on the skin. When I wear this, I feel like i’m having a good skin day, everyday! This one retails for £23.50 for 30ml and doesn’t include a pump to dispense the product, that’s an additional £4.50 making the whole product £28 if you don’t want to smack the bottle on the back of your hand every day. I feel like MAC are really taking the piss a bit with this on as charging that much for a pump is extortionate. I know they say it’s a one time purchase as you move it onto your next bottle, however the one time I did buy one, it broke before my bottle was over.

In true MAC fashion, there are a whopping 46 shades available in this formula which I think is brilliant. They have definitely added lighter shades in recent years and I assume they’ve expanded their darker shades too as there are some really deep ones available now. They also differentiate between undertones too which I love as I’m very yellow toned and hate when the right shade for me has pink undertones to it. In MAC shades, the letter C has yellower undertones and W represents the pink toned shades. In addition to that, they go up in number order with 10 being the lightest. They do make the shades a little confusing though as I always thought they simply went up in multiples of five e.g NC10, 15, 20 etc and that the numbers were applicable regardless of your undertone (C or W).  However, there are certain numbers available in one undertone and not the other. For example there is an NW18 and an NW13 but neither or these are available in NC.

To be honest, I’m quite straight forward, I like a yellow undertone so head to the NC’s and I’m fairly light so I pick NC20 in the summer and NC15 in the winter. Simple. However, I would strongly recommend getting colour matched as I don’t think it’s very straightforward as a general system. The one thing I would also say though is that make sure you are really happy with your match before you leave the shop, i’ve been matched terribly in the past and that caused me to dislike this foundation for a while when it was actually just the shade.

Shade battle aside and onto the actual formula. As I mentioned, it’s a fuller coverage foundation that offers a natural matte finish. I would totally agree with this as I find I really don’t get oily at all when I wear this. It doesn’t make me look flat but it does let a little glow through which I love. I’d probably say it’s a satin finish personally. I find that this does set into place but not so much that you can’t apply more layers or touch up should you wish. For me, this is one of the most easy to apply and perfectly blendable foundations i’ve tried. I find it just works seamlessly with my skin and now i’m more confident on my shades, I’m determined to make sure I always have a bottle of this on the go. Yes there are a few gripes such as the pump and a slightly clearer shade range however, the actual formula performs impeccably and gives me so much confidence in my skin that i’ve really been lacking over the years. Every time I wear this, someone asks about my foundation and/or skin and that gives me such a boost as i’ve struggled with my skin a lot the last few years!

On to Face & Body and this is a much lighter foundation and is a totally different price point to Studio Fix! This retails for only £29.50 for a huge 120ml and you don’t need to buy a pump. If you include the cost of the pump, on a ml by ml basis, Studio Fix is about 94p per ml whereas Face & Body is about 25p. That’s a huge huge difference right from the get go! To be honest, apart from them being from MAC, that’s about the only similarity of these two formulas as F&B is the total other end of the coverage spectrum! If i’m honest, i’ve had more coverage from a tinted moisturiser or BB cream! This is one of the lightest coverage foundations i’ve ever tried and I would have to be having an epically good skin day to be able to wear this alone.

It’s again, very blendable but it does pretty much blend into nothing. The formulation is very liquid and the bottle is a plastic bottle rather than glass. MAC says that this is light-medium coverage that is buildable, but for me to get this to work, I would have to have about 10 layers on to feel like it had concealed what I wanted it to. It’s said to be moisturizing and long-lasting though so if you have drier skin and want something very natural then this could be for you. I’ve yet to be able to wear this on it’s own as I felt like I looked like I didn’t have anything on sadly.

I want to keep playing with this product though as it’s a really holy grail for many bloggers and I want to know why and how! Whilst i’m still discovering how to get it to work for me, I’ve been mixing it in with my Studio Fix to sheer down the coverage a little for days when I don’t want to be quite so full on! It’s also a touch lighter shade wise than my Studio Fix so now that i’m not far off my Winter skin colour, it’s helping make the transition easier! I’ve really been enjoying using it in that way as it is more moisturising so helps with the slight drier patches i’m starting to get now we’re heading towards Autumn.

Compared to Studio Fix, F&B has a pretty poor selection of only 11 shades available which I find pretty damn strange, especially as one is a white mixer shade so really, there’s only 10! The shades are again rather confusing to decipher with there being both C and N shades available, but this time the numbers seem to run from 1 to 6, but again both letters don’t necessarily have the same numbers available. I wish MAC would make it easier for us!

I feel like although this is an okay shade for me, there probably is a better shade in the range. This one was kindly inherited from Sophie so I didn’t pick the shade myself. I get the impression that again the C shades are more yellow toned so I think perhaps C2 rather than N2 (which is the one I have) would have been best for me! Saying that, it’s probably fairly clear I’m not a huge fan of this formula though so I can’t see myself buying a bottle in a different shade any time soon.

I quite fancy trying out some of MAC’s other foundations as I don’t hear much about some of the others! The one’s I fancy are the Studio Sculpt, as I think this will be like Studio Fix but more hydrating for winter, and I also quite fancy the Studio Waterweight as I think that could be a slightly more accessible version of the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation that I love! Have you tried either of these foundations or any MAC foundations for that matter? Which one is your favourite and why?

Much Love


9 thoughts on “All You Need To Know About MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid & Face & Body Foundations!

  1. I actually haven’t tried any Mac Foundations, but I want to! Have you noticed yourself break out at all from this foundation, because I know some people felt like that about Mac Face Products? I’m really interested in trying this! Great blog post! Feel free to check out my latest too.

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