Rimmel London’s New Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation!

Hello Everyone! Long time no speak! I’ve finally found some time to get back to writing a blog post and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the latest Rimmel foundation. Regular readers will probably already know that Rimmel is my favourite affordable makeup brand, with their Match Perfection foundation being one of my favourites ever!

So when Influenster invited me to take part in their latest VoxBox campaign featuring the one and only Rimmel, I jumped at the chance! The main aim of the box is to review their new foundation*. It’s an adaptation of their popular Lasting Finish formula but with a more breathable and hydrating finish. I quite like the regular Lasting Finish formula so I had pretty high hopes for the new breathable one before I even tried it!

The bottle is almost identical to the regular packaging, except it has a silver colour scheme rather than red. The main packaging difference though is that rather than a pump, the breathable formula has a large doe-foot applicator! To be honest, this is the main thing I don’t actually like about this foundation as it feels quite unhygienic! If like me, you have quite spot prone skin, then applying foundation with an applicator directly onto problem areas can help it to spread. You then obviously have to put the applicator back into the bottle to shut the lid so to me it seems a bit dirty! Imagine all the bacteria being locked in the bottle to fester until the next use. For me, this is a big no no! IMG_0211

The actual formula though is really nice! It’s lightweight, yet medium in coverage. It sets to a nice satin finish and blends really well. There are 17 shades to choose from and they vary in tone from yellow toned to pink toned. I matched to shade 103 and it’s a pretty good winter shade for my skin tone. I would say that this is a lighter coverage than the regular Lasting Finish formula though and I wouldn’t have personally marketed them as from the same formula base as they are so different. They do both claim to have ’25 hour wear’ which I always find pretty ridiculous as no-one would ever keep foundation on their face for that long and expect it to live to tell the tale! It lasts reasonably well throughout the day in my opinion. I’ve definitely had worse but i’ve also had better resilience for other brands’ formulas.

Along with the foundation, Rimmel launched a matching concealer* in the range. It claims to be the perfect partner for the foundation and has a medium coverage. Again, for me, Rimmel have really shot themselves in the foot with the packaging here. The applicator is a ball shaped sponge which is neither good at blending nor hygienic! It’s a very firm sponge tip that I found to be quite uncomfortable under the eyes! There is no way anyone can actually blend the concealer in with this so it’s actually pretty useless. When I use it, I just dispense it straight onto a brush to avoid any unwanted bacteria lingering on the product.

Like with the foundation, the formula is actually quite nice. Very lightweight feeling, easily blended and quite runny in consistency. I would personally like a little more coverage from a concealer and I haven’t actually reached for this as much as I thought I would. It’s quite a nice product if you have minimal touch ups to do after your foundation, but for me, I need a bit more!

The next item in the box is actually a product that has been available for a while now but has been something I’ve wanted to buy for a while now. It’s the Kate Sculpting Palette* in the shade Coral Glow. Inside there are three powder shades, one to highlight, one to contour/bronze and one blush shade. I really liked the idea of having three shades in one palettes as it’s really travel friendly as the packaging is so slim. The contour and blush shades I absolutely love but the highlighter is very underwhelming. If like me you like a ‘proper highlight’ then this is not it. It’s not very shimmery and doesn’t show up very well on the skin. As I mentioned though, the blush and contour shades are pretty damn good. The powder blends well, is nicely pigmented and works well with fair to medium skin tones. The contour shade is cool enough to add shadow, but is warm enough that it could double up as a bronzer too. The blusher is very similar to NARS Orgasm or Benefit Coralista and those are the blush shades I always seem to gravitate towards! IMG_0207.jpg

My only gripe with this product is how thin the pans are. If, like me, you lean towards large fluffy brushes when applying face powders then you’ll find this quite a challenge. I had to be incredibly precise when dipping my brush into the palette as the space between the pans was incredibly small. Overall not a bad product for the price though, I personally think that £6.99 is quite a bargain!

The final product included in the box was one of their Moisture Renew Lipsticks* in the shade Vintage Pink. Ironically I only own one of these lipsticks and it’s in this shade so I will be passing this on to a friend to enjoy! I absolutely love the colour of this lipstick as it’s a slightly purple toned nude and looks lovely on the lips! The actual formula is very hydrating and glides on nice and smoothly. They are highly pigmented and very comfortable to wear. I would liken them to MAC’s creamsheen finishes so you would need to reapply this throughout the day as it does wear off quicker than say a matte would.  These retail for £6.49 and I do feel you are getting a much higher quality here than you would expect from the price!

Overall I would say it was a nice selection of items. I got to try things that i’d been after for a while and some new ones too. I feel like the packaging let down 3 out of four of the items as it just wasn’t well thought out. Yes Rimmel is a more affordable brand and it’s the product inside that matters, but if you are experimenting with packaging to make the product more appealing, then a bit of research into whether it’s a good idea probably wouldn’t have gone amiss! I will continue to use the products as I do love the brand and think they formulate things well in general but I feel like a few tweaks are needed if they want them to be real hits with the masses!

Have you tried any of these products? If so what did you think of them?

Much Love


*Received free of charge from Influenster in exchange for a review.



9 thoughts on “Rimmel London’s New Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation!

  1. I like the silver lid on the foundation, but like you prefer a pump. I don’t mind doe foot applicators for concealer as not as much product is used. Vintage Pink looks like a classic lipstick shade that you need in your collection 🙂

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  2. Welcome back, Molly! I’m also coming out of my blog break *LOL* It gets harder, doesn’t it?

    I agree with you. The packaging just isn’t well thought out. I am really not a fan of felt tip for foundation. It just doesn’t feel right? I mean, why do I want my foundation application to feel like “all over concealer”? *LOL*

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  3. This is such a good box! I’ve been using this foundation and love it but agree about the wand. I think it would be better if the tip was bigger, but I feel like I need to use about 5 ‘dips’ worth to cover my face! .xo

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  4. It’s been ages since I’ve bought any Rimmel products and I’m not entirely sure why. I do like their lipsticks and I’ve tried one of their concealers which I liked.
    I agree that the wand applicator on the foundation is unhygienic – why did they forgo a pump? Glad the formula itself was good though.

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